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  • Jay Gatsby Personality

    The Great Gatsby is a classic novel written by Scott F. Fitzgerald. Jay Gatsby is the essence of a mysterious character and is devoted to a life of solitude and secrecy. He is a man that is willing to do whatever it takes to find the woman he loves. Because no one knows much about him or his life, Jay Gatsby is considered a mysterious man. Jay Gatsby is a lonely, mysterious, and wealthy man that is determined to find happiness in his life. Jay Gatsby was not always wealthy. He was born on a small farm in North Dakota with a family who did not have a large annual income. Once he left home, he was fortunate enough to become friends and work with a man named Dan Cody. After Cody dies, Gatsby joins the army, where he meets the love of his life,…

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  • Jay Gatsby And The American Dream

    society that wealth was at everyone 's fingertips. World War One had just ended and the economy began to grow at an exponential rate. This was the point in time in which people began to live the “American Dream.” One man in particular took advantage of this period of prosperity and social change and made a name for himself, although all he did was ultimately in vain. He is the protagonist of The Great Gatsby and a physical representation of the “New Money.” His name is, Jay Gatsby. The 1920s…

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  • Jay Gatsby Character Analysis

    In the short novel, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby proves to be a static character through the entire book. Within The Great Gatsby, we learn that Jay Gatsby is a dreamer, that he is motivated, and that he can become very easily manipulated. Gatsby had been proven to be a static character because from start to finish he doesn’t change; from the beginning Gatsby is just as idealistic, motivated, and easily manipulated as he is in the end of the story. Throughout the book, Fitzgerald makes it…

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  • Character Traits Of Jay Gatsby

    main character of this novel (although the narrator is Nick) is Jay Gatsby. Some of his most distinctive character traits are that he is an optimist that chooses to live in the past. His main goal throughout the novel is to win back Daisy from Tom by “any means necessary,” he does not take into account that Daisy might not feel the same thing for him that he feels for her, choosing to live in a “perfect” world. He is a wealthy man living in a mansion in West Egg (based on Long Island, where F.…

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  • Gatby Vs Jay Gatsby

    Gatz never left the beach. Instead it was Jay Gatsby, a reinvention of Gatz, who rowed out to the boat and warned the captain. For the majority of the rest of the man’s life, he was known as Jay Gatsby. This, of course, is the backstory of Jay Gatsby, the title character of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. After a series of unfortunate events, Gatsby was found dead on an inflatable mattress in his own pool. He was wrongly thought to have been the man who had an affair with Myrtle Wilson,…

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  • Jay Gatsby As A Hero Analysis

    Jay Gatsby is a literary figure who has transcended beyond the pages of the novel. His character has been deeply criticized by critics for nearly a century. In many minds, Gatsby is simply a tormented man who fell short of his ambitions, while others may believe that he is a pitiful and overrated “hero.” Although some critics view Gatsby a delusional man, Gatsby proves to be a remarkable hero who fortifies the illusion of the American dream in order to win the heart of his long time love, Daisy…

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  • Why Is Jay Gatsby Relevant Today

    The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of the most praised American novels, even now almost a century after its publication. Its thematic concepts and characters are still relevant in today’s society and are likely to continue for decades. One significant character that has left his footprint in American literature and culture is the one of Jay Gatsby. His rich character is known for his wealth, parties, and made up past which has made him an icon in American literature. What people do…

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  • Jay Gatsby American Dream Analysis

    Did Jay Gatsby achieve his American dream or did he thrive off a false sense of hope? Throughout The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, Jay Gatsby or James Gatz in which was his real name, achieved numerous goals but also suffered through grotesque events that ultimately led to his downfall. The setting of this novel is in Long Island, New York during the summer of 1922. During this time Jay Gatsby had symbolized the American Dream of many exquisite people that thrived and urged to live like…

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  • Comparison Of Jay Gatsby And The Sound And The Fury

    Jay Gatsby’s and Quentin Compson’s Obsession with the Past in The Great Gatsby and The Sound and the Fury Jay Gatsby from the The Great Gatsby and Quentin Compson from The Sound and the Fury share an obsession with the past. Both, Jay Gatsby and Quentin Compson feels like their lives are not fulfil, which causes them to live a dissatisfying life and obsess over women of their past. These two characters try to reconnect with their past in which they were more content. Jay Gatsby tries to…

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  • Jay Gatsby And The American Dream Essay

    American dream, the idea that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative, has driven immigrants and citizens to achieve great things. Jay Gatsby, the main character in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, lived the American dream as stated above. Chris McCandless from Into the Wild, written by Jon Krakauer, lived out his personal dream, but not the American dream. Gatsby created a new life for…

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