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  • The Importance Of Healthcare Technology In Healthcare

    Help Make The Medical Industry More Efficient & Effective: Healthcare Technology Degree If you have a passion for technology, but would still like a career in the healthcare industry to help people then a healthcare technology degree is worth serious consideration. While doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals take care of patients, they also generate numerous medical reports that are vital to the process. In the past this information was stored as files and forms inside folders, but nowadays these records are all kept electronically. This is where the expertise of people who understand healthcare information technology comes in useful. There is also a need within the healthcare industry for people who are able to create healthcare…

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  • Healthcare Case Study: Sharp Healthcare: Pillars Of Healthcare

    Sharp Healthcare is a large healthcare organization that has set a of goal of being the best place to work and the best place to get healthcare. They have accomplished a lot toward both of these goals by implementing their Six Pillars of Excellence. Sharp focuses on re-recruiting their employees, and use feedback with re-training for employees that are falling short of the company’s expectations. They also implemented patient surveys to acquire feedback from those receiving care so that they can…

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  • The Healthcare Systems Theory In The Healthcare Organization

    Systems Theory The Healthcare organizations supplies nursing provision grounded on arrays kinds of theories. An open theory established by Katz and Kahn in 1978 was one sort of the theory, this theory glances at the healthcare organizations as social systems distributed into interconnected subsystems (Meyer & O’Brien-Pallas, 2010). These interconnected subsystems comprises of inputs, throughputs, outputs, systems of cycles of events and the negative feedback ((Meyer & O’Brien-Pallas, 2010). The…

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  • Socialism In Healthcare

    America we don’t have as many diseases like many other countries and have a higher standard for our health care system. There are many issues involving health care because modern medicine and technology are advancing everyday. Healthcare should be affordable and available to all who need health insurance. In 2010 the Democratic Congress passed the Affordable Healthcare Act and was signed into law by President Obama. This Act is also called Obama Care. This was a first…

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  • Importance Of Healthcare Informatics

    The use of informatics in the healthcare setting has rapidly grown since 2009 when president Obama signed the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Informatics is in almost every health care setting in one form or another. Informatics is utilized in many different forms in healthcare settings today. One major way informatics is utilized in healthcare settings today is by Electronic healthcare records. The…

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  • Medical Errors In Healthcare

    One problem within the healthcare system that is often overlooked is the preventable medical errors. Medical errors are defined as the preventable outcomes that result from a wrong plan or failure of a planned action to be completed. The main categories of medical errors are operative, drug-related, diagnostic, procedure related and others. What makes this more alarming is that the numbers seem to be rising over the years. In 1999, the statistics indicated that at least 44000 people and perhaps…

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  • Culture And Diversity In Healthcare

    Healthcare is a universal need. People around the world need healthcare to make sure they stay in perfect health. To stay perfectly healthy people needs access to doctors, nurses, and other health professionals including health information management to evaluate and document their healthcare diagnosis and care. However, health professional has experience some issues when it comes to take care of people’s health. One of the main issues that many health care providers face is the wide variety of…

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  • Determinants In Healthcare System

    In order to effectively analyze a healthcare system there are a number of elements that must be present. Areas of focus must high the change in scope of both international and domestic agendas such as the Millennium Develop Goals. A provided framework such as this is beneficial in analyzing the potential variables of a healthcare system. Health determinants are an important part of the analysis of a healthcare system as it lists the variables that must be taken into consideration when assessing…

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  • Benefits Of Technology In Healthcare

    Recommended plans for the adoption of technology in healthcare organizations As mentioned above, there are likely to be some growing pains in the adoption of technology in the healthcare industry. Doctors will likely have a hard time with the shift to more technological means, and their staff will also likely suffer the same hardships. Ensuring a proper plan to implement a technological solution in a healthcare organization is therefore essential, and ensuring a smooth transition so that the…

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