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  • Ocean Floor: Study Of The Ocean Floor

    Today in Mr. Andersons class we talked about the Ocean Floor, the students learned that it took us many years to study the Ocean floor because of its deepness. Once Sonar was developed we were able to study the ocean floor, in class students took the time to watch a video about the subject. The video also mentioned that we know more about the moon and space than we know about the ocean floor because we have not explored it. During this time Mr. Anderson also emphasized on things from the video that should be written down, such as that 70 percent of the ocean is covered by water and only a small amount is drinkable. Salt and minerals are brought in to the ocean by the runoff that if created from rain, Benthos are ocean organisms that live on…

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  • The Ocean Circulation

    The ocean circulation can be defined like the global movement of water, which occurs in the ocean basins. These movement of water are the ocean currents, which plays an important role in the climate since store and distribute heat, microorganisms like nutrients and freshwater all over the world. Therefore, any change that modifies the ocean circulation will alter drastically the global climate. In this section it will be broadly explained the factors, which determine the ocean circulation and a…

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  • Impact Of Oceans On The Ocean

    humankind can remember, Oceans have been a major part of our livelihood. Oceans cover nearly 71% of the Earth’s surface along with marginal seas, and land comprises the other 29%. Humans have always been fascinated with Oceans for their beauty, size, and great uncertainty. To date, it is believed that only 9% of all oceanic life forms have been discovered, which leaves millions of unidentified plants and sea life still out there. Aside from the sheer admiration, humans have figured out just how…

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  • Pollution In The Ocean

    The world has 7 oceans and they are all being neglected in some way or another, some people try to save them but there's only so much they can do. The oceans have suffered at the hands of mankind for millions of years. The chemical change in the water is causing hundreds of animals to wash up on the shores died. On a microscopic level the ocean have been dying for a long time but most people never noticed until something on a large scale died. The oceans may be damaged beyond repair, but…

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  • Ocean Acidification

    Due to the carbon dioxide levels increasing over time, the acidification of the ocean has become much stronger. Behavior patterns are not the only thing changing because of the rising temperatures; the migration patterns are changing as well. I chose to analyze a marine science article published by Inside Science News. The article, “Ocean Acidification May Change How Sharks Behave,” was based on a study that was trying to prove how swimming patterns and temperature changes would affect a shark’s…

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  • Ocean Overfishing

    There are many contributing factors that have lead up to a depletion our our ocean fish. As our underwater wildlife ecosystem decreases, we keep moving backwards with fisheries overfishing and diminishing the underwater wildlife. Overfishing occurs when there is a popular fishing area constantly being fished out to the point where the reproduction cycle can't keep up. Recent studies have shown that overfishing has exploited 52% of fish stock (subpopulations of a particular species of fish). More…

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  • Ocean Acidification: The Chemical Composition Of Ocean Water

    The ocean: a large expanse of salt water that covers two-thirds of our earth’s surface. It is involved in many biospheric processes and the home to many known and unknown organisms. The first few meters of the ocean are an important site for primary production — the conversion of carbon dioxide from a gas into organic carbon. Carbon dioxide plays an important role in determining the pH of ocean water. Over the last hundred years the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have increased,…

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  • Ocean Acidification Essay

    Increased ocean acidification isn’t the only thing affecting the ocean, but it is very problematic because it erodes aragonite which is a mineral of calcium carbonate. In other words it kills corals and causes the hard exoskeleton to erode. Action needs to be taken to ensure the survival of corals and the creatures that rely on coral reefs to survive. Coral reefs are sources of food for millions of people, but also are sources of medicines. As coral reefs disappear so do the organisms that are…

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  • National Ocean Policy

    What is ocean policy and why is it important? The National Ocean Policy sets forth a vision of an America whose stewardship ensures that the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes are healthy and resilient, safe and productive, and understood and treasured so as to promote the well-being, prosperity, and security of present and future generations. Pollution, overfishing, and natural disasters are affecting the oceans in a negative way. Overfishing is something that can take place in any lake,…

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  • Examples Of Ocean Acidification

    Topic B: Ocean acidification and coral reefs Introduction • Ocean acidification is a reduction in the pH of the water in the ocean as a result of increased carbon dioxide uptake in the ocean due to humans burning fossil fuels at such a high rate. • Unless drastic changes are made in regards to CO2 emissions, the rate of ocean acidification is projected to significantly increase over the next century. It is currently estimated that without any changes the pH of the oceans will be 7.8 by 2100 (…

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