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  • Thomas Hart Benton Analysis

    Thomas Hart Benton, along with a few other artists including Grant Wood and John Stuart Curry were a part of a modern art movement called regionalism. Romance (Fig. 1) was one of the many paintings that Thomas Hart Benton created during this time, the painting was made with mediums of tempera and oil varnish glazes in gesso panel on board and is 45 1/4 inches by 33 1/4 inches. Romance represents everything that a painting created during the Regionalism era should represent. The painting also represents everything that a visual piece should represent. There are diagonal lines being represented in the focal figures that shows that they are in movement, in the case, walking. It contains opaque hues in the background and darker vibrant hues represented on the focal points to bring them forward and…

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  • Chhurpi Case Study

    1.5. Chhurpi Chhurpi is of three types: Soft Chhurpi , Hard Chhurpi and Dudh Chhurpi (7) Soft Chhurpi is one of the most common traditional fermented food products in the house hold of the Sikkimese community. To the local this delicacy item is highly palatable and also replaceable to even the non-vegetarian food. Hard Chhurpi is sweet in taste and chewy. It is the most famous ethnic food highly relished by the tribal community. This type of Chhurpi are very hard and having low moisture…

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  • Personal Reflective Essay: Chicago Food In India

    We started with halwa puri, a breakfast spread of curry, chickpeas, potatoes and pickled vegetables paired with deep-fried bread. Next up: bhel puri, Indian street fare made of puffed rice, chopped vegetables and tamarind sauce. The flavors exploded as I chewed: savory, tangy and sweet. To cap things off, we sampled thali, a vegetarian lunch that offers a mix of sweet, salt, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy tastes in the form of chutneys, rice, lentils, potatoes, curries and more—all with soft…

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  • Teriyaki Sauce

    made teriyaki sauce. The chemically produced teriyaki sauce is only the sweetener, thickener, artificial color and water. The chemically produced teriyaki sauce lost its beneficial nutrients and become unhealthy. Moreover, teriyaki sauce began to appear on fast food chain. $5.99, the price for a dish of teriyaki chicken is low enough to be attractive to people (Kauffman n.p.). The reason behind the low price is that the mass production of industrially-made teriyaki sauce made the sauce…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Role Of Positive Influence In Leadership

    with this young boy about basketball. Vincent loves basketball, specifically Stephen Curry and the Warriors. At one point, I heard say, “Dude right! Stephen is a beast!” The boy agreed with excitement. At some point I heard them talking about shoes, the boy needed some. He was probably about Vincent’s age. The both rummage through the center for some shoes the boy could fit. They began talking about Stephen Curry’s new shoes, the boy said he really wanted them for his birthday in July. Vincent…

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  • Interview With Shewit

    I headed out for lunch at one o clock in the afternoon. Once I walked into the place I noticed how elegant it was and I felt underdressed. The server Muhammad approached me and seated me telling me that if I had any questions he would be happy to assist me. I got served water in a wine glass. When I took a look at the menu at first I felt nervous because it was a little foreign to me and I tend to not like change in food. I asked the server what was the best thing on the menu that was not spicy…

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  • Case Study: Drive-In Theater, Inc.

    2. Was Kary acting within the scope of her employment as a peanut vendor when she added curry powder to the peanuts she was selling? An employee is acting within the scope of his employment when he is performing tasks or duties for which he has been employed. Williams v. Cmty. Drive-In Theater, Inc., 214 Kan. 359, 364, 520 P.2d 1296, 1300 (1974). If the employee is performing tasks that are reasonably related to the purpose of their employment, this is indicative to the scope of employment. The…

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  • Dungeon's Valley Research Paper

    The King’s Castle was majestically perched on top of a hill and dominated over Dungeon’s valley. Dungeon’s Valley was the dominant Kingdom of that time, located on the Western side of the Drakenlands, which comprised not only Dungeon’s Valley but also the Northern territories. Dungeon’s Valley counted 3 towns, namely Lindel, Northborock and Panilla valley. Each of these towns were led by people close to the King like his advisors, Lords, Dukes, and some of his loyal allies like Lord Heines who…

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  • Narrative Essay On Coronado Island

    Once upon a time, far far away, there was a magical kingdom made up of bright blue and dark green Legos located at a special place named Coronado Island. In this kingdom there was a king named Jon Center who forever loved Legos. It was finally here. It was the day of the great hamburger cook off. This day also meant the king would choose his new chief, the man who created the best tasting hamburger. “Sir, Sir!” the king’s servant yelled, running through the crowds towards the…

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  • Stephen Curry's Legacy

    end of the game could barely be heard over the roaring crowd, Stephen Curry had done it, he had brought the Golden State Warriors to a championship. In the Leaving a Legacy unit, many social and historical movements, as well as people and their legacies, have been explored. Stephen Curry is a very successful NBA player, that is still writing his legacy today. On March 14th, 1988, Wardell Stephen Curry ll was born in Akron, Ohio (Ott). Little did anybody know that he would bring his basketball…

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