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  • The Empty Ocean Essay: The Empty Ocean

    Essay 1: The empty ocean Did you know that in thirty-two years the ocean is expected to be completely empty? In 2048 the whole ecosystem will be wiped out! This is incredibly alarming; the ocean is a huge resource for the world. Biodiversity is key to the survival of the ocean however over the last few years’ loss of species has been rapidly increasing leading to the destruction of our ecosystem. I believe that there are a variety of things that contribute to this crisis like pollution, tourism, over fishing and lack of knowledge on this topic. The most important concept to take away from this issue is; why is the loss of biodiversity increasing at such a rapid speed? I think its important to find out how we can stop this issue to prevent…

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  • Fish Essay: The Ocean Is Like The Ocean

    Fish and I I think about how the ocean is like our Earth, but I wonder if the fish thinks of the bottom of the ocean as their ground, and the surface of the water as their sky? Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. As I watch the fish swim, eat, and associate with other fish, I think about my life compared to theirs. Fish are very interesting creatures, and are peaceful, delegate, extremely unique, and super colorful. We are very unique in our own way;…

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  • Impact Of Oceans On The Ocean

    humankind can remember, Oceans have been a major part of our livelihood. Oceans cover nearly 71% of the Earth’s surface along with marginal seas, and land comprises the other 29%. Humans have always been fascinated with Oceans for their beauty, size, and great uncertainty. To date, it is believed that only 9% of all oceanic life forms have been discovered, which leaves millions of unidentified plants and sea life still out there. Aside from the sheer admiration, humans have figured out just how…

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  • Ocean Pollution

    The Ocean: Not a Trash Can Water pollution is a global issue that impacts our oceans. Every living organism on the earth needs water to survive and ocean water pollution is a problem that affects all living things. Farmers need water to irrigate crops and Animals needs ocean water to drink. “In the 1970s the amount of plastic entering the world’s oceans in the range of millions of tons” (Sam Lemonick 2014). Taking care of this planet 's water is very important in order to survive. The oceans…

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  • The Importance Of Oceans

    Oceans are large bodies of salt water which hold the largest variety of plants and animals on earth. Oceans have currents that travel worldwide, generated by breaking winds and water salinity. These currents also speed up ships and transport nutrients around the world. Marine plants also generate the majority of the world’s oxygen, and regulate climate worldwide. In conclusion, oceans are large bodies of saltwater which hold the majority of life. They also make more of the world habitable. Their…

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  • The Life Of The Ocean

    well I fell into was responsible for giving me my superpowers, what I didn 't know is why the well disappeared and if it even existed. I began researching many things about the ocean and large bodies of water in general. I notice many articles had a common theme. They all believed that the earth 's oceans where impossible to study and overall a mystery to humankind. In other words we know more about space than we know about Earth’s oceans. This assured me my powers came from greater forces that…

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  • Effects Of Ocean Ecidification

    Ocean acidification is negatively affecting our oceans and its marine inhabitants. Ocean acidification is a naturally occurring process where ocean water absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The chemical process of water molecules binding to carbon dioxide creates carbonic acid and frees hydrogen ions causing an increase in acidity. Marine animals can’t survive in water that is too acidic. Marine ecosystems are detrimentally affected by this chemical reaction. The long-term consequences…

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  • Symbolism In Gem Of The Ocean

    Research Paper: Gem of the Ocean August Wilson 's Gem of the Ocean, set in Pittsburgh in 1904, is full of symbolism. From a slavery bill of sale to the collection of pure dog excretion, Wilson uses symbols to develop a story of how the recent departure from slavery affected African Americans in the early 1900 's. Throughout the play, a cast of characters is introduced, and each one individually represents the mindset of the most common personalities one can find during this time…

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  • The Importance Of Oceans Of Pollution

    Oceans of Pollution is written by Dahr Jamail a journalist from America. He wrote this article to inform the public about how serious the pollution in oceans is getting and just how fast it is growing. The use of logical statistics and quotes show that Jamail has put research into this article to make sure the facts are true. With the amount of people doing research and tracking the dead zones around the world there should be more that humans can do to help with the problem, yet still the…

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  • Ocean Acidification Essay

    Increased ocean acidification isn’t the only thing affecting the ocean, but it is very problematic because it erodes aragonite which is a mineral of calcium carbonate. In other words it kills corals and causes the hard exoskeleton to erode. Action needs to be taken to ensure the survival of corals and the creatures that rely on coral reefs to survive. Coral reefs are sources of food for millions of people, but also are sources of medicines. As coral reefs disappear so do the organisms that are…

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