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  • Public Healthcare Vs Private Healthcare

    Public and Private Healthcare According to Institute of Medicine (IOM), healthcare costs and quality issues have risen in the last ten years (Linsley, & Morton, 2014). Healthcare is provided through both public and private health agencies. Public healthcare agencies are provided by the government such as Medicaid. Private healthcare agencies are non-government providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). Both agencies have set rules of addressing cost and quality of care to the community. This paper will address these quality issues, initiatives to improve quality care, and the implications that will affect nurses. Private versus Public Agencies Role in Healthcare Quality/Cost Issues Both public and private healthcare agencies debate their…

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  • Health Care Finance Essay

    care is quite distinct from those used in other developed nations; most other developed countries have a system that involves a set of services to which every citizen is entitled, which is paid for by the central government” (Kovner, 2015, p. 233). There are three major ways that the health services system is financed: private insurance, government insurance and publicly financed programs, and out-of-pockets financing. Private insurance financing and coverage varies depending on who is paying…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Memorial Sloan Keffering Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

    variety of payers on a state, federal and private pay level. An example of one of the types of reimbursements used at Memorial Sloan-Kettering (MSK) is “Fee-for- service reimbursement”. With this type of reimbursement providers receive payment for each service that is made (Hagland). There are advantages to this type of method such as independence to policy holders and some disadvantages are the risk of uncertainty and high copays and deductibles for patients. Examples of a “fee-for-service”…

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  • The Government Has Too Much Power

    Since the first establishment of the United States government, Americans has been brainwashed to believe the power to do what is good for the people. A large percentage of Americans would agree that the government have control of everyone’s life. Some people would ask the numerous questions that would make people really think. What kind of things should the government have control over? How much authority should the government be given? In my opinion, I believe that the government should have…

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  • Sample Health Interview Paper

    abilities. Joy finds her biggest challenges working within the political divisions of corporate society. Finding approvals for budgets from a variety of divisions including HR, Medical, and others. Joy feels that one of her greatest achievements is, initiating a Fit for Life program that incorporates a mini grant that funded electronics health monitoring and tracking devices known as Fitbits to Council employees. This allowed participants to set and track goals, monitor success and…

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  • Trinity Behavioral Health Case Study

    organizational climate because our coworkers uplift each other in hopes of bettering ourselves as well as our patients. In addition, we have a staff of six core people that consist of the owner, director, billing specialist, and case managers. Phylandria Hudson is the owner and the only LCSW within the company, so she does most of the paperwork as well as teaching the case managers different techniques in counseling. The director is Cynthia Robinson, and she is not really in the office as much…

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  • Sick Around America Reflection

    I decided to do the last reflection paper on Sick Around America because I am curious to why there still is problem of paying for affordable health when so many people in the US continue to suffer and die because of it. I would just have imagined by this day and time that someone would have come to a proposed solution so that everyone could afford some type of medical care for problems that they suffer from. It just put me at awe when these insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield do…

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  • The Importance Of The Affordable Care Act

    The American healthcare industry is a fluid industry. The healthcare industry is continuously changing, sometimes these changes are good and sometimes they are bad. These changes can be as large as enacting a federal law requiring all Americans to have a form of health insurance, or as small as a multibillion-dollar company giving out grants in order to help those who lack sufficient health insurance. One of these recent changes in particular has thrown the whole system into the spot light and…

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  • Augusta Georgia Hospital Case Study

    patient’s discharge occupational therapy is scheduled for Mr. Quinn in his home called home health serves (University Hospital, 2016). Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia PPO Vs. Georgia Board of Regents State Benefit Health Plan HMO. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia allows patients to go to any doctor they choose without referral, and allows the patient to choose the level of coverage needed (Blue Cross Blue Shield, 2016). The Georgia Board of Regents State Benefit Health Plan HMO is offered to…

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  • Hrm 326 Organizational Focus And Goals For Research Paper

    Focus and Goals Michelle Catalioti HRM/326 December 8, 2014 Jeff Herring What is the organization’s current focus? What are the organization’s overarching goals? The current focus of Blue Cross Blue Shields is to provide the best quality insurance to their members. Also, it is time for an open enrollment period for their current members, or trying to get new members to come to Blue Cross Blue Shields. The organizations overarching goals are to provide its members with the lowest premium…

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