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  • Theatricality Of Blues Analysis

    Blues artists have historically represented a politically aware approach to artistic expression as it is rooted in slave songs. Rap music serves as a contemporary version of this as it too stems from African traditions such as black vernacular. Both of these genres of music use african retentions to maintain the spirit of their culture prior to their enslavement, recalling a time when they were free. The elements they incorporate from their past are a reminder to their communities that they are a strong group of people and will continue to be. Their works in turn take on the form of a political resistance to continual social oppression. That being said, there is a commodification of these forms of artistic expression that can dilute the very…

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  • Ragtime And Blues Analysis

    Ragtime and blues are the foundations of jazz. Both were initially very popular among African Americans as jazz came from an African background. The blues contain the musical structure of jazz with the 12 bar pattern, while ragtime supplies the unique syncopations and improvisations. The early musicians of blues and ragtime would eventually provide the transition necessary to move into jazz.…

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  • Sonny's Blues Narrator

    James Baldwin wrote Sonny’s Blues the short story. In Sonny’s Blues, the narrator is self-analyzing his experiences with different family affiliate such as his younger brother, mother and Sonny. In the story both the narrator and Sonny are apart with seven years difference in age. The narrator was dissatisfied with Sonny at first on his passion in becoming a musician. He thought it was an aspect Sonny was going through and maybe it would go away. The older brother indulges Sonny with…

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  • Summary: The Guidance Of Blues

    The Guidance of Blues Blues is an African American art form that was created in the early 20th century. It was a secular response for the segregation that African Americans faced during the post-reconstruction era. African Americans use blues for catharsis, a spiritual relief from physical and emotional grievance in their difficult position in the society. Elements of it has been passed through the adaptations over the century and still exists in the modern blues we hear nowadays. Looking back…

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  • Essay On Blues And Ragtime

    Anglo-African music and the basis of jazz, the Blues and Ragtime can be traced back to the late nineteenth century, originating in the Mississippi Valley. Distinguished from other musical styles with its strong 4/4 rhythms and twelve-bar structure, the Blues were created by the amalgamation of American folk songs and hymns intertwined with an African beat. Often, the Blues outline the woeful tales of hopeless, unsuccessful people. Forming as an alternative to the Blues in the early 1890s,…

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  • Stylistics In The Weary Blues

    Literary Stylistics and the Creation of Weariness in “The Weary Blues” This paper will focus to use the relative knowledge of literary stylistics, deviation and foregrounding to analyze Langston Hughes’s poem “The Weary Blues”, and use strong evidence from the poem to support the argument of Hughes’s use of literary stylistics to create and highlight the sentimental elements of weary in this poem. The weary sentimental elements are significant to the theme of this poem. Blues is the music in…

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  • Essay On Blues Music

    The Blues have been around for a long time. In fact, “the blues flourished from African American folk music, such as work songs, spirituals, and the field hollers of slaves” (Music Pg. 357). The exact time frame in which blues music originated is unknown. However, during the 1980s blues music was gaining popularity in rural areas of the south. Blues music speaks to the soul and heart. During a period in time where African Americans were physically and systematically oppressed, the Blues gave…

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  • Blues Music History

    Blues is a simple and timeless American music. It is a folk music that collided with new media and commercialization. Blues influenced the development of many other styles of music, such as jazz, rock and roll, and soul. The roots of blues stem from Africa but this music was born in the United States. In 1865, the American Civil War freed American slaves and by 1900 the blues appeared in the south. Many of the newly freed slaves came from different tribes, but the blues gave them a new…

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  • Philosophy Of Blues Music

    something different. Something quiet but loud. They sang! They wrote songs about their slave life and racism that they had to see every day. Their songs had different codes that only, but only they could understand. Then they added instruments and they used anything they could find or use. They had fun and the music was marvelous. By the 1920s jazz and blues were exploited. Everyone wanted to hear it even the white people. Whites wanted to hear them sing…

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  • The Importance Of American Blues Music

    American Blues Music is a distinctive art form that encapsulates many complexities of culture and race in American society. Throughout the 20th century, the impact of the blues on music and culture has transformed and reacted to a changing landscape of musical culture and perspectives on race. The preservation of blues music has been difficult due to many factors, including limitations of technology, mass media bias, and our narrow definition of what makes the music and the culture of the blues…

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