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  • Chaos Syndrome

    Writing for The Atlantic, Jonathan Rauch defined chaos syndrome as "a chronic decline in a political system 's capacity for self-organization". Rauch writes that chaos syndrome starts with the weakening of the institutions and brokers (parties, career politicians, congressional leaders and committees) that have traditionally held politicians accountable to one another and stopped everyone in the system from using it for naked self-interest all the time. As these intermediaries ' (we 'll call them middlemen) power fades, politicians, activists, and voters become more self-centered and unaccountable. The system fragments. Chaos becomes the new norm in both campaigns and government. A second virus was initially identified in 2002, by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln political scientists John R. Hibbing and Elizabeth Theiss-Morse. Using polls and focus groups, Hibbing and Theiss-Morse found that between 25 and 40 percent of Americans (depending on how one measures) have a severely distorted view of how government and politics are supposed to work. They think of these people as "politiphobes," because they see the contentious give-and-take of politics as unnecessary and distasteful. Specifically, they believe that obvious, commonsense solutions to the country 's problems are out there for the plucking. The reason these obvious solutions are not enacted is that politicians are corrupt, or self-interested, or addicted to unnecessary partisan feuding. Not surprisingly,…

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  • Steinhauer's Essay 'When The Joneses Wear Jeans'

    You can’t judge a book by its cover (except when you can). Perhaps this aphorism is still applicable today, but not when considering class. There have always been defining marks that separate one class from the other. True, sometimes there are those who fall into two classes, but this is because they possess a relatively equal number of earmarks from both classes. In her essay “when the Joneses Wear Jeans”, Jennifer Steinhauer argues that while the class qualifiers have changed, there is still a…

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  • Federal Grant Types

    of the general population. Federal Grants have specific guidelines and failure to follow these mandated guidelines can lead to severe legal impact for the recipient. These grants are awarded to state and county governments or to not for profit organizations. Individuals and businesses do not qualify for federal grants directly. These grants are normally large scale grants to fund medical research or for large scale community projects. Each grant is designed for a different purpose, with a…

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  • Randall Harold Cunningham Case Analysis

    601). For fraud to occur there must be opportunity and motivation. Opportunity means that there are deficient or no internal controls which gives a person an opportunity to commit fraud (Murphy & Dacin, 201, p. 604). This means that one can commit fraud without getting caught and probably would not commit fraud if there were controls. One lack of control involved the DAS and the black budget. Authorization committees are meant to vet earmaks to see if they meet federal priorities (Stewart 2010,…

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  • What Is Corruption In Congress

    The United States Congress is the ground for policymaking in our nation. I chose to write about corruption in Congress, because the 535 members of the House and the Senate have the power to place limitations on levying taxes, and solving problems that cause America to be so divided. The legislative branch is able to control almost every aspect of American life in some way. A Princeton University study comparing 1,779 outcomes to what the public actually wanted found that groups representing…

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  • Discuss Three Reasons Why Lobbying Profession?

    have specific audiences that they target and their content caters to these audiences. They are not concerned with “the middle” or a comprehensive view of policy or politics. With many of their constituents choosing these media options over others, it can be hard for members of Congress to move toward the middle. They risk public backlash for straying from partisan ideology. The third reason offered by McCarthy was lack of institutional control. Party leaders are finding it more difficult to…

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  • The Myth Of Perpetual Growth Analysis

    Doctrine of Perpetual Growth – Robbin’s presents the idea of perpetual growth, an earmark of capitalism, which is defined just as it sounds: an idea or believe that a society or culture can experience an everlasting growth within their economy. Western culture holds on to this idea of perpetual growth, and through agents such as capitalism, modernism, industrialism, they attempt to make it possible. As such, it is pertinent to understand the belief of perpetual growth because the aforementioned…

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  • Wild Female Elephant Analysis

    using Kendall’s coefficient of concordance W, to compare the raters. The within adjectives was calculated by the “intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC)” and to get the mean score PCA was used. There was no significant difference in this study because there were only 11 elephants. Individual scores were correlated with dominance on leadership. Playful had a negative correlation with age. Every female was given a remaining score ascertained from replicated and watched connections between…

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  • The Impact Of Culture On Public Servants

    Germany is thought to be in the top positions globally to fight defilement and to have given a decent abusive and preventive structure (www.coe.int). Moreover, open view of defilement all in all – and as for individuals from parliament, judges and prosecutors specifically – is unmistakably underneath EU normal levels. Defilement counteractive action has all the earmarks of being entirely successful by and by. While GRECO assesses this specific circumstance, regardless it sees space for…

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  • Story Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Literary Analysis

    This relative introduction causes a fiery feeling of dissimilarity between the two and underscores the evildoing that induces that uniqueness. Despite the fact that Douglass' style in this entry is dry and controlled, his focus on the family structure and the woeful snapshot of his mom's passing is run of the mill of the traditions of nineteenth-century wistful accounts. Nineteenth-century perusers set tremendous incentive on the family structure, seeing families as a sanctuary of righteousness.…

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