First Impressions: The True Character Of My Grandmother

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As far back as I can remember first impressions were of great significance because it’s during this time that one forms a mental image or an opinion about someone that they’ve just recently met. However, if first impressions depicted the correct image or true character of someone it would mean that the first impression that most people got after meeting my grandmother couldn’t be further from the truth. My grandmother would come across as cold or distant at first but then her true character would come out as she warmed up to people. My grandmother, even though she lacked the ability to make a first good impression, had many great qualities: she was patient, courageous, honest, loving, and compassionate.
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Everybody that had the pleasure of knowing her was crazy about her. People were immediately drawn to her and it’s because of her loving essence or nature that this occurred. I think the reason that my grandmother had so many people fall in love with her is because she was a great listener. She used to say that we have two ears and one mouth and that we should use them in that ratio. So she used to listen mostly and only occasionally she would she speak. But that wasn’t the case when people first met her and the reason being is because she lacked the ability to express her feelings or emotions outwardly. So when people first met my grandmother they thought that she didn’t like them because it was hard to tell what she was feeling or thinking since she always had a neutral look on her face. But even though she didn’t show it through facial expressions my grandmother was a people person and loved being surrounded by family and …show more content…
In fact, she perceived honesty as of the utmost regard and always inspired me to tell the truth regardless of the circumstances that it may bring because in the end, according to my grandma, “the truth shall set you free.” Therefore, honesty was definitely one of my grandma’s greatest personality traits as she spoke the truth even when the truth meant that she would be disadvantaged in some way or another. My grandma said that “telling the truth is the right thing to do and therefore everyone should do it but very few actually do.” She said that “having this as a character trait would always lead to success instead of failure in the future because the truth usually comes out sooner or later and when it does, it’s best if you’re the one telling the truth.” I remember this one time when my grandmother exemplified this quality and it stuck with me because I remember thinking she’s actually living what she preaches and not just saying it in hopes that I pick up this great character trait. She was at the market one day and even though she only had enough money to pay for the items that she picked up when the person summed up her items and only charged her an increment of the cost she actually corrected him and told him that he must’ve made a mistake because she should be paying triple the amount that he charged her. The gentleman actually commended her for her honesty because he said that he would’ve lost his

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