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  • I Want To Pursue My Master's Degree

    Having worked in a business office settings for six years, I am very interested in attaining a degree in Business Administration, and I know that I have what it takes. My number one goal in life is to make my father proud, and I know that bettering myself by going to college is something that he would approve of. I know people say it is difficult to go back to college once you have stopped for several years, but I am up for the challenge. I may be considered a non-traditional student in the eyes of society; however I know my capabilities, and I know I am destined for great things. When situations, classes, or coursework becomes tough or challenging, I will think of my dad and how strong he was for not just himself, but his entire family. I hope to be that strong and successful at life, and I truly believe that bettering myself with schooling…

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  • Pursuing A Master's Degree In Accounting

    Many people choose to pursue Masters’ programs, as well as organizational and state level certifications, to make themselves more competitive in the job market. These certificates include the Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner, and Enrolled Agent. Tax accountants hold a very significant role within a business’s finances and are faced with many responsibilities. Many hiring companies mandate the completion of a Master’s degree and these certificates, in addition to having…

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  • Master's Degree In Social Work

    Through attending The University of Maine at Farmington and spending my summer after high school working, I came to the realization that going into Social Work is truly the correct course of action for me. The benefits within this field are astounding, and the opportunity to participate in the helping profession is one that I plan to gladly take advantage of. My passion lies within the helping profession. Because of this, I plan to further my education after undergraduate school, and move on to…

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  • Achieving A Master's Degree In Educational Leadership

    The ultimate career position I would like to pursue is building principal. In order to achieve this goal there are a few steps I have to take. First I have to complete a master’s degree program in educational leadership. The next step is obtaining the proper certification to be a building leader in my district. Two certification exams must be passed to be certified, the Elementary Common Core Exam and the Elementary Principal Exam. After passing the exams and completing the masters degree…

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  • Obtaining A Master's Degree In The Health Profession

    Obtaining a master’s degree in health administration management is the more common educational path for countless individuals who want to seek upper level management positions. However, a few will go to earn their doctorate degrees, for more advanced levels of employment in the industry of healthcare. The healthcare system is booming, and health administration careers are on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those in healthcare administration can expect job growth of 23…

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  • The Importance Of Pursuing A Master's Degree In School Counseling

    I wish to seek a graduate education to obtain my masters degree in school counseling. Education is something that I have always valued and that I believe is an important factor in reaching my full potential. It is true that a master’s degree is required for the field that I wish to seek employment in, but I feel that the education that I will receive through a graduate program will benefit me in more ways than one. One major reason that I wish to pursue my master’s degree is to invest my time to…

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  • Case Study: Participants And Roles

    deciding if he should go back to school to complete his Master’s degree, enter the workforce with his current education or complete a certification in agriculture. After gathering key data from each of these three options and have Josh create some statement starters we were able to narrow down Josh’s vision for the future. His vision statement is “it would be great if I could work using my business degree with an agricultural job”. After learning more about Josh’s vision for the…

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  • Learning Reflection And Analysis

    Learning is a lifelong process and in my view, there is no better job than assisting others in this process. The satisfaction in being instrumental to a learning cause is the only way I draw purpose to my living. I never knew I would be an Instructional designer when I applied for my Engineering degree in Computer Science. It was not until my first job as a software engineer that I realized how enthralling it can be to write training content. After finishing my fresher orientation I had a…

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  • Why I Want To Pursue A Master's Degree

    memorable weeks for me were the Greek Mythology week and the Halloween week. I will always remember the stories and books she read and the way library always appeared when came. That time in my life was what inspired me to continue reading and pursue personal learning. When I reached high school and was offered a chance to have a library class period, I quickly took advantage of it and learned what I could. During my undergraduate career I qualified for the work-study program at Tusculum College…

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  • Reflection On Pursuing A Master's Degree In Special Education

    Briefly answer the following questions: *I answered the following questions as they pertained to the special education coach position. However, if members of the TLC committee felt I was also a good fit if/when the need arises for me to be a cooperating teacher or mentor, I would be willing to take on those responsibilities too. 1. A summary of Professional Growth/Opportunities/Content Knowledge that have enhanced your skills for this Teacher Leader position.(i.e.…

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