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  • Grenada Constitution Reform Essay

    Grenada is an island located in the southern Caribbean with a current population of approximately 115,000. The country’s main income areas are from the agricultural and tourism industry. In 1974, Grenada was given its Constitution by an Act of Parliament. However, as of November 24th, 2016, the voting population will be called upon to cast their votes on proposed changes to the Constitution in a national referendum. Before delving into the whole issue of constitution reform, let us first define some terms. According to Dr. Wayne Sandiford in an open lecture on constitution reform, the constitution is defined as “The fundamental law that establishes the character of a government. It defines the basic principles to which a society must conform”.…

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  • Military Intervention In Grenada

    On October 23, 1983, United States President Ronald Reagan’s administration issued National Security Directive 110A, authorizing the landing of U.S. and allied Caribbean troops on the small island nation of Grenada. The document’s stated purpose for the invasion was threefold: Assure safety of American nationals, eliminate and prevent further Cuban influence, and restore democratic government. Reagan, in public speeches and as a justification for the conflict, cited 800 American citizens held…

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  • Boating To Dinner In The Caribbean Essay

    scenic harbors make the coasts of Antigua ideal for yacht cruising. On land, the picturesque island offers plenty of opportunity for shopping and dining. The historic English Harbor is a favorite spot among yachters. D-Boat in Antigua is a retired oil tanker that was converted into a water park (yes, you read that correctly) for “kids” of all ages. The massive floating entertainment center features waterslides, trampolines, and swing ropes, as well as a full bar and bistro. Nearby attractions…

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  • Memories Of The Grenada Lake

    Grenada Lake is a reservoir on the Yalobusha River in the U.S. state of Mississippi. It is one of the four flood control lakes in North Mississippi constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It was constructed to help control flooding along the Yazoo River Basin. The dam is located on the Yalobusha River. The operation began in 1954 costing 32 million to construct. I am originally from Greenville, MS. Where my older sister and I spent our childhood. Grenada Lake was a place where we…

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  • Characteristics Of Grenada Dove

    scientific name, IUCN assessment, physical features) The Grenada dove, (Leptoltila wellsi) is endemic to Grenada only. According to Oxford Dictinary (2018), define endemism as “the degree which the plants and animal of a particular area are both native and restricted to it”. The ICUN assessment shows, Leptoltila wellsi is critically endangered on the red list. Although its population is small scale it detrimentally decline due to hurricanes, residential housing, road, clearing land for tourism.…

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  • Grenada Tourism Industry Analysis

    countries worldwide and Grenada is absolutely no exception. As stated by Annie Kelly (2008), “Since the hurricane the government has been struggling to rebuild the island’s bankrupt economy and has been increasingly looking to tourism development as the answer to its woes.” As expressed above, hurricane Ivan has negatively affected the country of Grenada; killing dozens of people, damaging 90% of the island’s buildings and devastating the nutmeg crop. The tourism industry is presently the…

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  • The Effect Of Hurricane Ivan On The Island Of Grenada

    and lighting could strike a house and burn it to the ground. The damage done to communities from storms isn’t restored by just the people affected by it. Others come together to help fix what damage was done to the community. One organization that helps lessen the effects of any kind of natural disaster like this in the first place is called PLAN!T NOW. Over the course of the company’s life, social media became a main way of how the organization would do its job, but eventually it died down…

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  • Grenada Infant Nutrition Case Study

    stressful work load. I also agree with promoting of infant nutrition (Breastfeeding), because within Grenada most mothers breast feed due to the fact that breast milk contains antibodies which protects babies from infections and diseases. But being more knowledgeable that breast milk can reduce obesity, mothers around the world would feel even more proud knowing that there are more benefits to infant nutrition. Response 2: I understand that implementing these policies and practices are very…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Two New Year's Celebration

    between the two. The major aspect of the both that is the significance of food. They both place a special emphasis on food or a feast. Families from both hemispheres will go all out trying to cook the perfect meal for that day. It is imperative to point out here, however, that the day of the feast is different. While in Grenada the feast takes place on New Year’s Day, in China is takes place on the eve of New Year’s. Nevertheless, unlike in the Caribbean, the Chinese uses the last aspect of the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Kfc And Subway

    These were profound words and I’ve always tried to abide by these rules. However, eating healthy while on a budget is usually a tough decision since ‘eating healthy’ is usually expensive. Also, my busy lifestyle limits my eating options to two international fast food franchises located on the island of Grenada where I reside; KFC and Subway. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken. Currently, it is the world’s second largest restaurant chain…

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