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  • Identity Of Girl

    I am a girl. I have always been a girl, have always seen myself as a girl, and hold onto being a girl as a part of my identity. For most of my life, this identity has not had a profoundly negative nor positive impact on how I live. I have the privilege of having grown up in liberal Sonoma, where my being a girl did not automatically make me lesser. I played Co-Ed soccer until I was 10, was given the same opportunities to learn as the boys in my classes, and never had anyone other than a playground bully tell me that I could not do something just because I am a girl. However, I absolutely grew up with the idea in my mind that girls are naturally a little bit worse than boys. Small bits of information entered my mind to support this theory, and…

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  • Kincaid Girl

    Kincaid, "Girl" "Wash the white clothes on Monday and put them on the stone heap; wash the color clothes on Tuesday and put them on the clothesline to dry." This quote from the text shows how many details the mother is giving her daughter in her commands. The storyline revolves around the mother's commands. In the Girl a mother is discipline her daughter by giving her a series of commands to follow, with repetition, guides on how to act in certain situations, and how to become a better woman. …

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  • Girl: An Analysis Of Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

    In the story “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid, an old fashioned mother is giving her daughter advice on how to become a woman of respect and morals. In this person vs person conflict the mother gives a detailed description of what a woman should and should not do. Therefore the central idea of this story is the importance of family relationships and the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next. From cooking,and household chores, to how to conduct one's self in a public setting, she…

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  • Personal Narrative: It Was Possible To Get The Girl Of A Girl

    What if I told you that it was possible to get the girl of your dreams even if it cost you getting embarrassed in front of all your friends and also the girl of your dreams?, Now most eighth graders wouldn’t think that’s possible and might even think I’m full of it because hey who wants to get embarrassed in front of the girl they had a thing for since the sixth grade and live to tell the tale any way right ?. Well for starters I lived, I was fourteen years old at the time with long spiky hair…

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  • Sexism In Like A Girl

    increasing in American society. Phrases such as “Get back in the kitchen” and “You hit like a girl” are profusely recycled in daily conversation. Because of this growing epidemic, the feminine hygiene company, Always, created a commercial to bring this delicate matter to light. In their commercial, “Like a Girl”, Always addresses matters of sexism with the cast and audience, both parties unaware of what is to come. Through this commercial, it becomes apparent that sexism may be more prevalent…

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  • Analysis Of Like A Girl

    Whether intentionally or not, especially as a male, we all have used the term “like a girl” without a shadow of concern about the ramifications of such words. Our obnoxious preface that girls may be inferior, as evident by the phrase, has sadly been apparent since youth and changes the schema in which both genders view the world at hand. The people over at Always have created a campaign centered on the rhetoric of counter-thinking societal clichéd views. Growing up as male within a predominately…

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  • Sexualization Of Girls Essay

    I am currently in a group for Children’s media and the academic journal that I found was on the Sexualization of girls. This journal went over how sexualization is related to objectification because a lot of times men in society will see females as objects for them to rule over. “women and girls are both sexualized, via their tight clothing and makeup, and objectified, portrayed as existing for men 's pleasure and lacking in their own agency. There is not a parallel trend in which boys are often…

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  • Girls Check Their Phones

    Group 1 of all females checked their phones about once every two minutes per person. Alternatively, each girl checked their phones about two and three quarters times in five minutes. This group had four girls. This group had a tendency of prolonged phone use. About half of the phone uses were longer than thirty seconds at a time. Also this group often included their phone uses to the other members of the group; for example, a girl would show the others a picture she found on Instagram or tell…

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  • Essay On Girl Scouts

    every turn, Girl Scouts usually have great stories to tell. Either they are taking on amazing change-the-world service projects, enjoying life-changing trips to wonderful places, or basically just being outdoors having fun and forging “forever friendships.” There is so many ways of learning something new and building a lifetime of memories is inspiring; and the things of girls, volunteers, parents, and alumnae say seem to be a true statement to the power of the Girl Scout experience. Girl Scouts…

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  • Observation Of Girl Toys

    When I walked down the aisles, they were usually separated between boys, girls, and for all genders. You can tell by the color of the aisle. The girl aisle was mostly done in pink and purple. The boy aisle was mostly done with blue and green. I even noticed that the writing on the packages were even different. The girl toys had a more feminine writing and the boy toys were in a bold, manly writing. The girl toys usually had a picture of a girl playing with the toy and with the boy toys they had…

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