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  • Informative Speech: The Epipen

    Relevance to Audience: The EpiPen is used for treating anaphylaxis which is a life- threatening allergic reaction. According to the 2013 article, “Anaphylaxis in America: The prevalence and characteristics of anaphylaxis in the United States,” conducted by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, between 1.6% and 5.1% of Americans face anaphylaxis. That means it occurs in nearly 1-in-50 Americans and is getting closer to 1-in-20 Americans. For those of you who did not already realize you are a victim of anaphylaxis, you could be or know one of the many who are. Someday you, or someone you care about, could need an EpiPen to treat anaphylaxis and this price increase can affect you…

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  • Mylan Pharmaceuticals: A Case Study

    manufacturer to produce a drug? It is sad to think that some of those that cannot afford to pay for health insurance or those that are barely scraping by paycheck to paycheck are forced to fork out this kind of dough for life saving interventions. The average fire department response time is about 3.2 minutes for an engine company and 4.9 minutes for a ladder company (USFA). Fire stations are generally closer than ambulance bases or hospitals, so the time it takes for an ALS (advanced life…

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  • Rich Eisenauer Character Traits

    Concealed Strengths Which Show Case the Obvious Rich Eisenauer, my former Sunday School teacher of two years, is my adult fan. For the past few years, Mr. E has been much more of a Sunday School teacher to me; he has been a mentor and father figure who has helped me overcome some of my biggest challenged. He is someone who I have talked to about almost everything, and as a result, acquired a profound understanding of my character. When prompted with the task to meet with an adult who…

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  • Epipen Case Study Pricing Strategy

    In the pharmaceutical industry, marketplace competition is the only thing that can keep prices in check. This presents a problem for Americans who need to buy from a brand that has essentially monopolized the market of a certain medicine. For instance, over the past eight years, the price of a commonly used medical device, the EpiPen, has been steadily increasing. The EpiPen is an epinephrine auto-injector used to treat severe allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock (Varandani); anaphylactic…

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  • The Epipens: Life Threatening Allergies

    The EpiPen is an auto-injector pen that allows a quick and easy injection of epinephrine into a person 's leg whom is suffering an allergic reaction. Our bodies create a hormone, epinephrine (more commonly known as adrenaline), that increases blood flow to muscles during “fight-or-flight” responses. While at Survival Technology, Incorporated, “Kaplan sought to create a device intended to quickly inject a user suffering from anaphylaxis -- a potentially fatal allergic reaction -- with an…

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  • Epipen Prices Causing Concern Case Study

    EpiPen Prices Causing Concern for Patients When having a child or being a patient of a life threatening allergy, you have an option of the “EpiPen” or the “Auvi-Q”. Unlike the Auvi-Q, a lower priced epinephrine auto injector; the EpiPen is a name brand product, made by the company Mylan, that has been known nation wide to help parents treat their children with life threatening allergies. After being dominant in the market for a large amount of time, 1977 the EpiPen is recognizable during an…

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  • Anaphylaxis In The Emergency Department

    Anaphylaxis in the Emergency Department Anaphylaxis is a hypersensitivity reaction and can start immediately after a trigger. Anaphylaxis is common in the emergency department and is considered a medical emergency when symptoms are present. This disorder does not discriminate when it comes to age, gender or race. Reactions commonly occur due to medications, insect stings, aeroallergens and food allergies. This disorder can progress rapidly with multiple reactions throughout the body. Without…

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  • Ethical Ethics Of Epipen

    The United States drug regulations are a joke. The only developed country I 've heard about that allows monopolies in the pharmaceutical world. Literally allowing them to set their own prices on drugs that have the capability to save one 's life. Recently, I did some research on EpiPens and their outrageous price hike. Knocking on the door on what we may think is unethical and inappropriate. Some may say that Mylan, the company behind the EpiPen cannot be blamed for their actions but in this…

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  • Anaphylactic Shock Case Studies

    Anaphylactic Shock during Surgery (Patient Care Study) Fundamentals of Perioperative Nursing Word Count- 1882 By: Flormarie V. Bautista 5/1/2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 1. INTRODUCTION 1 2. PATIENT PROFILE & PRESENTING CONDITION 3 3. CLINICAL EXPERIENCE 5 4. REFLECTION 10 5. FINAL CONCLUSION 15 6. REFERENCES 16 1. INTRODUCTION The main objective of this study is to elaborate and document a patient care in the subject of Anaphylaxis…

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  • Peanut Allergy Essay

    It can cause aa severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction that requires immediate treatment (anaphylaxis). Though peanut allergy is usually lifelong though recent studies show that out 20 percent of individuals with a peanut allergy eventually outgrow it.[ ] What happens with a peanut allergy? When someone who is allergic to peanuts consumes it, the immune system identifies the proteins in these as harmful and…

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