Grignard reaction

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  • Grignard Reaction Lab

    to prepare the Grignard reagent from aryl or alkyl halides and demonstrate the principles of organometallic chemistry. The Grignard reagent was prepared via a radical mechanism. The Grignard reagent was then used to prepare a carboxylic acid from carbon dioxide, demonstrating its ability to create carbon-carbon bonds by acting as a strong nucleophile. As the R group of the Grignard reagent was unknown, molecular weight and melting point were then used to identify the resulting carboxylic acid. The molecular weight was determined using titration techniques and the melting point was measured using a Mel-Temp Apparatus. Data and Results In the formation of the Grignard reaction, the solution turned cloudy…

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  • Grignard Reaction Lab Report

    Abstract: The Grignard reaction was successfully accomplished. An amount of 1.20 ml of 2-methyl-2-pentanol was collected, and 9.60% yield was calculated based on the theoretical yield. Despite the low amount of 2-methyl-2-pentanol, its identity was confirmed by comparing the experimental refractive index and infrared spectrum to the literature refractive index and infrared spectrum of 2-methyl-2-pentanol. Statement and purpose The purpose of this experiment is to synthesize a specific alcohol…

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  • Reflective Essay: A Professional Analysis

    It’s not easy telling someone that their loved one has had a severe accident, with a high risk of limb amputation. When it involves people you already love, it weighs even more on your heart. Nevertheless, Dave and his family needed help, and my work became imperative. This moment marked the point in my healthcare career where I found the ability to form a tangible connection with family members, and implicit trust. I found this moment profound in that it both empowered me as I now knew how I…

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  • Triphenylcarbinol Lab Report

    A possible chemical reason that this experiment yielded less than 100% triphenylcarbinol was caused by the Grignard reagent reacting with atmospheric water or oxygen instead of reacting with benzophenone due to the highly reactive nature of the Grignard reagent and a constant presence of humidity and moisture inside the laboratory. Although extra precautions were taken to dry to glassware and a CaCl2 drying tube was used, there was an unavoidable exposure of the Grignard reagent to atmospheric…

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  • Narrative Essay About Being Afghanistan

    who were out on convoys or patrolling. I remember the day clearly when my Sargent died. There had been a patrol out doing a routine sweep of our area and he stepped on an IED, which basically turned him into pink mist. There was no body to recover. I remember standing at the left corner security post when the blast went off. The blast was large enough to kill him and open cause minor injuries to the other men around him. There was this sense of panic since there was nothing I could do but watch…

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  • Aldol Condensation Lab Report

    There are several different reactions that can be utilized in order to end with a product that includes the synthesis of carbon-carbon bonds, however for this experiment the reaction that was utilized is aldol condensation. An aldol condensation is when an enolizable aldehyde or ketone undergoes a reaction, in the presence of a base or acid, and gives a beta unsaturated ketone or aldehyde (Utah Valley University, 2009). This type of reaction can also add carbonyls to a compound, using similar…

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  • Personal Statement: How Can I Help?

    substituted pyridines following Biao et. al Specifically my task was to reproduce the synthesis of 2 starting from the same materials as in Biao et al. , following the same reactions, to validate the yields reported. The overall transformation (Figure 2) included a Grignard reaction, oxidative cleavage, oxidation, the pyrolysis cyclization and a chlorination. Figure 2 Overall Reaction Scheme following Biao et. all Reagents & Conditions: A) Mg, THF, 50°c 3h. Then NH4Cl. B) O3, 1:1 CH2Cl2:…

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  • Asymmetric Synthesis Research Paper

    this would be considered as prohibitively expensive in some cases. Common practice nowadays to synthesis and evaluate all achievable isomers of a new product before it is put into use. The reactions are either highly enantioselective or enantiospecific. Resolution was used to access enantiopure molecules before the development of efficient methods. There are a number of methods of asymmetric synthesis, the first being first generation or substrate controlled methods. In these, the reaction is…

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  • Indentation Force Reflection

    Human factors to be considered include ergonomics, fit, ground reaction force, weight, durability, stability, and cushioning. Ergonomics dictates good posture. In order to maintain good posture, referred to as 'neutral posture ', the muscles of the body must be in balance to support an aligned spine13. The design of this shoe must take ergonomics, perception, quality control, and biomechanics into account. Fashion has been a deciding factor in the shoe industry over the last decade.14 For…

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  • Film Analysis: Elements Of Cinematography And Mise En-Scene

    characters to focus on, and when. Camera movements also establish where Harold and Professor Hilbert are in relation to each other, whether or not the actors are actually facing each other. This is done by following the 180-degree rule, and by filming a new establishing shot when the characters change their positions. The camera also follows the movements of the actors several times within the scenes, further bringing the attention to the character that the audience should be focusing on. The…

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