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  • Essay On Plato's Analogy Of The State

    Explain and assess the analogy of the soul and the state. The analogy of the soul and the state is a key method that Plato used in the Republic. According to Plato, studying the structure of a state is like studying a enlarged version of individual soul, as if they are small and large prints . This essay will outline how the analogy works in the context of the Republic. Restricted to length, the tripartite nature of the soul is assumed valid, despite there were opposite voices from scholars such as N. D. Smith. Instead, the essay argues the analogy is not a strong one as it has flawed consistency throughout the book. It does not show evident answer to the question of justice. Barker described it as a 'psychological analogy ' . The key element in the analogy is that both a soul and a state should contain three parts, and they function differently. Plato believed that state behaviours are completely a reflection of individual behaviours .…

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  • Soda Taxes Fall Flat: A Rhetorical Analysis

    He adds in many details about Tabaco, and is directly comparing it to sugar, which is not as similar of a product as he is trying to make it seem. For example, Krieger says, “Tabaco taxes have reduced smoking, while raising money to make lives better. Taxing sugary drinks would do the same…” (para. 2). This is a weak analogy, because he should have compared sugar to something that was more like itself, whereas Tabaco is a completely different product. Also, for this article, the only source that…

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  • The Atlantic Monthly Analysis

    by the public. The writer conveys his ideas through analogies, diction, and syntax, also the relativity of his or her concepts will be explored. To begin, the writer uses an analogy about a library to strengthen the argument at stake.[D:…

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  • The Flea John Donne

    John Donne’s poem “The Flea” follows a man as he desperately tries to convince a woman to lay with him outside of wedlock. The speaker’s main tool in his argument is this small flea that he holds in his hand that has sucked the blood from him as well as the woman. He uses the flea as a metaphor for their coupling, flipping between its significance and insignificance as it fits his needs. However, the woman, who never speaks a word, denies his request and kills the flea, revealing herself to be…

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  • Examples Of Inductive Logic

    aren’t definite. An argument could be as supportive as possible and use an inductive indicator word. You have to watch all these things when distinguishing the two. Another key pointer on how to differentiate between deductive and inductive is its form of style. If an argument deals with relating categories or if it appeals to math or word meaning, it will always be claimed as a deductive argument. In other cases, inductive logic can be identified by generalizations, analogies, signs, casual…

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  • Compare Harlem And Still I Rise

    Finally, he makes the analogy of a dream deferred to a “heavy load”, it weighs on the shoulders of the speaker that the dream goes on for a long period of time and it continues to be unfulfilled. It puts a constant pressure on his shoulders and makes it a constant thought on his mind that can build up and cause negative outcomes, like rage, violence, depression, etc. However, in the poem, “Still I Rise”, the speaker first compares herself to dust rising and air, symbolizing her perseverance…

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  • False Logical Fallacies In Everyday Life

    Logical fallacies are part of everyday life, whether we notice them or not. Fallacies are the mistakes in our reasoning. One common fallacy is false analogy. In a false analogy, two objects, events or people that aren’t typically related, are shown to be similar. An example of this would be comparing object A to object B. If object A has property C, and object B has property C, objects A and B must be the same thing. An analogy fails when the two objects are different in a way which affects…

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  • Metaphors We Know The Universe, By Carl Sagan

    In science, analogy is often employed to help audiences understand the mechanisms in which a theory works. For example, Physics students are often taught to visualize current like water, and the flow of current like the flow of water. In "Metaphors We Live By,” we see that the authors also employ analogy to try to engage the reader into thinking using the same technique of visualization to denote how metaphor is utilized. This is best exemplified by the line, “Imagine a culture where argument is…

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  • Technological Revolutions In Neil Postman's The World Is Flat

    important research conducted on the topic. Walker successfully argued that the acceleration of technology was analogous to the rise of the cities we have seen in the past (i.e. Rome and Jerusalem) (2011). However, I found that one of his premises must be false because they are incompatible. After he drew a great analogy of how the new information architecture is evolving in the same way as a city he then completely retracted it and claimed that the new information architecture is also…

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  • Teen Unemployment Policy Speech

    all have a different experience with teen unemployment. Even Though, I knew this I still decided to identify the connection between teens and employers or examples and research with my audience whether they had the same experience or not. The reason for this is because even if they couldn 't find a connection between themselves and teen unemployment, they might know someone that have had the experience. By them knowing someone they were able to add a connection and gave themselves a better…

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