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Since food allergies are a problem that affects so many people there are few options that can not only benefit but, improve the lives of all Americans. Those few options are creating a law the requires the display of food allergy awareness poster in all food service establishments and in addition, also requires employees to be trained in food allergy awareness. Another possible solution would be to make EpiPen® (epinephrine injection, USP) an accessible access for those in restaurants since currently the lack of laws makes it easy to have an allergic reaction. Lastly, another solution would be to increase funding for research on food allergies since little is still known about it.
Specifically, combating this problem lies in prevention; the
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The purpose of these laws fall within the purpose of “The purpose of the Act is to minimize risk of illness and death due to accidental ingestion of food allergens by increasing restaurant industry and consumer awareness of regulations and best practices with respect to major food allergens (Mass, 2009).” However, a downside to this is that each state has different approaches which varies from state to state. A counter action would be for legislators to create a nationwide law concerning food allergy contamination so that every state has the same requirements. Whereas, from a different point of view, another advantage of allergen awareness would be awareness posters (developed by FARE) (Food Allergies and Restaurants, 2016). The purpose of a poster would serve a constant reminder to the employees and the customers. By doing this both sources of accidental food contamination are covered, the customers are then reminded to let the server know if they or someone in that party has a food allergy, and the employee has a list guidelines …show more content…
A positive aspect of having Epi-Pens available would be creating a safe state of mind for those who are eating or purchasing food from the establishment. Having a safe state of mind would convince those who has food allergies to not be as fearful while eating at an establishment because if they were to go into anaphylaxis shock, then there are people who have the knowledge of what to do when doing is having an acute allergic reaction and most importantly be able to administer the auto-injectable epinephrine known as the Epi-Pen. This is accommodating because people do forget to carry their Epi-Pen with them sometimes, but an innocent mistake should not cause that person their lives. Food allergies affect all ages thus, it very easy for a child or a teen to forget their Epi-Pen. However, the having Epi-Pens readily available has its consequences. The price of an Epi-Pen is currently on the rise and they are not getting any cheaper anytime sooner. The purpose of an Epi-Pen is “to treat life-threatening allergic reactions with epinephrine (Rubin, 2016).” However, as of 2016 the prices of Epi-Pens are increasing tremendously since “since the drug company Mylan acquired EpiPen in 2007, its price has soared more than 400%, to just over US$600 (Rubain, 2016).” With that known,

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