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  • Ear Informative Speech

    Have you ever been stabbed in the ear or stuck a Q tip too far in. Well I am going to tell you about the time my little brother stabbed a screw driver in my left ear. I almost had to have surgery but good thing my ear healed on its own, because if you have surgery on your ear it could lead to hearing lost. The doctors also have to take a little piece of skin from behind your ear to put into your ear. They might also have to cut open your ear so they can see what they are doing, and it doesn’t look pretty after surgery. It was spring night when I lying on the floor. I was sleeping peacefully when Michael, my brother, can up to me and stabbed a screwdriver in my left ear. The house was filled with my screams. My parents, Jessie and John ran into…

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  • Ear Drum Observation

    reviewing the lesson, I have concluded that I think it is effective in teaching students about sound waves and the ear drum. The lesson provided a great opportunity for students to be involved in a hands-on experiment in which students make their own model of an ear drum. They have to work cooperatively with their peers and follow directions in order to make an accurate ear drum. Students responded very well throughout…

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  • Ear Ringing Essay

    How to stop ringing in ears with easy means? Description: Look for the best options regarding How to stop ringing in ears so that the sufferings can be reduced. The easiest option is to visit any specialist who can cater proper treatments for ear ringing. Ears are quite sensitive and thus you must take good care of the same. Nowadays, weak ears are getting affected adversely by ear ringing trouble. How to stop ringing in ears? You got to make a thorough research on ear ringing in order to know…

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  • My Ear Case Study

    half of the night researching the surgery I was having, which only made me more anxious. I concluded that tympanoplasty was the perfect intimidating name for such an intimidating procedure. Essentially, the ear is cut halfway off of the body in order to access the inner ear. From there, whatever remains of the eardrum is cut away, the inner ear is filled with gelatin packing, a new eardrum is grafted on, the outer ear is filled with cotton packing, and finally the ear is stitched back on. The…

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  • Left Ear: Case Study

    CC Jamie is a 22-year-old female here today to establish care. She is complaining of some decreased hearing in her left ear. HPI The patient tells me her symptoms just recently started. She said she noticed there was perhaps some wax at the edge of her ear. She says she never uses Q-tips, but it was her parents house and tried to get the wax out using a Q-tip and she is afraid she makes the symptoms worse. Following that, she felt she was unable to hear out of her left ear. There has been…

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  • Ear Piercing Among Teens

    Over the years, stretching an ear piercing has become widely popular among teens. The bigger that ear piercing is stretched the better it is. People find the whole idea of ear stretching to be gross and pointless. Ear stretching is not understood by older generations because of the terminology used when referring to ear stretching, the process of getting them to a specific size, and the whole idea of someone wanting to have giant holes in their ears. Older generations cannot seem to wrap their…

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  • Dog Ear Infection Research Paper

    Dog Ear Infection: How To Finally Stop It With Natural Remedies By Dr Andrew Jones, DVM Jan 30, 2012 If your dog has been shaking his head and scratching at his ears, then he likely has an ear infection. Ear infections in dogs are very common but often very frustrating; they can quickly and often do re-occur leaving you wondering if you can ever get rid of them. This article will go over the most common causes of ear infections, and give you the most effective at home remedies to finally stop…

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  • Hearing Differences Between Deafness And Human Ear

    Many people ponder over the thought on how they hear sounds, how their ears work, and how different sounds are perceived. Sound is in fact, just the vibration of the particles of an object, but the way the human ear distinguishes different sounds is truly fascinating. Many people have flawless hearing skills, but others have hearing disabilities that prevent them from being able to recognize different pitches of sound, or how loud or soft a sound is. This is defined as hearing loss, however,…

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  • Correct Ear Research Paper

    . The ear is made up of three parts: the outer, middle, and inner ear.The outer part of the ear collects sound. Sound travels through the auricle and the auditory canal, a short tube that ends at the eardrum. Sound entering the outer ear travels through the middle ear and causes the eardrum and ossicle in the middle ear to vibrate. As it travels, it amplifies and changes from air to liquid. When the stapes moves, it pushes the oval window, which then moves the cochlea. The cochlea takes the…

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  • Explain Why Two Ears Are Better Than One: Microtia Aural Atresia

    Two Ears are Better Than One: Microtia Aural Atresia June 26, 2006, the day of my son's birth, I received some shocking news. A nurse informed me that he was born without his right ear, a birth defect called microtia aural atresia. My lack of knowledge on this birth defect made it difficult to understand that babies could be born without their ears. The nurse tried to reassure me that he could still hear because he passed a hearing test. The doctor performs the hearing test by clapping their…

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