Greenhouse gas

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  • Greenhouse Gas Effect Essay

    However, since the industrial revolution, the rate of climate change has steadily increased. Carbon dioxide or Co2 emissions have steadily rose over time as a result of industrialization. Co2 is categorized as a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gasses take part in something known as the "greenhouse gas effect". The greenhouse gas effect, according to experts from Pearson Education, is a natural process by which radiant heat energy produced by the sun collects in lower atmospheric areas of the Earth. The greenhouse gasses help to collect the energy, which in turn regulates the temperature of the Earth (2012). In some areas of the world that are highly industrialized, such as China and India, the greenhouse gas effect results in warming. Warming in some areas of the world, namely the arctic, has resulted in the melting of the polar ice caps. When the polar ice melts, the overall global sea level rises, and dark pools of melt water absorb heat that would otherwise be reflected by the ice (Quaile, 2013). In addition to the problems associated with polar ice melting, viruses that were thought to be previously eradicated have begun to resurface. In a recent study, scientists were able to revive a virus that had been frozen in Siberian soil for roughly over 30,000 years (Duhaime-Ross, 2014). The same scientists also speculated that viruses such as smallpox could resurface as frozen northern soil melts (Duhaime-Ross, 2014). Climate change can also lead to stronger storms, droughts, and…

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  • Environmental Effects Of Greenhouse Gas

    The making and absorption of carbon dioxide by the environment happen naturally on earth. However, the recent extremely high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be blamed on human activity (EPA 9). In the UK alone, they produced 655 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2005 (Gill, Smith, and Wilkinson 3). This fact is especially staggering when you realize that because it is gas, it takes a lot more of it to make a ton than something like wood or iron would. The countries of the world…

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  • Greenhouse Gas Pollution Essay

    Greenhouse Gas Pollution in the United States Whether we like it or not greenhouse gas pollution is inevitably increasing in the United States; negatively affecting all of our daily lives. How many American citizens drive a car? Roughly 34 percent of the nation’s households own at least one car, and every-time a person drives it releases about 24 pounds of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. That is just one example of greenhouse gas pollution, and there are an innumerable amount of other…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Greenhouse Gas Nightmare

    Greenhouse Gas Nightmare “CO2 ,No Big Deal”. Said no one ever! Elon Musk, the founder of tesla, paypal, and even more reputable companies, even said “We 're running `most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere... can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe”(brainyquote). If you are the typical resident in San Francisco, then you may have heard that the State of California has declared a drought of emergency on January 14,…

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  • Global Warming: The Causes And Effects Of The Global Climate Change

    spring feels like winter and summer like autumn, and so on. Since the 1800’s humans have had the knowledge that climate changes are possible, and can happen from atmosphere variations as Fourier calculated in 1824, which can lead to the Earth becoming far colder. Additionally, the industrial revolution lead to “coal, railroads, and land clearing”, which lead to increase greenhouse gas emission. According to the Global Climate Change web page, “greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, which…

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  • Greenhouse Effect Essay

    encourage the increase in the global temperature worldwide. The leading cause of this phenomenon is the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is the process whereby the transition of infrared radiation by gases within the environment warms its surface. In an easier way, greenhouse effect is the impact…

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  • Global Warming And Greenhouse Effects

    climate affect many aspects of our daily lifestyles, our health, economy, and communities. It is said by scientists if we do not make positive changes to our global warming issues they will only increase negatively, (nrdc 2011). There are many causes to global climate change, but the number one cause scientists all agree on is the expansion of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect causes heat to be trapped by the atmosphere that is radiating off the earth to space. Gases that are trapped…

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  • Climate Change In The International Community

    Climate change continues to be a serious problem facing the international community, and efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions require global cooperation. As it stands, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change spearheads the international community 's efforts to tackle climate change by establishing an international climate change regime, but the UNFCCC is not without its critics. Meanwhile, the US-China Climate Change Agreement suggests the potential for bilateral or mini-lateral forums…

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  • Global Warming Summary: Saving Planet Earth And Stop Climate Change

    From a YouTube video that I had watched created by National Geographic titled, Saving Planet Earth & Stop Climate Change, I learned that the manure from livestock releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as soon as it hits the ground. One chicken farmer in West Virginia, Josh Fri, figured out a way to transform this problem into a solution. Fri made a machine that takes the manure from chickens on his farm and cooks the manure slowly in a gasifier which removes the greenhouse gases and…

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  • The Benefits Of The Kyoto Protocol

    The Kyoto Protocol was designed to fight the global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Global warming is defined as the increase of the earth’s average surface temperatures due to the greenhouse effect, which acts to trap heat that would have otherwise escaped from earth. The Kyoto Protocol is able to reduce global warming by forcing countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, therefore reducing the greenhouse effect. The initial goal of the Kyoto Protocol was to reduce worldwide…

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