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  • Remember The Titans Conflict Essay

    Braydon There are many conflicts throughout the film 'Remember the Titans', which is set in 1971 in West Virginia, Alexandra, and directed by Boaz Yakin. One important conflict is between Gerry and Julius, this conflict deepens the understanding of Gerry and Julius' relationship. Another important conflict is between Gerry and Ray, revealing how their relationship wasn’t the strongest. These conflicts also help to convey Boaz Yakin's messages. Gerry and Julius run into conflict when they do not get along. This is shown early on, including a scene in which they are on a bus , Julius is seen telling his friends to "stop your singing", when Gerry agrees with this statement Julius fires back at him in a two shot with " you can shut up too."…

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  • Remember The Dog In The Night Time Analysis

    After exploring the themes and concepts of the texts we have studied in class, I have developed an understanding of the struggles and successes of other’s life experiences. This has been explored in reading “The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time,” by British author Mark Haddon, showing the way that society treats Christopher because of his mental illness. In addition to “Remember The Titans,” directed by Boaz Yakin, revealing how extreme racism and discrimination was in the 1960’s…

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  • The Importance Of Tolerance In To Kill A Mockingbird And The Help

    Tolerance is a concept that permeates through our everyday lives and we find ourselves presented with situations where understanding is a key aspect we must employ. In the words of the great Dalai Lama, “In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher”. This is an incredibly strong moral that guides us and expresses that in the face of conflict, facing our enemy is the best way in learning how to be accepting. This notion of tolerance is exemplified predominately through the themes…

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  • Moral Issues In Remember The Titans

    Introduction Welcome Mr Harrop and of course my fellow peers. I am here today to analyse the moral dilemmas and moral issues in non-literary texts and help gain an understanding how text structures, language and visual features are used in order to influence an audience. The film that I will be analyzing and evaluating is called ‘Remember The Titans’ . Directed by Boaz Yakin and released in 2001, Remember The Titan addresses the moral issues and dilemmas surrounding the ‘black’ and ‘white’…

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  • Research Paper On Remember The Titans

    Remember the Titans What would you think if you walk into a diner and were kicked out just because of your skin colour? In nowadays there are still continuing racism all around the world, especially in some part of the USA. Furthermore, this issue has been major problem for decades. The movie, Remember the Titans directed by Boaz Yakin is about a high school football team in Virginia. The movie is based on the true story in 1970’s, Coach Boone, an African American football coach, sent to T.C.…

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  • Remember The Titans Film Techniques

    My favorite film is Remember the Titans. The film is about a football team and their struggles with integrating an African American high school and a Caucasian high school. Taking place in Virginia in 1971, the film shows the racial tension of the community using techniques to make it cinematic. One of the ways that allows the viewer to understand the tension in the movie is with camera angles. The director, Boaz Yakin, uses multiple camera angles to show both segregation and also unity of the…

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  • Remembe Remember The Titans: Leadership Analysis

    The film was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Boaz Yakin. Actors Denzel Washington (Coach Boone), Bill Patton (Coach Yoast), Wood Harris (Julius Campbell), and Ryan Hurst (Gerry Bertier) performed a grand tale of the football life in Virginia. The story specifically takes place in the town of Alexandria, Virginia during a time when the American scholastic system was becoming racially integrated in 1971. However, under Coach Boone, an African-American, was given the opportunity over…

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  • Remember The Titans Comparison

    Modern Native Son Essay Two different shades of skin fill an immense amount of hate into people of the same kind. Humans are the same in many ways that, surely, it would seem that although we come in different sizes and colors, loathing and discrimination wouldn’t be much of an important matter. But then again, it’s one of the biggest issues society has been facing for generations now. Native Son written by Richard Wright and Remember the Titans directed by Boaz Yakin may seem divergent but in …

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  • Remember The Titans Stand Up To Racism

    Connections 1.8 Final Racism has been around for a long time. People judge others on the colour of their skin. This has affected a lot of people over the years. These three texts convey the theme of racism very strongly. The first text we studied was called remember the titans this is a story about a football team in an integrated school. The next text was called Changes, in this rap Tupac conveys his point that nothing is changing and how racism is affecting him. The final text is 12 Years A…

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  • Remember The Titans Response

    The film Remember the Titans is a film written by Gregory Allen Howard, directed by Boaz Yakin, and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. The film was set in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971. The film is about a high school football team. However, it's much more than that. Remember the Titans is about the struggle to succeed, not just as a football team, but also succeed in making and keeping a friendship, despite the circumstances. The team struggled for many reasons the main one being race, but also…

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