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  • Persuasive Essay: 'Boys Will Be Boys'

    When I was growing up I would make a lot of mistakes and have a lot of accidents. The first thing that my mom or dad would say was “Boys will be boys” and I realize that I have used that as an excuse to do things for a really long time. But some people use it as an excuse to do the wrong things. For example, rape, stealing, and many more unspeakable and horrible things. All I would have to say is “Boys will be boys” and I was cleared and everything was okay just because I was a boy. This is extremely unfair and not to mention not right whatsoever. I had a sister and she would follow me around and do the same things as me but I wouldn’t get in trouble and she would. I would get away with it just because I was a guy. I recall one time I had punched my brother, we had gotten into a brawl over a toy, and my sister punched him a week or two later over the same toy and got spanked. Guess what I got away with “Boys will be boys”. Honestly this was great for me but other people may not be as nice as me to others. Not to mention not only did she get in trouble my brother and I were both given popsicles afterwards and she got time out. A bit harsh to say the least. But anyway she got over and I didn’t care to speak up because I was getting treated better and nothing was going to change just because I…

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  • Baby Boys Observation

    girls wearing dresses, skirts and sometimes pants with colors like pink and purple. I would see little boys wearing jeans and t-shirts with colors like blue, red and green. The little girls were many times soft spoken, gentle and kind. The little boys many times were rough and loud. Starting at a young age, these children learned what they were supposed to be like. Little girls are dressed in pink dresses and bows, while boys are dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt. Baby girls are talked to in…

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  • Steroids Vs Boys

    you could feel comfortable in your own skin? Now days, this is impossible. Boys are having insecurity issues, more than girls and this is creating a huge amount of chaos around the “boy” world. Boys have insecurities just as much as girls do, and boys have self-esteem issues just as girls do as well. The stereotype that reflects upon the fact that boys are extremely confident and very pleased with how they look like, is not true. In an article online, it states that “Girls see…

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  • Analyzing The Movie 'The Boy'

    laugh on movie night, look no further than The Boy. This hilarious film's plot is based around an American nanny named Greta, that takes a job taking care of an 8-year old boy for Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire in a spooky mansion that looks like its been investigated by Scooby-Doo and the gang. When Greta arrives at the house she learns the the boy she was hired to take care of is actually a life-sized doll that the Heelshire’s talk to as if it were really alive,so it follows your basic creepy doll and…

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  • Boy Code Research Paper

    males and females differently even though we are not that much different. They exaggerate the little differences and create gender stereotypes. They emphasize that young men in our society should follow “boy code” and fit the media’s…

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  • Peter The Civilized Boy Analysis

    In a lifetime people will have many codes or rules that they will morph over time. They might honor them or they may abandon them as time goes by. Peter is a young boy who grows up in South Carolina during the time of segregation. His world gets turned upside down when he abandons his code of being a wealthy civilized boy who dislikes people with darker skin tone to immersing himself in the aboriginal culture, becoming what he knows as being “uncivilized”, and starting to be more hands on.…

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  • Discrimination In The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

    The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Why do some people think that the solution of their problems is by excluding oneself from all others, when communicating as a whole could result in a much better conclusion? The removal will lead to discrimination put onto the group. It may not be intended to, but while being separated from everyone else, the others will most likely begin to look at the group differently. Ultimately, the removal can cause inequality that can only be helped if one of the other…

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  • The Importance Of The Boys And Girls Club

    past sixteen months, as member of the Boys & Girls Club, has been a momentous time of my life. One of my key aspect of involvement at the club, is helping the kids with homework. Most of the times when the kids comes to the Boys & Girls Club from school, the chances of them having homework is very high of them having to complete their assignment to turn it in the next day. I utilize the time I have to devote all of my time and energy to assist them with their homework. I personally know how…

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  • Elizabeth Farrelly's No Boys Allowed?

    No Boys Allowed In a scientific point of view nature causes gender differences in interests/behaviors. But in reality nurturing holds more credibility on gender differences. “Gender is a social construct” means gender is created through society and culture, and this is prescribed as appropriate behavior for a person based on their gender. The view above isn’t uncommon within teacher’s training in college and public schools. This view has a great potential to hurt boys because teachers aren’t…

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  • Negative Stereotypes Of Teenage Boys

    There are numerous articles about boys, often which focus on the “trouble with teenage boys”. Unfortunately, this negative stereotype can have a detrimental impact on boys’ self-belief and esteem. We can believe in gender equality and, at the same time, celebrate and acknowledge the joyful differences. In 2012, Winifred Robinson, a BBC Radio presenter and journalist, shared her thoughts on the joys of teenage boys which, I think, are really pertinent today. A shared opinion is that boisterous,…

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