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  • Analysis Of The Quebec Referendum 1995

    The Quebec Referendum, 1995 By: Mohamed Abdul On October 30th 1995, millions of Canadians tuned in to watch the final results of the second Quebec referendum. It would be the night that Canada stood silent. After the failure of the Meech Lake and the Charlottetown Accord, parti Quebecios government of Jacques Parizeau would launch the second referendum. As the final minutes started approaching, the winning side seemed to be clear, however, the difference between the votes for yes compared to no would only differ by one percent. The referendum of 1995 would ask the citizens of Quebec if they wished for the province to claim national sovereignty and become a separate state, but however, with the condition of a political and economically agreement to Canada. The outcome of the referendum would be critical in preventing Quebec from economic problems. As well, it would finically benefit Quebec in the future, as it’s receives billions of dollars through Canadian Federal Payments today. Finally, it would also prevent further challenges for the aboriginal peoples living in Quebec. This essay will argue that the outcome of the Quebec referendum benefited both the people and the future of the Province, based upon the given reasons. The effect of separation on Quebec’s economy was one of the main questions during the campaign. The no side of the issue focused on the current cost of the disruption and business within Quebec, while the yes side tended to focus on…

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  • Idylls Of The King: Poem Analysis

    Idylls of the King, written by Alfred Lord, Tennyson, is a poem about King Arthur’s knights and his kingdom succumbing to corruption. It is also a tale that elaborates on the famous love triangle blossoming between King Arthur, Guinevere, and Sir Lancelot. Lord, Tennyson wrote his widely famous poem as a social commentary of the industrialized Victorian era and its supposed corruptness versus a time of no industrialization. Alfred Lord, Tennyson uses the power of motifs to describe the immoral…

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  • Lord Alfred Tennyson's Idylls Of The King

    Lord Alfred Tennyson’s Idylls of the King was written in Victorian England and the latest version was published in 1885, though the actual writing process covered a span of almost 50 years. Tennyson bases the series of poems comprising the Idylls on the European myth of King Arthur and the court of Camelot and various other adaptations of that legend. The evolution of Tennyson’s female characters to their final stages underscores an undermining of traditional Victorian gender roles by…

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  • Arthurian Romances: Chretien De Troyes

    Arthurian Romances: Chretien De Troyes Idea 1: Women in Romances Masculinity and femininity were set-in-stone standards of society during this time period and played a large overall role in De Troyes works. The typical “damsel in distress” archetype that we all know and love today dominated the literary world during the first baby steps of this genre. The protection and courting of these types of women drives the majority, if not the entirety, of Arthurian romances. As in “The Knight of the…

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  • The Role Of Margaret In Le Morte D Arthur

    Margaret’s influence on Arthuriana appears in multiple disciplines for the direct similarity between her reign and Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur. Stephen Knight and Merry Wiesner-Hanks’ Arthurian Literature and Society depicts the key similarities. Lancelot and his party represent the Yorkists, Henry VI played Arthur, and Guinevere, locked in a tower, represents Margaret as she defended herself from outside attack and dealt with her actual imprisonment. As the fifteenth century came…

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  • The Suitor Knight Character Analysis

    While the suitor knight and Meleagant are portrayed as arrogant antagonists, Chretien notably qualifies those portrayals, as both characters exhibit characteristics of worthy knights. Before beginning the episode of the suitor knight and his father, Chretien begins by clarifying that “the customs and practices at this time were such that…if [a lady] were being escorted by another [knight], and [a] knight chose to do battle with her defender and defeated him at arms, then he might do with her as…

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