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  • Chlorine Argument Essay

    At the beginning of the 1900s chlorine started to be used as a disinfectant in water. Water had to be chlorinated because of waterborne pathogens which would then go and cause deadly diseases which flourished in our pipes and water ways and infected millions of people. But ever since the disinfection of water the most of these diseases have been eliminated in first world countries but is still a big problem in 3rd world problems. (Calomiris, 1998) Chlorine is the most used disinfectant around the world for water treatment, but with that there still is problems like harmful by-products. In this issues it will be assessed if chlorine is the best option for disinfecting our water and if there is any better options when taking care of our water.…

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  • Creative Chemistry: Saunders N. 2000: Creative Chemistry

    elements using chlorine, bromine and iodine. Hypothesis: The higher on the periodic table the more reactive the element will be. Materials: Safety glasses 0.2M potassium chloride solution Black tray 0.2M potassium bromide solution Spotting tile 0.2M potassium iodide solution Teat pipette chlorine water Distilled water bromine water Iodine water Procedure:…

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  • Chemical Weapons Of The Great War Essay

    Unfortunately for Haber, he had to wait for weeks until he could finally see his work in action. This wait was caused by the cylinders one weakness, it could only dispense gas in the direction the wind was blowing, making Haber wait until the wind came out of the Northeast. Finally on April 22, 1915 the wind finally came to and Haber was able to show his achievements to the world. The French soldiers inside the trenches where immodestly met with violent nausea and faintness, followed shortly…

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  • The Weapons Of Poison Gas By Masarrah Alchi

    German army first came up with the idea to use the poison gas in the battle. They used it on April 22, 1915. The gas used in the poison gas is called Chlorine Gas. The Chlorine Gas burns you to death. It burn you mainly in the throat and give you pain in the chest. The poison gas was a painful way to die. It killed many at once which was a good thing I this case because that was their point. The gas was really dangerous to be around and if there was wind you weren’t recommended to put people in…

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  • Chemical Formula Lab Report

    The purpose of this lab is to calculate the chemical formula of a hydrate compound made up of copper, chlorine, and water molecules by using the law of definite proportions. The water of hydration of the copper chloride hydrate sample will be determined as well as the mass of copper and chlorine through a chemical reaction. The results will be used to calculate the moles of copper and chlorine and then the empirical formula of the compound. Techniques used: In this experiment, different…

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  • Essay On Hand Washing

    Looking back at the history of washing hand, it all started in the 1800’s when there was a shocking increase in the death rate of mothers during childbirth. “Dr. Semmelweis who ordered his medical students and junior physicians to wash their hands in a chlorinated lime solution until the smell of the putrid bodies they dissected in the autopsy suite was no longer detectable” (Dr. Howard Markel). Semmelweis told the physicians to wash their hands because he come to realize that there were more…

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  • Carpet Roll Essay

    the collection of the leaves and debris to making sure that the chlorine levels are stable. There are a number of tools, products like Robotic pool cleaner and even tricks which can help you keeping the pool clean and healthy all the time. Cleaning the pool Cleaning process mainly requires removal of the outside debris from the pool. The type of cleaning tool or method you are likely to employ simply depends on the type and size of the pool, the amount of debris accumulated often, filtration and…

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  • Chemical Disinfection Methods

    several methods; however, chlorine and chloramine are the most frequently used forms of chemical disinfection (Serrano, Silva, & Gallego, 2011). When this process is utilized, there is an increased risk in the release of unwanted by-products can cause severe health risk. The use of chemical disinfection methods, results in the creation of disinfection by-products through the interaction of the disinfectants with natural organic matter (NOM) (Bougeard, Goslan, Jefferson, Bruce, and Parsons,…

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  • Ammonium Perchlorate Lab Report

    Figure 3. Possible reaction mechanism for the decomposition of ammonium perchlorate. Based on the findings from all of the used techniques, the species formed in the beginning are ammonium ion, oxygen and chlorine species. The decomposition products of ammonium ion were hydroxylamine, ammonia and nitrogen dioxide. The perchlorate ion loses one of the oxygen atoms and forms chlorate ion. The ammonia is lost in reaction through formation of hydroxylamine, which is formed in reaction between…

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  • Flame Test Lab Report Essay

    In this experiment, two cations in an unknown solution were found using qualitative analysis. For Part A, the solution was to contain either silver or lead, while in Part B, the solution that was set on the side form Part A was identified to contain either calcium or barium. Part C explored a different method through the use of cation flame tests to observe colored flames from six metal chloride solutions. In Part A, the initial step was to add HCl to the unknown sample. This was necessary…

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