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  • Ecotourism In Chaimonix

    Chamonix Essay Geography 10 A - Alexander Ed. Adams - January 27th, 2016 Introduction Chamonix town is looking to develop their town which is currently suffering due to climate change and other tourist related problems. The main arising problems in the town of Chamonix due to its tourism is traffic, damage to landscape, amenities become tourist-centred so locals are outpriced, noise pollution, skiers who use slopes increase risk of avalanches, seasonal economic booms making business difficult during off-season times, overcrowding beyond carrying capacity of the town, damaged wildlife, demand for second homes leads to out pricing locals and the increased carbon output causing snow line to rise. The town has come up with four solutions to counter this problem. Their solutions are; to establish nature and wildlife reserves to promote ecotourism, Develop existing facilities in an effort to expand winter sports such as build snow machines, Diversify industry by developing more service sector employment opportunities, or Return to more traditional primary industries in an effort to promote high end tourism. These proposals were chosen so that Chamonix could become a town with sustainable development meaning the proposal would need to achieve sustainable development. Chamonix Chamonix is a ski resort that many people come from around the world to go to. Chamonix has a population of 10 000 and includes many winter activities. It is located in france in the alpine biome of the Alps.…

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  • Essay On Gender Issues In Sports

    female sport, to show off the women’ grace and flexibility. On the male’s side they must show strength and power. In gymnastics female events consist of four events whereas males do six. The issue in gymnastics is that people do not question why women only participate in 4 apparatuses and why the men participate in 6. What is interesting is that the gymnastics organization has asked the male gymnasts if they would like to have music in their routine but they rejected this suggestion because they…

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  • Greek Art Research Paper

    First, they created the Olympics, at first it was a 1 day festival to honor Zeus in 776 B.C, then it changed in 472 B.C to a 5-day event of competitive athletic games that attracted athletes from all social classes. Second, they created different types of art. They made sculptures from stone, marble, and bronze. Lastly, they were great architects. They constructed buildings with huge columns. The Olympic Games The Olympic games were sporting games that only took place in Greece.…

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  • Importance Of Sports Essay

    or swimming, the capacity to succeed only depends on an individual’s ability. In a team sport like soccer, football, or basketball, however, a victory is only attained after placing an amount of trust and reliance in each other. There are many categories of sports such as individual, water, team, fighting, winter, flying, racing sports and others. Examples of individual sports include Gymnastics, Track, and Weightlifting. Examples of team sports include Football,Basketball,American…

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  • Ancient Roman Arenas

    teams. Sports fields, for example, can be transformed into concert venues with stages. The Olympic Games are an event which still holds of much importance. The Olympic Games were closely linked to the religious festivals of the cult of Zeus. The Olympic Games first began as a one-day event from 776 BC until 684 BC, when they were extended to three days. In the 5th century B.C., the Games were extended to five days. The ancient Games included running, long jump, shot put, javelin, boxing,…

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  • Doubles Ruge

    Mentions of sled competing first appeared in accounts from Norway in 1480 and the Erz Mountain province in 1552. The first worldwide luge race took place in February 1883 with 21 participants in lieu of six nations, as well as the United States. The four-kilometer race, from the Swiss resorts of St. Wolfgang to Klosters, and prearranged by inns in Davos, was won by Georg Robertson, a scholar from Australia, and Peter Minch, a mailman from Klosters, who each raced to an indistinguishable first…

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