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  • Argumentative Essay On Antarctica

    that are peaceful so if they start going to Antarctica, most likely they will cause more damage to the land. Based on this evidence, I’m guessing that some people don’t know how to care for nature like others. In the text, “This may be simply because few mineral or oil deposits have ever discovered, nations will certainly be quick to begin fighting for them” pg#5. The nations can have war and if they find it, they can cause further injury to the land. From this evidence, if Americans got to Antarctica, leaders in different countries will find out and it may cause major problems with other countries resulting in war. Kendra’s argument is stronger because she explains her argument by using many strong pieces of evidence. However, Michael’s argument is . According to the text, “While Antarctica still exists in its present state, people must take the opportunity to…

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  • Short Essay: The Importance Of Animals In Antarctica

    Animals In Antarctica Antarctica is full of mysteries to most people who have never been there before, It’s like going to space or the moon. Antarctica is like a desert, except It’s not hot and it's very cold It’s the coldest continent in the entire Earth and all you see is the snow, sky, water and penguins, seals, birds. it does not rain or snow a lot there, but when it does snow instead of melting they remain there and builds up for many years and make a large thick sheets of ice and they…

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  • Antifreeze Proteins In Antarctica Fish

    Antifreeze Proteins in Antarctica Fish The shifting of the earth’s continents, a geological factor which has occurred for millions of years, changes our world. Hundreds of species live on earth and millions before our time have walked on its land and swam in its waters. Nevertheless those species change. They either adapt to anything life throws at them or they die off. It is an evolutionary process which is undergone time and time again. Species die and species evolve. Habitats alter and…

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  • Ocean Endevour Description

    reminding you of how large those glaciers in the distance really are. Ice isn’t the only allure of the paddle; Adelie Penguins waddle clumsily along the rocks of Detaille Island as we float by. They cautiously approach the sea edge and peer into the water determining if it’s safe to plunge in. Once in the water, they dart around beneath the surface, seemingly flying underwater. No matter how many times I paddle in Antarctica, it never gets old, for no two paddle experiences are ever the same.…

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  • Summary: The Effects Of Ocean Acidification On Marine Organisms

    krill such as the Adélie penguin. The population of Baleen whales would also cease to expand to pre-exploitation numbers. (Ward P. 2001) Other organisms, such as salps who feed on phytoplankton similarly to krill would increase in population, which, in turn, would deplete the krill numbers like ocean acidification. Consequently a significant drop in the krill population would be detrimental to the Antarctic ecosystem, and is why renewable resources are imperative to ensure krill growth won 't…

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  • Antarctic Shackleton's 1914 Endurance Expedition

    The history of Antarctica is one dominated by men. Men were the ones seen as fit enough, strong enough, and as the ones most prepared to face the harsh Antarctic climate. Women, by comparison, were simply not suited for the extreme lifestyle accompanying exploration. But that did not stop many women from trying. Three young women applied to be on Shackleton’s 1914 Endurance expedition, but were unfortunately rejected. Furthermore, “twenty-five women applied to join Mawson’s British, Australian…

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  • Emperor Penguin Research Paper

    other aquatic birds (Magnuson). Emperor penguins live in the arctic tundra biome on the coast of Antarctica (Magnuson). Emperor penguins are carnivorous and will eat fish, krill and squid (Magnuson). A few of the emperor penguin’s predators are killer whales, sea lions, and leopard seals (Magnuson). Emperor penguins have many adaptations that protect it from the cold, and in the water (Magnuson). Emperor penguins were first discovered in 1844 and scientists have studied it to learn more…

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  • Ecology Of Hydrurga Leptonyx

    winter (Southwell et al., 2012; Hückstädt, 2015). However, the importance and prevalence of prey depends on the season and the location that leopard seals reside in. For example, in an observation done on Seal Island, penguins were the regular prey during the summer, and fur seal pups were the prey during late December to mid-February (Southwell et al., 2012). In contrast, in the Danco Coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, krill was found as the most frequent and numerous prey of leopard seals, but…

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  • Write An Essay On Gondwana And Its Effects On Supercontinents

    Gondwana is an ancient supercontinent that existed around 500 million years ago. In fact, Gondwana broke up and eventually created the continents we know today. These continents are known as Africa, South America, Australia, Antarctica, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Indian subcontinent. Just because Gondwana eventually created the continents we know today, does not mean that these continents will stay the same forever. Eventually, there will be different arrangements in an extensive history…

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  • Write An Argumentative Essay On Penguins

    Penguins, are black and white, flightless birds that can be found in the southern half of the world. There is at least one species of penguins in almost every zoo across the United States. Most of the United States population knows what penguins are and a few of their characteristics, but what those people do not realize that this animal could be in danger because of climate change. Many believe that certain penguin species are in danger. Some individuals think that penguins have to live in…

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