Computer security

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  • Secure Computer Security

    safe place. Computer security is important to an Information system to ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity, and availability is not compromised. There are many ways to secure a computer based information system. The most important way to secure the system is to physically secure it. When securing a system it is advantageous to use layers of defense. If the outermost layer…

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  • Vulnerabilities In Computer Security

    As with the advances in computer technology, it appears that the world is experiencing a breakthrough with the massive explosion of computer usage has brought so many modern amenities to make our life easier although it raises a question about vulnerabilities in the computer infrastructure. As the matter of fact, today’s modern lives tend to rely on computers to reach a quest where machines are assigned to reduce human effort. Computer hacking is defined as a threat, which poses to security as…

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  • Importance Of Computer Security

    Computers have entirely changed the way we live, learn and work. People have now accepted the digital advanced technology and the Internet at a quicker rate than TV. Numerous homes and nearly all businesses own and operate more than one computer. We send and get a massive amount of email, balance our checkbooks and shop online for different products and services consistently with the use of these computers. Small organizations use computers and networks to stay connected with their clients,…

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  • The Dangers Of Computer Security

    As the world of technology advances and new technology comes out. Individuals need to know of the risks and the threats that are out there. Computers are a great piece to have with you, but you can’t become ignorant in the world of the internet. Individuals will be using the internet to check out different websites, do their shopping online, and some will be doing their banking online. As I have mention in my research paper and in my presentation, computer security is something individuals need…

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  • Blockchain: Advantages And Disadquences Of Computer Security And Security

    2.5. ADVANTAGES OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY No Middlemen: Blockchain technology allows everyone in the network to perform transactions and does not require a central authority (Administrator) to approve the transaction. Instead, the other blocks in the chain validate the transaction. Security: Compromising a blockchain transaction and modifying is impossible as the change has to be done in all the distributed copies which would require huge computational power which is impossible. Security is the…

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  • Ethical Hacking And Information Security

    it is always threatened by various types of security issues, which are mostly due to hackers, their bots and malicious scripts. They attacks, corrupts, collects and destroys the essential information in the system of the valuable organizations. To stop their such harmful and hazardous activities or to take preventive measures, most organizations now started to keep their own hackers who are known as ethical hackers or white hat hackers. This paper is based on what exactly an ethical hacker does,…

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  • M-Commerce Security Case Study

    “M-Commerce Security” by Laurie J. Fundukian Over the past years’ mobile devices and mobile telephones have been used worldwide now. According to L.J.Fundukian (2012), “The emergence of the wireless tablet computer, m-commerce is emerging as a major player in the world of retailing, social networking, and entertainment and the main potential threat from mobile device use is identity theft”. Computers and other mobile devices can be scrutinized by malicious codes for personal…

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  • Justification Of Disaster Response Protocols

    accountability of staff and access cards and keys. All computers and files will be checked for any missing or copied data.…

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  • Cultural Factors: Tian And Information Technology

    cross-cultural, so business executives should pay more attentions to multiple cultures and be respected. Tian and Lan (2009) argued that, if the competitors who want to be the winner among the ecommerce market, the marketing strategies should meet the value and customs of the target market and respect the culture such as traditional festivals. According to Higgins (2015), online sales rates of iPhone have boosted 38% during the 2015 Chinese New Year, which is regarded as the most essential…

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  • Cyber Security Issues Essay

    The internet’s expansion since its first communication between two computers back in 1969 has created many new opportunities for people across the globe. Modern day life relies on the usage of the internet, where it improves the lives of people by making it easier to communicate, speed up their work, and share with others. However, with great things comes great consequences. Although the internet helps expand people’s lives and experiences, how are they to protect such precious treasures? Back…

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