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  • Healthcare Reimbursement In Healthcare

    Introduction One thing that is consistent in healthcare is that healthcare is forever evolving. With the concept of evolution one particular area that plays a major role in how healthcare system evolves is revenue and the other is how the healthcare facilities get payment for the services provided. When exploring healthcare services reimbursement there are checks and balances that must take place. The healthcare provider orders services such as radiology and laboratory services just to name a few of the services that can be provided to a patient. Next the facility, whether it being the hospital or doctor’s office sends a claim to the insurance company and depending upon how the healthcare facility has coded the service and the documentation…

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  • Public Healthcare Vs Private Healthcare

    Public and Private Healthcare According to Institute of Medicine (IOM), healthcare costs and quality issues have risen in the last ten years (Linsley, & Morton, 2014). Healthcare is provided through both public and private health agencies. Public healthcare agencies are provided by the government such as Medicaid. Private healthcare agencies are non-government providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). Both agencies have set rules of addressing cost and quality of care to the community.…

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  • Strengths In Healthcare

    Strengths Strengths are current factors that have prompted outstanding organizational performance. There are several different strengths that contribute to the SWOT analysis in the healthcare sector. Some of the many include: great medical staff, a strong commitment to community missions, outstanding hospital facilities, healthcare quality and high level of organizational efficiency. For instance, “The Point of the SWOT analysis is to assess where your strengths are today and align them with…

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  • Healthcare As A Career

    There are several reasons that I choose healthcare as a career, but the main reason is that my effort will be impacted on my community overall. For example, I have been working in oral surgery as a dental assistant to improve overall health of my community; which fills me with pride and a sense of personal satisfaction that I have had an impact on the health of others in a positive way. There are many universities offering Masters of Health Administration program, but I believe that earning a…

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  • Determinants In Healthcare

    In order to effectively analyze a healthcare system there are a number of elements that must be present. Areas of focus must high the change in scope of both international and domestic agendas such as the Millennium Develop Goals. A provided framework such as this is beneficial in analyzing the potential variables of a healthcare system. Health determinants are an important part of the analysis of a healthcare system as it lists the variables that must be taken into consideration when assessing…

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  • Barriers In Healthcare

    The U.S. Healthcare System is a much overburdened system. There are many factors that contribute to this such as the increasing population, aging population, lack of insurance, or being underinsured. Other contributing factors are the insufficient number of healthcare providers and with the introduction of The Affordable Care Act increasing numbers of newly insured people. All these factors just add to the already struggling system and the access people have to it. This then leads to…

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  • Complexity In Healthcare

    It is important to note that although Weberg (2012) views transformational leadership as an outdated approach to healthcare leadership, combing both complexity leadership theory and transformational leadership is essential for healthcare leaders to implement successful healthcare transformation. This view is supported by Kernick (2004) who discusses the benefits of combining both complexity leadership and transformational leadership theories. Complexity in healthcare affects leadership style by…

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  • Accountability In Healthcare

    Healthcare-associated infection (HAI), or nosocomial infection, develops when a patient receiving treatment in a healthcare setting acquires an infection secondary to their original condition. These serious and costly adverse outcomes of medical care affect nearly two million people in the United States annually and lead to substantial morbidity and mortality. With increased days of hospitalization and direct medical costs, HAIs account for an estimated $20 billion per year in national health…

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  • Privacy In Healthcare

    need for patient privacy. “Mass data can inform medicine like nothing else and save countless lives, including, perhaps, your own,” Agus argues in his Op-Ed. And he’s right. Agus also tells doctors and patients to move past their respective resistance to providing patient data because it delivers tremendous benefits for the future of healthcare delivery. But, that’s easier said than done. As a result, too much valuable healthcare-related data remain in silos and therefore unusable in any…

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  • Globalization In Healthcare

    As presented in the HFMA article (Grube, Cohen & Clarin, 2014), healthcare is increasingly being altered by a retail presence. According to the authors, retail care is an approach that delivers healthcare to proactive consumers within the market-driven framework of other purchases. In a sense, consumers are now "shopping" for healthcare rather than "going to get" treatment or medical attention when needed. The paradigm shift this represents is that healthcare is increasingly weighed on a…

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