King Arthur

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  • King Arthur: The Legendary King

    King Arthur, also spelt Aurthur in other cultural texts, is the mythical king of England who is made king by many supernatural events in order for him to unite all of the people to be one nation. He is given many gifts, those gifts could include Excalibur the sword of Kings, Guinevere the Queen he sought, and the most loyal and true knights. Arthur was an iconic figure to all Englishmen who wished to be king. His story was one that would be revised for centuries and used as a basis for every fairy tale created afterward, mimicking the king of legend and all the supernatural happenings. Many movies were inspired by this story, and therefor keep Arthur alive in our culture today while we evolve farther away from elder traditions. Arthur is a…

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  • King Arthur Superstition

    King Arthur was, by all accounts, considered the once and future king of Britain. He was noted for his chivalry and military skill. His knights were the epitome of glamor and gallantry. (“King Arthur and”). There were several versions of this classic tale. In each version the betrayal of his wife, Guinevere, and his most trusted knight, Lancelot and his relative, Mordred are key elements of his demise. However, the tale ends on a happy note. Though dead Arthur was delivered by fairies to the…

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  • King Arthur: Myth Or Real?

    was a controversy whether King Arthur was a realistic person or a legend. King Arthur was the King of Britain who fought off the Saxons in 12 straight battles and had his legendary sword named the Excalibur, although historians questioned if this was believable. Historians questioned if it possible to go into 12 straight battles without stopping. Some believed Arthur was a real person because there are fractional evidence of him being real, but other historians believe otherwise because most of…

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  • Examples Of Chivalry In King Arthur

    Humans all have some type of code that one must follow to be the “ideal person.” One code is the code of chivalry. What is chivalry? Chivalry is defined as a medieval system that knights follow. This system includes a religious, moral and social code. Knights were expected to be courageous, courteous, show great amounts of honor, as well as fight for justice, and be ready to help the weak to be seen as “the ideal knight.” One example of a legend where this code of chivalry is exposed is King…

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  • King Arthur: A Hero's Journey

    courageous and noble King Arthur. King Arthur is remembered as this strong, brave leader, who although contained flaws, was a true hero. This is a tale that has stuck around longer than the others, but why? King Arthur has stuck with us for thousands of years not only because his story directly follows the hero’s journey, but also because he is human, and everyone like medieval stories. Every hero must go through a journey in order to achieve greatness. A hero begins by living an ordinary life.…

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  • The Code Of Chivalry In King Arthur

    they would have to step up and battle the opponent because it was a part of their chivalrous manner. King Arthur made the code of chivalry because he like to have law and order. The code is like the Ten Commandments in the bible where it says " You shall have no other Gods before Me.You shall not make idols.You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Honor your father and your mother. You shall not…

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  • King Arthur Chivalry Analysis

    born with the rise of King Arthur and his Knights. Scholar Chantry Westwell states, “The epic tales of King Arthur’s court, of chivalry, courtly love and the quest for the Holy Grail are some of the most captivating and poignant of all European fiction,”(Westwell). The stories of King Arthur are known around the world and have been told for centuries. These tales…

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  • Christian Influences In King Arthur

    The influence of the dominant cultural Christianity on the King Arthur narrative cannot be ignored. Mentions of the religion abound throughout the tale, particularly in the Quest for the Holy Grail. Arthur was portrayed as a devout Christian, even going into battle with a cross on his shield. However, Christian influences on the text could not have come from the original bards as Christianity first appeared in the country around 387 AD (Crichton 38). Therefore, somewhere along the way the…

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  • The Hero's Journey In King Arthur

    King Arthur was a film made based on the tale of Arthur and his knights. Throughout this story of the great hero Arthur, steps of the common hero’s journey and many literary elements were frequently exemplified. The film focused on the history and politics during the period in which Arthur ruled; a time when the Roman empire had collapsed and battles for power broke out in outlying countries. The Romans were impressed by the Sarmatian people’s fighting skills and in order for them to be spared,…

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  • Geoffrey Of Monmouth: The Legend Of King Arthur

    The development of the legend of king Arthur spans more than one thousand years. From the briefest mentions of a valiant warrior that fended off the Anglo-Saxon invasions of the island, to the elaborate in depth legend of a man destined to rule England with his knights of the round table. The development of this legend is a fascinating insight to how history was written, and more interestingly not written, and who ended up writing the version that stood the test of time. History is often written…

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