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  • Interpretation Of Choreography

    Within a performance: Choreography, Communication, Perception, and Interpretation. Choreography Every single movement in a performance play a significant role on the Dance as a whole. As stated in “Evolution of Music, Dance, and Drama” “Dance moves or Dance steps are the building blocks of many dances” (Dance moves or Dance steps 128) Is is the basic unit of dance as Do Re Mi are the fundamental notes to a song. Upon contemplation of which aspect is specifically to be analyzed within the performance of Ballet Manila, Choreography proceeded to arise upon the center stage of focus, as choreography is exactly what is being shown by the artists on stage. Choreography according to the “Cambridge American English Dictionary” is “the movements…

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  • Sharira Dance Analysis

    Sharira. What is particularly interesting in this performance is that it being not only about the body and it’s corporeal contours within a given choreography but also the sexed body and it’s tussles, intimacies, desires mapped out in a performance space. The performance, in my opinion hinges largely towards a kind of choreographic shift in dance that prioritises the bodily over tradition and the traditional; as also contemporary and contemporariness. During the performance, the two bodies…

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  • Mind Your Step Critique

    different the showcase in the spring entitled Being, which featured several very similar dances. This time no dance was alike and some looked as if they had been created by a professional dance company. The first dance of the evening was Psalms of Mass Destruction (Or: Lost). The dance itself was interesting to watch and made use of the dancers talents, but if I had not read the choreographer’s note about the concept I would not have understood what was going on. The costuming was solid and…

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  • George Balanchine Jewels Analysis

    of wealth and royalty, two driving sources of ballet performances in the Renaissance Era. There’s an overall enchanting mood, creating a majestic environment for the performers as well as the audience. Many claim the atmosphere is set up to create a “Winter Wonderland” feel (Macaulay 2016). Many of the gestures from man to woman are those of offering and respect, reminding me of a traditional courting ritual. This is a common theme of the Renaissance Era, where court dances served a political…

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  • Dance Captain Speech

    question was: What are the responsibilities required to be a dance captain, and how can choreography efficiently be taught? The first thing I did was collaborate with the director. This gave me an understanding of what her vision was for choreography and what my duties. She gave me the freedom to create the big Hand Jive dance number. She also gave me a schedule of what I had to work on for each day. While she was away working with certain cast members, I was in charge of rehearsing other…

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  • Dance Concert Review: Stream Of Consciousness

    piece more visually interesting. However, I was excepting similar dances and movements; even if, some pieces had comparable choreography and emotional appeal the diversity stood out. Nonetheless, this was definitely a night to remember. Humor, grace, abrupt movements, and even using the technique in grabbing one of the audience members, Stream of Consciousness, was one of my favorite modern dance pieces. There were two dancers dressed in plain clothing, one male, and one…

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  • Why I Want To Dance

    Professionals, create dance routines and teaches them to dance, is a career I wish to pursue, for the rewards my students will earn, the more dance they will learn, and the more activity the student will do. I been interested in this career I always dance and it made me happy, so that’s when I thought to myself that. I was going to be a choreography. This career grabbed my intention because, I always went to birthdays parties and they always danced and it was fun and the way people look at me it…

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  • Are You Listening Dance Analysis

    would often leap across the floor and stand on pointe. I am interpreting this dance as the dancer is hearing someone or something rather than listening to it. The concept of the dance reflects the title of the piece because the dancer is expressing through the choreography the ideal…

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  • Reflection Essay 'Freeing Forgiveness'

    As we auditioned for the Student Choreography Showcase, I was very nervous and anxious because it was something that really meant a lot to me and something that I wanted to share with all my classmates. During auditions, I surprised myself a lot because I picked up on choreography faster than I thought. I felt really confident in what I was performing for each choreographer. I had a couple of the choreographers call me back out to see my performance for a second time. The second time performing,…

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  • Bob Fosse, A Jazz Director And Choreographer

    Bob Fosse, a jazz director and choreographer, is lauded for his unique artistry of choreography. During the 1950s-1970s, Broadway musicals and films were very popular. Fosse’s work gained a lot of popularity because of the different approach he took on jazz dance. He soon became one of the most notable choreographers of his time. His work has forever changed the way audiences perceive dance, making his work historically relevant and unique. Bob Fosse was born on June 23, 1927 in…

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