Master of Science in Nursing

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  • Master Of Science In Nursing Essay

    BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing According to The Mosby 's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health professions (2012), the BSN is “an academic degree awarded on satisfactory completion of a 4-year course of study in a college or university”. Nurses with their baccalaureate degrees have the elementary knowledge of the processes of research and evidence-based practice. They are able to critically apprise research material and apply it in practice. They can also assist with research (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2006). According to Sarver, Cichra and Kline (2015), many hospitals, especially ones with magnet status, require nursing leaders and managers to have at least a BSN level of education. American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2006) Bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) (2012) For full reference see reference page. MS Master of Science According to The Mosby 's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health professions (2012), the degree of Master of Science in Nursing is granted to nurses who completed postgraduate nursing studies in the university and it usually requires two years of work beyond a bachelor 's degree. Nurses with the master degree hold a leadership position in the clinical setting and they are…

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  • A Career As A Nursing Assistant Personal Statement

    experience in order for me to go into other Nursing fields like such as Dialysis nursing. I am looking forward to work in Florida and specifically in Broward County. One of the five criteria set forth by Board of Nursing are following; first, the candidate must be graduate from state approved or accredited nursing education program leading to an associate degree or diploma in nursing or bachelors in nursing science (BSN) (National Council of State board of Nursing, n.d.). Second, the candidate…

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  • Clinical Reflection: The Visting Nursing Association

    Clinical Reflection #1 Genita Balkissoon Western Connecticut State University Describe the clinical situation, i.e. VNA, school rotation, homeless shelter, hospice). Provide clear examples of clinical activities. Include your actions, thoughts and feeling both positive and negative. Discuss any circumstances that made you feel uncomfortable or triggered emotions. The Visting Nursing association was only something I had heard about from the case managers at the hospital I work in…

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  • Case Study: The Nurse Manager Inventory

    The Nurse Manager Inventory evaluates the skills and behaviors that are associated with successful nurse managers (Sherman, Schwarzkopf & Kiger, 2011). In this case, I evaluated myself using the inventory tool and discovered the competency of my skills. However, I found out the weaknesses and strengths in career planning, personal journey disciplines, and professional accountability. Significantly, the self-evaluation process assists in creating professional development. Furthermore, nurses’…

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  • Essay On Nursing Career

    and trace the beginnings of my nursing career. I have been a nurse for more than 20 years, with nursing as my third profession. I was a schoolteacher and a consultant in training and development in my past life. As can be seen, my passion for teaching and education had been rooted in me long before becoming a nurse. When I got my diploma in nursing from Holy Name Hospital School of Nursing in Teaneck, New Jersey, I gave myself five years to link the three “me’s” into one “me”. In my fourth…

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  • Future Of Nursing Essay

    One of the key points of The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) 2010 report on the Future of Nursing is advocating that nurses need to achieve higher levels of education and training. This should be a top priority of colleges and universities across the country. One way to ensure that nurses are taking the first step and completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is by eliminating the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) programs. Besides providing a stronger, more diverse background for…

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  • Dr Damaris Garcia Biography

    Dr. Damaris Garcia was born and raised in ______________________________. She moved to the United States where she studied at the University of ______________, . While attending college she worked as a veterinary assistant at ______________________. Dr. Garcia received her doctorate from the University of____________ in 20___. Growing up she had an extensive love for animals, and has always been a pet owner. Currently, she is the proud owner of a _________ named ________ and a_______…

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  • My Experience Of D. P. Singh

    Dr. D. P. Singh's Experience at JKC Mangarh I, Dr. D.P.Singh completed my M.B.B.S. course in 1970 from Allahabad Medical College (U.P.) and started medical practice through a small Nursing Home at Kunda, Distt. Pratapgarh (U.P.) in 1971, the place I belong to. It was 1974 when I came in touch to the divine soul Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj and became a devotee along with my wife Dr. Smt. Meera Singh. This is the place I got peace and happiness. Under the guidance and inspiration of His…

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  • Quality Caring Model

    FAAN in 2003. Prior to the development of this theory, Dr. Duffy received her bachelor of science degree in nursing from Salve Regina College in Newport, Rhode Island and her master’s and doctoral degrees from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC (Smith & Parker, 2015). Clinically, Dr. Duffy has worked in intensive, coronary, and emergency care services, and is a cardiovascular nurse specialist. Currently, she continues her nursing research while teaching graduate level nursing…

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  • Nursing Education History

    Chamberlain’s Nurse Practitioner Program Similar to other health care specialties, when it comes to a career in nursing, gaining a quality post-secondary education is integral to an individual’s ability to maintain accurate knowledge relevant to patient care, understand a broader scope of practice, and demonstrate commitment to the nursing profession. Even employers emphasize the significance of higher education in nursing. Top nursing employers such as the Veteran’s Administration, the…

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