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  • Female Waiters

    “Since this restaurant is heavily sport based, I think we have more female waitresses than male waiters. We have maybe two male waiters, I think, but mostly we have only females serving our customers” (Spause). Mostly accommodating to the male population sports bars tend to have strictly females greeting and serving customers. Now if the customers treat the waitresses right is a different story. “He slapped my friends’ ass on her way to leave and said what he would do if we weren’t at work, and how beautiful we were” (Spause). From personal experience, almost every place I have been to have females being servers and sadly they face this treatment because of the way they dress in these sexually objectifying environments. “I get better tips as a female verses a male because we wear t-shirts that are tighter but I still love the job and most of the time the tips are great” (Risley). Females are mainly in this industry to make money, and I think it gives them a certain advantage over males because of these reasons. Although females face certain struggles with sexual objectification in the workplace, they still partake in their job because they love it and because they make a…

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  • Female Sports

    athletes before they can name female athletes. In addition, male sports have a larger audience. Women are at a disadvantage as a result of the sports world revolving around male sports. Female sports are second to male sport: not a close second, but a default second. The real question is how this trend came about. How did the male sports surpass female sports to the point that the imbalance required artificial equality as an attempt to make male and female sports equal? The imbalance results…

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  • The Female Roles Of Female Characters In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    debated issue when analyzing texts, especially Shakespeare. In Shakespeare 's play, Hamlet, Ophelia and Gertrude play the typical female roles: submissive, powerless, and dependent on the male characters. The female characters in Hamlet are passive to the male characters. Ophelia submits herself in full obedience to all the men in her life, including her father, brother, and Hamlet. Ophelia’s obedience is exhibited when she is speaking with her brother and father about her relationship with…

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  • Female Circumcision

    Although all of the reasons behind female circumcision are unclear there are many motives to why it is carried out. Female circumcision is carried out to insure a female’s virginity until marriage and to insure she does not cheat on her husband. They also mutilate these girls for their own sexual pleasure. This makes sex for males more pleasurable but it can cause health problems for the women involved (Person). Female circumcision can never be “safe”. Even when the procedure is performed in a…

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  • Female Serial Killers

    video about female serial killers many of the female serial killers have striking similarities. Most of the female serial killers, at least presented in the video, were caregivers of those they killed. Many were mothers who killed their children and two were nurses who killed their own patients. Many of these mothers were motivated by the attention they received in the wake of their children’s deaths. The female serial killers also more commonly kill their victims using suffocation. Violent…

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  • Female Masculinity Summary

    The book FEMALE MASCULINITY is written by JUDITH HALBERSTAM also known as JACK HALBERSTAM. She happens to be a masculine woman herself. She writes this book for and about all those women who feel themselves to be more masculine than feminine wherein she tries to explain the basic notion of how as a culture and part of the society we take very little interest in female masculinity but pay a considerable amount of attention to male femininity. She felt that when different people were asked about…

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  • Cryptic Female Choice

    This book “Cryptic Female Choice in Arthropods” provides a comprehensive and up to date look into research from the last few decades on Cryptic Female Choice (CFC) in arthropods. This book is built around research from a variety of experts in the field who together build a book structured around key behavioural, ecological and evolutionary questions in regards to specific taxonomic groups of arthropods, such as, spiders, harvestmen, flies, moths, crickets, earwigs, beetles, eusocial insects…

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  • Female Participation In Politics

    Additionally, this year for the first time in American history, there was a female candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election. While evidently there has been tremendous progress and an increase of female participation in politics during the last twenty years, females are still underrepresented in politics and electoral races as a whole. It is estimated that at the current rate of progress, it will be 2076 between women achieve equal representation. The reasons for this phenomenon are numerous,…

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  • Effects Of Female Circumcision

    What is female circumcision? Female circumcision refers to a range of procedures performed on the genitals of females of all different ages, though mainly on teenage girls aged from 4 to 12 years old before they go through puberty. It basically consists of the partially or totally removal of female external genitals. According to Alison in her article “Female Circumcision: A Critical Appraisal”, published in 1988, this practice can be classified into 4 types of circumcision (Slack, 1988).…

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  • Strong Female Character

    accepted by society. In particular, ‘strong woman’ and ‘strong female character’ have undertones of the patriarchal division of gender roles. The idea of this empowering woman is not a new concept and can be seen as early as the late 1960s. “…the new, liberated woman can today be found on every college campus and in every sizeable American city… the politically alert, fiercely autonomous, and…

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