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  • Mast Cells Case Study

    Correlation between Mast Cells & Liver Disease Introduction: Our guest speaker was Heather Francis PhD who works at both Baylor Scott and White and adjuncts at Texas A&M University. She is a research scientist who has dedicated her studies into the correlation between mast cells and liver diseases. Dr. Francis, along with her research team, has found a link between some hepatic pathologies: cancer and cirrhosis, and an increase in the number of mast cells. Paracrine Interaction: Dr. Francis began with looking at paracrine interaction in the liver between cholangiocytes and mast cells. Mast cells play a role in the progression of liver diseases. The liver is a vital part of the body because it excretes waste through bile, converts excess glucose…

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  • Causes And Effects Of Onchocerciasis (NTD)

    Adult worms can live up to fifteen years in the human body. Male and female worms reside in groups coiled up in nodules in the subcutaneous tissue of the skin. The formation of the nodule emerges as a response of the host to foreign proteins. This causes an accumulation of excess leukocytes, fibroblasts, histiocytes and tissue cells around the blood cells which induces the formation of a granuloma. This granuloma, or mass of granulation tissue, is made up of macrophages which mature into…

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  • Anhylaxis In The Emergency Department Essay

    This response is initiated by IgE antibodies which in turn leads to mast cell and basophil activation. It is through this activation, you will see a release of certain mediators such as, histamine, serotonin, and leukotrienes. Common causes include medication, such as penicillin. Food allergies, such as nuts, shellfish, seafood and eggs. Anaphylaxis reactions usually are immediate and severe requiring intervention by the Nurse Practitioner. Symptoms develop within five to ten minutes after…

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  • The Dangers Of GMO Food Cause Dangerous Allergies

    Infectious Diseases” During an allergic reaction, the immune system responds to a normaly harmless substance as if it were a threat. Ninety percent of allergic reactions that occur in the United States come from eight foods which are milk, eggs, penuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish ( So how does this work? When someone has a food allergy, their immune sytem makes a type of antibody…

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  • Food Allergies Essay

    streptomycin. Streptomycin is an antibiotic use to treat tuberculosis, why are we using it in our food? One of the main ingredients of streptomycin is sulfa. My mom is allergic to sulfa, one of the drug’s use in this antibiotic. What would happen if she eats a fruit or a vegetable contaminated with this antibiotic? Sadly, that streptomycin is present in half of the pesticides available in stores. A person with allergic reaction to medications such as antibiotics like streptomycin could be…

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  • Argumentative Speech On The Attention Getter For Anaphylaxis

    Introduction: I. Attention Getter: Nicole Levin, a 41 year old New Yorker, was leaving the dentist when it happened. Her throat began to swell and breathing became difficult. She could not swallow and she felt extremely nauseous. Levin knew at this point what was happening. She was having an allergic reaction to medication the dentists prescribed her. Frantically searching in her purse, she clutched her EpiPen and she could breathe again. Nicole’s story, found on CNN, published by Jacqueline…

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  • Case Study Of Orange Senegal

    For this sharing, I would like to focus on the telecommunication industry with Orange Senegal, a company which I believe has developed an excellent model to cope with the decline of the voice and reinvent itself. Organizations either small or big, profit or non-for profit have to control their internal environment, but as well to know what is happening in their external environment and how this can impact on their development. By doing so, organizations can anticipate any external threats and…

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  • Cell Structure In Animal Cells

    base level of cells, and those of an animal. Within all organisms we find cells, they form the life blood of their being. Cells contain the blue prints for all life forms known as D.N.A. Cellular structure While complex, cellular structures can also be relatively simplistic in design. Each component of the cell plays a vital role, working together in harmony to provide life. Initially we must look at the cell membrane. The cell membrane is made up of a maliable ‘skin’ perforated by pores. The…

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  • Environment Of Hypsibius Dujardini

    Another form of a water starved environment is environments with high salinity, such as the environments where you would find Haloarcula marismortui, an extreme halophilic archaea from the Dead Sea. Har. marismortui is one of many halophilic archaea that are found to grow optimally in concentrations of NaCl that meet or exceed 2.5M concentration (Madern, et al. 1999), and it must maintain osmotic homeostasis with the environment if it is to preserve enough water to live. In order to survive,…

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  • Nucleus Essay

    found inside a eukaryotic cell; it’s usually the most prominent organelle, yet it occupies only 10% of the total volume of the cell. If this cell did not have a Nucleus, it would be defined as a prokaryote cell, however if the Nucleus was damaged and not repaired, the cell would simply die. The cell nucleus is enclosed within a double membrane (contains an Inner and Outer Nuclear Membrane) called the Nuclear Envelope, which separates the Chromosomes from the Cytoplasm and allows material to…

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