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  • Performance Evaluation

    My second performance in this class is to focus on how to strengthen a performance by focusing on the juxtapositions of an ethnographic object. For my object, I have chosen an award that I won for storytelling. In my performance, the audience will be able to see not only the long hours and hard work that one must put into craft a performance that is supposed to look effortless. I will be constructing this performance with the aid of lights, sound, audience set-up, props, and costume. I will be looking closely at the history awards, then I will be examining my performance under three different theories, and analyzing how it fulfills a learning objective for this class in this paper. Awards were created by man at a very early point in its history in order to reward people for showing his or her superior strengths to others. An early example of an award in society is in ancient Nasca society and their…

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  • Senior Dance Performance

    of the Senior Dance Concert comprised of six dances. These performances were one of a kind in their own specific manner, however, they were all hard to understand. The piece comprised of different movements and themes. The first dance was called "Synastry." This piece begins exceptionally dim. The majority of the entertainers are wearing distinctive types of clothing. The music in this piece helps me to remember music you would hear in a thriller movie, for example, Halloween. The movement of…

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  • Evaluation On Musical Performance

    Throughout this Semester I had the task of going to three musical performances and reviewing them. The first performance I attended was Hairspray, this took place at North Central College at the Red Horse Theatre which my friend invited me to see with her. Overall this performance was very organized and the tempo sustainability was upbeat throughout the entire time. I was very impressed how drawn the audience was and how there was never a dull moment. These things fall under the category of…

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  • Dance Performance Observation

    dance show, I did not know what to expect. I know it would be a whole lot better than the dance concerts I had to be a part of in high school. However not as magical as concerts seen in the Medical Center of Lewisville Dance Theatre, but the magic is all in our heads. We chose what speaks to us, we chose what can change our perspective. The audience must be actively participating during the show, in order to have an enriching experience. This show is not intended to be entertainment, but an…

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  • Creativity And Performance Essay

    Essay Question 2100 words Discuss and analyse the relevant issues related to creativity and performance in theme based work, making references to the devising process and finished work. Your discussion and analysis should be informed by performance and choreographic theories, as well personal engagement. This essay will look specifically at creativity, performance and the relating issues from the director and performer/dancers point of view. I will discuss the issues in relation to two…

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  • Performance Assignment Analysis

    The performance assignment was quite an intriguing experience where each individual had a chance to explore their creative side and allowed them to step out of their comfort zone in creating an imaginary landscape.Each piece that was showcased had a unique aura to it. However, for me one piece stood out the most was the illusion one. (abbey’s team) The essay aims to analyze the piece and It will look at the viewpoints and composition used by the group to create this piece. It will also discuss…

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  • Elements Of Dance Performance

    After remembering the elements of each performance, the three that were most memorable are: “Swan Lake,” Harlequin “Pax De Deux,” and “Opaque, Unfazed.” Each captivated me throughout the night and I am glad I had the opportunity to attend. “Swan Lake,” Act II, started strong by illuminating blue light and covering the stage with fog as Odette flutters her wings. While I did feel slightly disappointed at the coordination of movements and music between Odette and Prince Siegfried, in the end I…

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  • Music And Performance Analysis

    shown to influence performance on various cognitive and motor tasks. Depending on the task, music can help or hinder a persons performance. In addition to influencing task performance, it has been suggested that listening to music activates the motor regions of the brain (Chen, Penhune, & Zatorre, 2008; Zatorre, Chen, & Penhune, 2007). Simply having music training has lead to different effects on brain activity and task performance when compared to those without music training. Therefore, this…

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  • Dance Performance Review

    have to say if it weren’t mandatory for dance class I would have probably not gone. Personally I have never been interested in dance performances. I love dancing at parties but never thought of dance as a concert I would go too. I am glad I went because it was an experience and as a college student I want to experience new things. To see many talented students in our school was amazing. All the dances were extraordinary but two of them stood out to me Alors on Danse and What it is. The concert…

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  • Theater Performance Critique

    For my Live Performance Critique Assignment I saw the theater performance “Future Thinking”. The story revolved around a man named peter probably in his late forties or early fifties being questioned by the security guard Jim about not following the rules of his restraining order with a young actress named Chiara. Peter is absolutely in love with Chiara and would do anything just to get her autograph even if that meant breaking the restraining order. By Peter being the stalker he is he did end…

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