Examples Of Inductive Logic

A Crash Course in Formal Logic
This video lecture gives a clear explanation on how to distinguish between deductive and inductive logic. Additionally, it offers information on inferences and inferences claims. Before going into full explanation mode, the video first gives a glance over a few concepts that needs to commit to memory. First and foremost, the video explains that logic is the science of argument evaluation. Also, arguments can either be true or false. At this point of the lecture the video and I know that the basic concepts has been covered. Just to lessen any confusion, an inference is just that. It is the space between the premises and conclusion that one must infer on their own. Being able to infer will help you with later logic
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An example of deductive logic is all whales are mammals, Johnny is a whale, and therefore Johnny is a mammal. An example of inductive logic is, mostly all freshmans have a job, and Sarah is a freshman, so Sarah has a job. If you look at both examples you can infer that the deductive argument leaves no room for error because it shows a sense of certainty. On the other hand, if you look at the inductive argument you can notice that the word most was used and makes the argument likely, but not certain. Now, you can visualize that deductive arguments are necessary and inductive logic is probable. Also, inductive logic lacks support to the conclusion. For example, 1 through 6 grapes are green, there are 100 grapes, and therefore all grapes are green. Its premises doesn’t strictly support the conclusion being that you only know …show more content…
The last key points to understanding the section is realizing that inferences is the most important element in an argument. In many cases you will need to know how to infer. For example, my clothes is in a shopping bag, the shopping bag is in the closet. We must infer that our clothes are in the closet also. When dealing with inductive and deductive logic you have to know if there is any room for error if so this would be ruled as inductive. If the argument is certain it is ruled as a deductive argument. Use all other forces that was discussed to make this

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