Greek Art Research Paper

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Introduction The Greeks were the most successful ancient civilization. First, they created the Olympics, at first it was a 1 day festival to honor Zeus in 776 B.C, then it changed in 472 B.C to a 5-day event of competitive athletic games that attracted athletes from all social classes. Second, they created different types of art. They made sculptures from stone, marble, and bronze. Lastly, they were great architects. They constructed buildings with huge columns. The Olympic Games The Olympic games were sporting games that only took place in Greece. There were summer and winter Olympics just like there are now. The events for the summer Olympics were archery, basketball, beach volleyball, boxing, cycling, diving, and equestrian/jumping. …show more content…
The Greeks created many different types of art. They made their sculptures from stone, marble, and bronze. Many of the famous pieces of art that still stand today were created by the Greeks. For example, the Nike of Samothrace. She was carved from marble and is the symbol of victory. She is a tall woman draped in cloth. She has no head because she was knocked over during a war with the Romans and the ocean washed away her head. She was unearthed in 1863 on the small island of Samothrace in the northwest Aegean.
Greek Architecture
The Greeks were an amazing civilization. They created the Olympics, they were great artists, and they were also great architects. The Romans were considered great architects until everyone saw Greek architecture. The Romans built the Colosseum and people were very impressed until they compared it to the massive buildings with elegant columns built by the Greeks. Those columns had two main styles, the Doric style and Ionic style. The Doric style is simple, with thick powerful columns. The tops of the columns were undecorated. A modern day example of a building in the Doric style is the White House. On the other hand, the Ionic style is very fancy and decorated. Ionic columns are slender, with bases and capitals decorated with spiral curls known as volutes. The Romans loved the Greek’s architecture so much that they copied their style on a lot of their own
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The Greeks were superior artists, architects, and athletes. To this day we still enjoy many activities, styles of art, and architecture created the

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