Heart disease

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  • How To Prevent Heart Disease?

    Heart disease is a broad term used to describe any cardiovascular disease or condition that affects the cardiovascular system. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 47% of all Americans have at least one of the risk factors for heart disease and many don 't know it. Understanding heart disease is crucial to its prevention, however, so it 's important for you to know the causes and symptoms of heart disease. You should strive to prevent heart disease if you can and know your treatment options if you already have it. Causes of Heart Disease Some people are born with heart disease due to congenital defects of the heart. Others may develop heart disease later in life as a result of bacteria and viruses or diseases…

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  • Loneliness And Heart Disease Essay

    According to the American Heart Association, the standard disease course of heart disease consists of 4 different classes of the patient’s symptoms and quality of life, which are mild I, mild II, moderate, and severe (“Classes of Heart Failure”, 2015). Doctors base the progression of the disease based on an individual’s limitations during physical activity. Mild I refers to no limitations and no signs or symptoms of heart issues. Mild II refers to a slight limitation during physical activity,…

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  • Cardiovascular Disease And Heart Disease Analysis

    and in most industrialized countries, most adults die from heart disease (Health in the Later Years, 2013). According to the American Heart Association (2013) an estimated 83.6 million American adults have 1 or more types of CVD, and of those 42.2 million are estimated to be age sixty and up. Heart disease affects people of all ages, however it is most prominent in adults age sixty-five and up. Cardiovascular disease and heart disease are terms that cover an array of diseases and conditions all…

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  • Essay On Heart Disease

    The heart is an essential part of a human’s body. It is a muscular organ located at the center of the circulatory system that pumps blood throughout the body. The system comprises of veins, arteries, and capillaries, and these blood vessels carry blood to and from all areas of one’s body to sustain life. It beats around 100,000 times and pumps around 2,000 gallons per day. The heart is vital to one’s health and everything that goes on in his or her body. The heart is also prone to many different…

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  • Causes Of Heart Disease

    you know what the cardiovascular Disease is and how many types of it? Cardiovascular disease or Heart Disease is a condition that includes blocked or narrowed in blood vessels. As a result, many cases like this lead to stroke, chest pain, or heart attack. Second, there are many types of cardiovascular disease that have different Widespread and characteristics. For example, Ischemic Heart Disease is the most widespread type in Canada, and it affects the circulation of blood to the heart, or Heart…

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  • Coronary Heart Disease

    Coronary heart disease and angina • Angina is pain or discomfort that comes when your heart does not get enough oxygen. Angina is usually a symptom of a heart problem known as coronary heart disease (CHD), also called coronary artery disease (CAD)1 • • Your heart is a muscle. It pumps oxygen-rich blood to your whole body. Your heart also needs oxygen to work. Blood vessels called coronary arteries carry blood with oxygen to your heart. • • In healthy coronary arteries, blood flows freely to…

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  • Essay On How To Prevent Heart Disease

    Strategies to prevent heart disease Heart disease is a devastating condition. It is known to be one of the leading causes of death across the world. There are some risk factors which make you more exposed to get a heart disease. Broadly, there are two types of risks: modifiable risk factors – the ones you can control such as diet, weight, lifestyle; and non-modifiable risk factors - ones you can’t control, like genetics. However, the good news is that your choices can control your heart health.…

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  • Physiological Effects Of Coronary Heart Disease

    Coronary artery disease (CAD; also more simply referred to as coronary heart disease) is a specific type of atherosclerosis, which is in turn a form of arteriosclerosis (Dulson, Fraser, LeDrew, & Vavitas, 2011). All of these medical conditions entail the same problem, which hinders proper blood flow of oxygenated blood in the arteries: the sclerosis (that is, hardening) of arteries in the circulatory system (Sclerosis [medicine], 2016). Arteriosclerosis is a general term used to describe the…

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  • Case Study Coronary Heart Disease

    Pinpointing what factors lead to heart disease, in the case coronary heart disease, is a difficult task. However, it is an important task because knowing what leads to heart disease is the key to preventing it. After all, the goal of medicine is to prolong life, medicine cannot achieve this without further examining potential factors that can lead to heart disease. Annotation: In examining psychosocial and medical approaches, Stephen and Marmot first discuss how stress in different levels of…

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  • Factors Affecting Coronary Heart Disease

    The heart is a vital organ that controls blood flow to the entire body. Without the heart muscles, organs and all other body parts would die. The life choices a person makes can affect the health of their heart. For example, smoking, bad diet, sedentary lifestyle, and other choices can damage the heart in the long run. As a medical student this is an important topic of interest because it is found that, "Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and the cost to combat it…

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