Hearing impairment

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  • Hearing Impairment

    their parents, their teachers, and others, an educational plan can be made to help the student succeed. There are many disabilities that can affect the students’ ability to learn in the classroom. One of those disabilities is a hearing impairment.…

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  • Starting School With Hearing Impairment

    Introduction For this assignment I will be focusing on a child aged 4 to 5 starting school with a hearing impairment, I will research and talk about how this will effect the child, and what main issues there are that need to be looked into in order to make this child's transition go successfully and smoothly as possible. The two key issues that will be looked at are the planning and preparation that will be needed for the child's transition and the effects on the child who may be leaving home…

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  • Experience Hearing Impairment

    Bodies project I decided to experience hearing impairment for two whole days. I would achieve this by wearing earplugs for the complete duration of those two days. During my time of disability, I realized how my life, socially, went evidently downhill. I saw myself becoming more reserved and generally just becoming silent. I talked lower, just nodded and said “yeah” to stop conversations, and generally stayed more in my room. I felt lonely and depressed, when classes were silent and I couldn’t…

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  • Hearing Impairment Research Paper

    Hearing Impairment Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Hearing Impairment Hearing impairment means loss of all or part of hearing ability due to sound signals not reaching the brain. Loss of hearing may be gradual or sudden depending on the causes. This condition is best described with reference to the affected part of the hearing system. The three basic types are conductive hearing, sensorineural hearing, and mixed hearing loss. Each of these losses has different causes. Conductive…

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  • Hearing Impairment Analysis

    Cece's hearing impairment doesn’t interfere with her developing relationships with others. Firstly, Cece’s has a close relationship with her family. Secondly, Cece can bond with kids since she has a hearing aid. Lastly, she bonds quickly with almost everyone. In the following paragraphs I will explain why Cece’s hearing impairment doesn’t interfere with her developing relationships. Firstly, Cece’s has a close relationship with her family. In the book (79-83) you can see Cece is watching TV…

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  • Describe The Different Types Of Hearing Impairment

    develop a hearing impairment. Nobody really thinks about what would happen if they lost their hearing, but there are many different kinds of hearing impairments. However, there are some treatments and adaptations that can help the hearing impaired cope in today’s world. There are many types of audibly impairments, but all of them are different. The most common type is sensorineural hearing loss. It’s caused by damage to the inner ear or auditory nerve. More than 90% of hearing aid users…

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  • Blindness Survey

    The 2009-10 Annual Survey of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Youth of the Gallaudet Research Institute, Gallaudet University revealed the demographics of deaf or hard hearing (DHH) children and youth with no other conditions and those with other conditions such as low vision, blindness, developmental delay, learning disability, emotional disturbance, orthopedic impairment, intellectual disability, and autism. Out of a total of 32334 DHH children and youth surveyed nationwide with known…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Career As A Deaf In The Classroom

    the IDEA the term speech or language impairment is used instead of speech and language disorders. Speech or language impairment affect a person’s communication ability. Children are impacted in the language area where they are not able to product the five elements of language when spoken or in speech where they may stutter or the fluency of words. The cause of speech and language disorder can be a result of biological or environmental disorder. Children are entering the classroom with different…

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  • The Disability Rights Movement

    Individuals who have a deaf consciousness believe that they are unjustly treated within society based on their hearing impairments that lead them to “reject the legitimacy of their subordinate position,” (Mansbridge & Morris, 2001, p. 69). People who are deaf often feel that they are treated unfairly in situations of “domination created by hearing people” (Mansbridge & Morris, 2001, p. 69). It is of interest that people within the deaf community, against their feelings of being treated unfairly,…

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  • Three Major Educational Approaches To Teaching Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Children Case Study

    Name and describe the three major educational approaches to teaching deaf and hard-of-hearing children. For students who are deaf and hard of hearing teachers use the following approaches: oral/aural approach, auditory learning, speech reading, and cued speech. In oral/aural approach, speech is essential as it forms the function with the hearing world. The training in producing and understanding speech and language is incorporated into virtually all aspects of the child’s education. Moreover,…

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