Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable

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  • Jean Baptiste Pointe Lasable Research Paper

    The Founding of A City Undeniably rooted in each human soul is the deep seated desire to leave the indelible mark of one 's self behind. But an entire city? Now that really is exceptional! When Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable set out on his journey, I 'm sure he had no idea that would be, ultimately, where his travels would end. Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable was born, at best estimates, sometime between 1745 and 1750 in the small port town of the then French colony of Saint - Dominique. Today, this region is the St. Mark area of Western Haiti. From what can be understood, and most of this was gathered from information collected during government and other agency meetings, DuSable was parented by a French seamen, perhaps a…

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  • Sacajawe Corps Of Discovery

    and especially a woman, Sacagawea, and her baby, Jean Baptiste. About Sacagawea Childhood Sacagawea was born into the Lemhi Shoshone tribe in today’s southeastern Idaho area in 1788 or 1789 according to She was the daughter of the Chief. She was educated about local plants, berries, and roots. The…

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  • Nacirema Ritual

    Lamarck’s recognition of the dynamic nature of life in the past made an important contribution to the development of evolutionary theory” (Larson 30). Besides, there is another evidence in the textbook, “Chevalier de Lamarck, speculated that plants and animals not only change in form over time but do so for purposes of self-improvement” (Larson 29). In my opinion, even though Lamarck’s theory was incorrect about some details, he was one of the first scientists to come up with a theory that life…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Washington D. C.

    It is where D-Day partially took place. According to, “There were six 155mm cannon in heavily reinforced concrete bunkers that were capable of hitting either beach with their big shells.” We explored the ground and heard from Jeff Struecker, who served in the army as a chaplain and a captain for operations like Black Hawk Down. I remember seeing craters the size of a house. These humungous and steep holes in the ground showed the damage that was caused during the war. After…

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  • Compare And Contrast Absolutism

    war for many year and it have only brought modest territory expansion. Another similarity between both absolutism is the building of their capital and palace, like many ruler in the past Louis XIV and Peter the Great ave possess a architecture that display their power and wealth. Louis XIV of France had the capital Versailles and Peter the Great build the beautiful city St.Petersburg. The different policy between the two absolutism is the changes they try to applied to their nation, France try…

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  • The Adaptation Of Alfred Wallace's Evolutionary Theory

    Theory. Alfred Wallace was developing a theory that was just as similar to that of Charles Darwin. Variations are the key concepts that are studied in both of Wallace’s and Darwin’s. The reason this is done is, because variations help to identify why the species evolve. Wallace’s theory does differ from Darwin 's. Wallace’s theory shows that a species will only take on an adaptation if it will be beneficial to the species survival. Now, for the evolutional theory the adaptation is not just a…

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  • James Hutton: The Evolutionary Theory Of Evolution

    proven until just recently, though the actual development of it ranges back before the 19th century. Before the theory was introduced, Carolus Linnaeus had started a new system for naming specific species- a two name system that further categorizes them based on characteristics; developed in 1735. Then in 1795, James Hutton proposed the concept that the Earth gradually changed over time; a result from changes in climate and ecosystems. Natural Selection plays a large role in the theory of…

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  • Flashback Techniques In Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice

    "Interview with the Vampire" is one of the best-seller novels by Anne Rice that published in 1976. It is a thrilling novel, which depicts immortal vampires as the central characters. Anne Rice uses the flashback technique in the novel through which novel’s protagonist, the Vampire named Louis tells the story of his past life to a mortal journalist named Daniel during an interview. Louis wants to make the whole world aware of the existence of evil vampires. The story begins in San Francisco where…

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