How Did Rome Influence Ancient Art?

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It is very impressive how fast we evolve by creating new technologies and manufacturing new ideas every day. We can send people to the moon, we create buildings that can almost touch the sky and we can communicate with anyone around the world in a matter of seconds. But as impressive as all this is, nothing compares to any of the ancient cultures. All the ancient cultures like the Greeks, the Etruscan and the Romans created perfectly shaped buildings, statues and magnificent pieces of art with a small amount of tools that were available to them at the time. And yet even with their antique methods and tools, the ancient civilizations still find their way to amaze us today with some of their artwork like the Parthenon. This is a great example of how amazing ancient artwork can be. The Greeks astonishingly designed this building with the specific purpose of tricking the human eye making the structure look completely perfect.
The Greeks are one of the ancient civilizations who were very passionate about art. They put a lot of time and effort into perfecting their techniques. A very special quality of their work is that most of their sculptures and building were carved out of marble. The Greeks knew that marble lasts for centuries and chose it over any
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It is the oldest self-standing dome in Italy to this day. The overall size of the Pantheon stresses the supremacy and duty of the Roman Empire, and it is an honorable tribute to Rome’s deities and to the ancient Romans. The Pantheon is still influencing people and architects to this day. For example, The Pantheon in Paris, built by the architect Jacques Germain Soufflot, used Rome’s Pantheon as an influence to create one similar to it in Paris for King Louis XV (Pantheon Paris, 2014). The pantheon shall forever be considered the greatest Roman Empire structure ever

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