John Proctor

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  • John Proctor Foolishness

    of their fellow men. While this description of the times paints a picture of peace and prosperity, history tells of a year where chaos was common, and fear ruled the people with an iron fist. The year of 1692 was filled with betrayal, panic, and death, which created the perfect preface and situation for Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. Through the use of his character John Proctor, Miller is able to demonstrate how crippling the effects of guilt, reputation and lies can be to both a single person and an entire society. However, Miller also uses this character to illustrate how weakness turns to strength, guilt turns to forgiveness, and goodness can be reclaimed after being lost to transgression.…

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  • Consequences Of John Proctor In The Crucible

    John Proctor was a happily married man who made a mistake, the mistake of being with a woman who was not his wife. John Proctor never imagined the effect it would eventually have on his wife, his life, and his friends. The decision Proctor made when he decided to have a relationship with Abigail would end up killing him. When Proctor came to the realization that what he was doing was wrong and would ruin his name and life, he immediately ended things with Abigail which did not rest well with the…

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  • John Proctor

    witchcraft. In the play “The Crucible” John Proctor changes throughout the story after being under indictment and became a tragic hero. John Proctor is just much the same to the everyday human, he caused his own downfall by the baggage he’d done that’s what makes him a tragic hero. A hero ought to be doomed from the start, but bears no responsibility for possessing his flaw, for example, he was incriminated of adultery with Abagail. “Adultery John” (Miller). Having a vigorous love for his…

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  • John Proctor Strengths And Weaknesses

    “You came to save my soul, did you not? Here! I have confessed myself; it is enough…. I am John Proctor! You will not use me![...] Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life! I have given you my soul; leave me my name!”(1272). It is thought by many that the errors in judgment made by John Proctor are the main reasons behind the Salem Witch Trials and are what lead to his unfortunate death. In Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, John Proctor represents the tragic hero…

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  • John Proctor Sacrifice In The Crucible

    Proctor’s Moral “I speak my own sins; I cannot judge another” (Miller 113). The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, takes place in Salem, Massachusetts. A wave of hysteria is spreading throughout Salem. Many people were falsely accused of conspiring with the devil, including John Proctor’s family. John Proctor is a religious man of his word whom praises his family and religious beliefs above all. Proctor’s sacrifices show the important values of family, reputation, and honesty to him and ultimately…

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  • John Proctor Sacrifice Analysis

    save another man from the veneer of myth cloaking over the court as well as expose the deceit of the noxious court. Yet as Giles’ transience symbolizes ultimate sacrifice, John Proctor,…

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  • John Proctor Guilt Quotes In The Crucible

    John Proctor is an independent man. He does not succumb to the public opinion, and no one can change his mind. In, The Crucible, John Proctor openly admits his disdain for Reverend Parris and is not even ashamed to tell Parris himself. Proctor claims that Reverend Parris does not lead the church the right way, and he says that Parris only preaches about an angry God, and does not preach about a merciful and forgiving God. When Proctor comes to Salem to inquire about the reverend’s daughter,…

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  • Why Is John Proctor Important In The Crucible

    this tragedy that happened in Salem. The character I chose was John proctor, as he is the main character in Arthur miller's drama the crucible. I will be analyzing this character and will be talking about he's meaning traits and descriptive phrases. Proctor he was not honest, committed adultery, was…

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  • The Crucible John Proctor Personal Integrity

    of their strength and personal integrity. John Proctor, Reverend Hale, and Reverend Parris all personify the meaning of crucible. John Proctor was perhaps the most important character in the play. He was the tragic hero. He is married to Elizabeth Proctor and she is pregnant with his child.…

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  • John Proctor Reflection

    the case with a man named John Proctor. This story goes back to the time of the Salem witch trials, where telling the truth was rare, and accusing innocent people was at an all time high. John Proctor happened to get in the middle of all this drama and eventually was accused of witchcraft. He tried to tell the court he was innocent and they wanted to believe him, but they wanted to keep their reputation more. So they weren 't going to just let him off the hook. They told John…

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