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  • Tasman Glacier Analysis

    The Tasman Glacier is located in the heart of the Southern Alps, in the South Island of New Zealand. Tasman Glacier is New Zealand’s biggest glacier and therefore is an attraction. However, the Glacier has been retreating due to a number of processes which are operating. For example, between the years of 2000-2006, the Tasman Glacier had retreated at approximately 54 metres per year (Robert C. Dykes, Brook, & Winkler, 2010). The aim of this research was to gain an understanding as to why and how the Tasman Glacier is retreating, in relation to the processes that are operating in the environment. The use of aerial images and the aid of a stereoscope helped to achieve the aim, by allowing a close examination of the area, and giving…

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  • Importance Of Ice In Pakistan

    “Presently, 10 percent of land area on Earth is covered with glacial ice, including glaciers, ice caps, and the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica.” ( But, that is changing fast in the modern world. As the temperature of Erath has gone up in the last century. “Averaged over all land and ocean surfaces, temperatures have warmed roughly 1.33°F (0.74ºC) …” ( This has led to many wondering what the possible outcomes for the future of the planet. This is…

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  • Glacial Melting: Cause, Effect, And Solution

    communication). A glacier is made up of fallen snow, which over many years compresses into thickened ice masses and are unique, in the fact that they can move or flow like very slow rivers…

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  • Global Sea Level Essay

    According to the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (an American institution), “more than 100 million people currently live within 1 [metre] of mean sea level”, meaning that close to 100 million people could and will be displaced from their homes within the next few hundred years, due to sea level rise (2010). There are several factors that contribute to the rise of global sea-level, both directly (warming oceans, expansion of ocean particles and melting glaciers) and indirectly (global warming…

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  • Analysis Of The Jewels That Mountains Wear

    The Jewels That Mountains Wear Image source: How much ice did you ever see in one place? An ice tray full? A skating rink full? A pond full? A river frozen from bank to bank? That 's a lot of ice. But there are places in the world where there is more. Much more. You know how high mountains are. There are places where the space between mountains is crammed and jammed and packed full of ice. This kind of ice is called glacier. This video simply explains how glacier is…

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  • ' The Cancer Cluster Myth, By Saukko And Gawage

    down global warming effects and prevent more harm to ecosystem by showing readers glacier that melt in fast rate due to increased industrialism by humans. Gawande’s article helps me to understand that pollution not only can damage the earth, but pollutions can have direct effects on humans as well. He’s article of “The Cancer Cluster Myth”, implied impact of contamination (Both in water and on ground), and toxic waste on cancer cluster effect in some communities. Saukko’s essay shows us many…

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  • Holocene Climate Analysis

    In the article, “Recent Antarctic Peninsula warming relative to Holocene climate and ice-shelf history,” Robert Mulvaney and several scientists discussed the climate history of the Antarctic Peninsula and its relationship to the collapsing ice shelves. They observed that the ice shelves were collapsing which allowed the glaciers to drain ice at a faster rate. The ice shelves that collapsed were at the Antarctic Peninsula which has had the most rapid warming over the past 50 years. Mulvaney and…

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  • Project Iceworm Essay

    A US top secret project, Project Iceworm will be reveal within the next decade. The article, Greenland’s receding icecap to expose top secret US nuclear project,” by Jon Henley states that the US military project, Project Iceworm of 1959 will be uncovered within the next decade due to global warming. Global warming is when earth’s temperature increases gradually over time. When the temperature rises it causes ice glaciers such as in Greenland to melt over a period of time. The ice melting in…

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  • Iceland Glaciers

    (Geography). Some refer to the island as the land of fire and ice due to the presence of both glaciers and volcanoes (Gunnarsdóttir, Nanna, 2016). Volcanoes can even be found beneath glaciers. Glaciers cover more than 10% of Iceland’s land area. The combination of both volcanoes and a large number of glaciers make Iceland very susceptible to Jökulhlaups. From late September through early October 1996, Iceland experienced their largest volcanic eruption since 1967.…

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  • Glaciers Essay

    Glaciers are components of the earth’s nature and according to the National Snow and Ice Data Centre; they are highly sensitive to changes in temperature arising from climate change. The center has observed through photo evidence that glaciers all over the world have been decreasing and also some glaciers, ice caps and ice shelves have disappeared completely in the last century. Many more are decreasing at an alarming rate, such that in a matter of years if appropriate measures are not taken,…

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