Giulio Caccini

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    The three composers were Emilio de ' Cavalieri (Dalle Piu Alte Sfere), Giulio Caccini, and Jacopo Peri. On October 6, 1660, the earliest musical work referred to as opera was premiered. Euridice by Jacopo Peri was composed as part of a production for yet another Medici wedding. Peri incorporated his revolutionary stile rappresentativo (representative style which is now referred to as recitative) which allowed “large amounts of text (dialogue and action sequences) to be articulated quickly and still be sung” (L11, 38:28). This performance is now used to reference the start of the Baroque period and the invention of opera. Early opera was called Drammi per Musica, dramas with music. Seven years later, Claudia Monteverdi (1567-1643), succeeding “in composing his first opera, managed to create the first operatic masterwork”…

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    She was one of the most important female figures in the history of music. During the Baroque era, she was an extraordinary composer. She was a powerful Italian composer as well as a performer (Emerson 23). Caccini contributed to the development of the new Florentine approach to music that included a solo voice. She was the daughter of Lucia Gagnolandi and Giulio Caccini. In addition, her mother was a member of a group of women performers in Florence that sang in the seventeenth century…

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    Amadeus Mozart’s (1756-1791) Idomeneo (1712), an opera seria composed for the Munich opera house (Hanning, 353). Another form of recitative that appears in vocal music is the recitativo secco, or “dry,” recitative. This form solely relies on continuo to propel the soloist and melodic phrasing. Recitativo secco follows the same structure as accompagnato with song-like speech, but the accompaniment underneath the soloist is quite bare. The orchestral meter dictates recitativo accompagnato,…

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