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  • Student Choice Essay

    important that a student has a choice in what they read. There are multiple reasons as to why students should have a choice. When students are able to do this, they stay motivated and engaged in what they read as well as create positive attitudes towards reading in general. This also allows students to take responsibility for their own learning opportunity and assists students in maintaining a steady improvement of comprehension during standardized tests. Lastly, student choice in reading allows for more opportunity to…

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  • Choice Architect

    introductory but when I started reading the introduction of Nudge, I was instantly hooked with the analogy that the authors provided, what will Carolyne do? Which of the 5 possible options presented in the book will she choose? Simply, I was caught up in the story, and who doesn’t like a good story! Regardless of the fact that this is book is all about economics and economical behavior, I found it really easy to follow, understand, and grasp. In the Introduction the authors presented the term…

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  • Human Mate Choice Hypothesis

    There are number of hypothesis about what influences human mate choice. In the paper “Chickens prefer beautiful humans”, Ghirlanda, Jansson, and Enquist (2004) claimed that human mate preference is based on discrimination between male and female faces, which leads to a bias in the nervous system. They argued that such bias is not species-specific; therefore, an animal can develop a preference towards one animal above the other, even if it is a member of different specie. To test that, Ghirlanda…

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  • Three Principles Of Persuasion: The Paradox Of Choice

    Persuasion is a constant and rather successful method of getting people to do certain things. We are constantly being influenced and also influencing other people around us. There are several principles that help explain why humans sometimes irrationally do certain things that they wouldn’t normally do. Three of this several principles include the paradox of choice (which proves that when giving a lot of choice for any particular item, satisfaction decreases and sales decreases), scarcity (which…

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  • What Is The Right Choice In The Road Not Taken

    second one in another day. This poem is a combination of nature and human life. The narrator is not talking about two roads in the forest. He is talking about two paths in life, and how important it is to make the right decision at the right time. Life is a path, and a choice taken. The narrator describes the path of life as a road. The narrator chooses a different road from the others. Sometimes, making a unique decision without following the others is the right choice. “The road diverged in a…

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  • The Tyranny Of Choice

    “The Tyranny or Choice” by Barry Schwartz and “Is Google Making us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr may seem to be as dissimilar as any two essays could be, but they’re not. Both Schwartz and Carr write about the increase of available resources leading to decreased productivity. Carr talks about the abundance of information available at our fingertips and how it is really causing us to be lazy and decrease intelligence, whereas Schwartz speaks of the amount of choices we receive day to day and how the…

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  • Why Do You Dont Have A Choice?

    dead (depending on your belief). If you disagree with my top ten list make your own and compare, you 'll be hard pressed to find significant changes. At the start of every day choices are made that in some manner are a direct influence of one of these people. Wake up, working, its not a destiny, although it may feel that way at times. Somehow, the lines become blurry about free will and destiny. Did you have an…

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  • Jean-Paul Sartre's Freedom Of Choice And Responsibility

    Freedom of choice and responsibility In the recent discussions of existentialism, a controversial issue has been whether existentialism is before essence. On the one hand, some argue that essence is before existentialism. From this perspective, each man has a particular, universal human nature and has the same basic qualities. In other words, God creates a man, so a man’s life is only directed by God. On the other hand, however, others argue that existence precedes essence. In the words of…

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  • Reality Or Choice Theory

    Reality or what is also known as Choice theory is a comprehensive methodology to explaining human motivation, behavior, and perception created by Dr. William Glasser. Dr. Glasser, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1925. Dr. Glasser was initially a chemical engineer however, he made a career change to Clinical Psychology. He then attended medical school eventually becoming psychiatrist. Glasser rejected the psychoanalytic approach of Dr. Sigmund Freud. From observations made by Dr. Glasser while…

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  • Analysis: The Paradox Of Choice

    maximize happiness actually decreases the amount of happiness one experiences, and I will show why one should satisfice rather than maximize. In The Paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz presents the pitfalls of maximizing, with one being counterfactual thinking. Schwartz also introduces the concept of hedonic adaptation, which provides reasoning to why there is little importance to the choice that maximizers spend much time and energy with. To further show why satisficing is the better option, I…

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