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  • Roles Of Women In Antarctica

    The history of Antarctica is one dominated by men. Men were the ones seen as fit enough, strong enough, and as the ones most prepared to face the harsh Antarctic climate. Women, by comparison, were simply not suited for the extreme lifestyle accompanying exploration. But that did not stop many women from trying. Three young women applied to be on Shackleton’s 1914 Endurance expedition, but were unfortunately rejected. Furthermore, “twenty-five women applied to join Mawson’s British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition (BANZARE) in 1929 and in 1937 the extraordinary number of 1,300 women applied to join the proposed British Antarctic Expedition. None were successful in being permitted to travel to Antarctica.” (Blackadder,…

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  • Antarctica Case Study

    the inside of the fur. Some flying birds migrate to warmer places. In fact more species of animal live on surrounding islands of Antarctica rather than on the actual continent.…

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  • Antarctica Fish Essay

    Antifreeze Proteins in Antarctica Fish The shifting of the earth’s continents, a geological factor which has occurred for millions of years, changes our world. Hundreds of species live on earth and millions before our time have walked on its land and swam in its waters. Nevertheless those species change. They either adapt to anything life throws at them or they die off. It is an evolutionary process which is undergone time and time again. Species die and species evolve. Habitats alter and…

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  • Effects Of Acidification On The Marine Ecosystem

    They use this to produce aragonite for their shells (Tenniswood C.M.H et al. 2013). Unfortunately for the Southern Ocean, saturation is lower in colder, high altitude regions such as Antarctica. This results from calcium carbonate dissolving in water (Doney S.C. Fabry V.J. Feely R.A. Kleypas J.A. 2009). In an experiment pteropods were taken from the upper levels of the Southern Ocean (where aragonite is formed). They were exposed to differing amounts of carbon dioxide, and incubated. The…

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  • Climate Change And Penguins

    Penguins, are black and white, flightless birds that can be found in the southern half of the world. There is at least one species of penguins in almost every zoo across the United States. Most of the United States population knows what penguins are and a few of their characteristics, but what those people do not realize that this animal could be in danger because of climate change. Many believe that certain penguin species are in danger. Some individuals think that penguins have to live in…

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  • Similarities And Differences Of Ten Canoes And The Fast Runner

    As the film The Fast Runner continues the trouble makers are banished from the community so they will not cause strife in the future. In contrast to the film Ten Canoes, the law and life lessons are is passed down from one generation to another through stories so the younger generations know what are expected to deter them from misbehaving within the community. Response 2 Antarctica is a challenging place to study aboard with a harsh environment. Students must consider some of the dangers…

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  • Security In Antarctica

    two main polar opponents in the region competing for power, influence and hegemony. China’s actions in Antarctica and around the world are sparking fears among many skeptical U.S. allies, which are supporting actions to stop China’s rise. RSAs are being used by many countries in Asia and North America for competition and the possibility of avoiding future conflicts. With the ending of the Cold War and the United State’s decreasing hegemony throughout the region, China looks to be the new…

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  • Stop Global Warming Essay

    Antarctica has been losing about 134 billion metric tons of ice per year since the year of 2002 if this trend continues it could raise sea levels in meters by the next 50 to 100 years in the future. The rising temperatures are culpable for more frequent droughts, heavier rainfall, and more powerful hurricanes, California 's drought intensifies because of Global Warming, As the temperatures of the Ocean increases storms could pick up more energy meaning a category 3 storm could turn into a…

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  • Case Study: Crossroads Of The Arctic Council

    melt and ships are better able to access the region. They will either expand their agenda to include security issues in the region or they will continue with their current level of involvement. I intend to answer what impact they could have on international security and the debate over whether or not the Arctic Council should expand its agenda to include security matters. In order to analyze the workings of the Arctic Council, I will look at the governance of Antarctica. While there are some…

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  • Ecology Of Hydrurga Leptonyx

    winter (Southwell et al., 2012; Hückstädt, 2015). However, the importance and prevalence of prey depends on the season and the location that leopard seals reside in. For example, in an observation done on Seal Island, penguins were the regular prey during the summer, and fur seal pups were the prey during late December to mid-February (Southwell et al., 2012). In contrast, in the Danco Coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, krill was found as the most frequent and numerous prey of leopard seals, but…

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