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  • Social And Cultural Norms

    1. What is a social / cultural norm? a. "The rules of behavior that are considered acceptable in a group or society. People who do not follow these norms may be shunned or suffer some kind of consequence. Norms change according to the environment or situation and may change or be modified over time.” (Your Dictionary, 2016) b. Examples: i. Not making eye contact during conversation – Cultural norm ii. Invading someone’s personal space – Social norm 2. What social / cultural norm did you select for your breeching experiment? Why and how is this behavior a social norm? Why did you select this norm to violate? a. The norm I chose to breech is chewing with my mouth open and talking with my mouth full. I completed my experiment in a mostly middle class to a slightly upper class, public restaurant, during dinner hours. b. Chewing with your mouth closed, and not talking while your mouth is full is a social norm as well as proper etiquette. There are also some areas where this would be considered a cultural norm. We have all been told at one time or another by our parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, friends or teachers, to chew with our mouths closed, and not to talk with food in your mouth. Sharing the sights and sounds of the food in your mouth with those who are sitting near you is offensive, unsanitary and is simply bad manners. c. I selected to break this norm because I felt it would get the most response, by multiple people, with a single attempt. Through observation I…

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  • Should Gum Be Allowed In Schools

    I Gum Needs to be Allowed in Schools Clyde D'souza Imagine if there was someone in your class who was almost like a super human. They were much brilliant on tests , looked healthier ,and could concentrate much better in class then even some of the best students in your school and it was all because of gum! Gum may actually be able to do that. That's why gum Needs to be allowed in schools. It’s proven to increase test scores, keep you healthier and help with your level of…

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  • The Importance Of Eating In The Yayoi Era

    Eating is one of the most important daily activities. "Chew your food 30 times before swallowing it. "That is a phrase you may have heard many times during your childhood. However, it is likely that not so many people care about how well they chew their food. Actually, Japanese people in the Yayoi era are said to have chewed about 4, 000 times at one meal. Those in the Kamakura era around 2, 500 times and those before World War II 1, 400 times. Now, the average Japanese person only chews about…

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  • Phase 2 Surgical Therapy Case Study

    Phase II – Surgical To correct the periodontal defects occurring in this client I would suggest a particular therapy called Phase II Surgical Therapy. I would suggest two possible surgical therapies to the client. Firstly, I would recommend that the client should have an extraction of certain teeth (particularly the 37) since mastication, at this point of the progression of the periodontal disease, is reduced. Before these teeth are removed, it is important to advise the client that partial…

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  • Oral Cancer: A Case Study

    Even though many hospitals are able to successfully treat the patients, very limited establishments offer rehabilitation to improve the quality of life of the patients. The treatment involves active participation from surgeons, oncologists, social workers, speech therapists, maxillofacial prosthodontist and other healthcare professionals such as nurse and pharmacists. Many factors can prevent disfigurements of the patients, aesthetically and functionally. These include: adequate training…

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  • Case Study Parkinson's Disease

    Fox was presented with different consistencies of food and liquid, ranging from thin to thick, to determine if signs of aspiration were present. Mr. Fox was first presented with a small amount of water. The thin consistency appeared to flow adequately, however, Mr. Fox immediately coughed and cleared his throat indicating possible signs of aspiration. Vocal quality was noted to sound wet when asked to sustain the phonation of “ah”. When presented with a thicker consistency, nectar-thick liquid,…

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  • Eggshell Research Paper

    plates like the skull which acts as a case for the brain. Our nerves send messages throughout the body to do everyday functions such as walking, talking, and eating. Bones are made up of organic and inorganic minerals and later weakens through time. The human jaw is made up of the maxilla, or upper jaw, and the mandible, or the lower jaw. The frontal area of the maxilla is called the hard palate and the soft palate is located further back near the throat, these pallets make part of the…

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  • Essay On Laband Syndrome

    Eastern Indian ancestry from India and the West Indies and also individuals from European descent. Zimmermann Laband Syndrome is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait, but also may exist as an autosomal recessive trait. This disease is genetic and can only be inherited. Scientist have also found a gene on chromosome three that may cause some cases of Laband syndrome. Symptoms Zimmermann Laband Syndrome are absent nails, hypoplasia of the distal phalanges, scoliosis, hirsutism,…

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  • Dental Occlusion Essay

    fossa. Though it is debatable as some clinicians prefer the position to be midmost and some prefer rear most. Conceptual definition is the position of the mandible relative to the maxilla when the muscles that support the mandible are at their most relaxed and least strained position and this definition supports the concept of qualitative relationship between the jaw position and other joint elements. Geometrical definition describes the position of the mandible when head of the condyle is in…

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  • Gum In High School Essay

    of years! Ever since the ancient Greeks have been chewing wads of mastic tree resin to make their breath sweeter. It has plenty of flavors and odors that different types of people can choose from, and that may also be one reason why gum is still a popular and well-enjoyed treat until now. Gum should be encouraged in school as not only is it pleasant it is also a useful treat to increase one’s alertness and attentive and strengthens one’s focus. In fact, a surprising matter is that gum actually…

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