Personal Reflective Essay: Chicago Food In India

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“I view travel through the lens of food; And I am never disappointed in the cultural riches I find.”
— Rebecca Wheeler owner and guide at chicago food walks
Natalie Hall, Denison, discovered new (to her) foods on Rebecca’s Devon Avenue, Chicago, food tour.
Taste Maker

rebecca wheeler invites you to visit the foodways of india—via one of her chicago food walks.
Food. It’s one of the most satisfying (and filling) ways to discover other cultures. I recently embarked on an afternoon of discovery in my own backyard on a Chicago Food Walks tasting tour. Rebecca Wheeler, Indiana, guides hungry participants as they nibble their way through some of the city’s most ethnically diverse cultural corridors.
“I view travel through the lens of food,”
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We started with halwa puri, a breakfast spread of curry, chickpeas, potatoes and pickled vegetables paired with deep-fried bread. Next up: bhel puri, Indian street fare made of puffed rice, chopped vegetables and tamarind sauce. The flavors exploded as I chewed: savory, tangy and sweet. To cap things off, we sampled thali, a vegetarian lunch that offers a mix of sweet, salt, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy tastes in the form of chutneys, rice, lentils, potatoes, curries and more—all with soft roti for scooping and dipping.
As Rebecca described the history of the neighborhood—a place for Chicago’s population of over 400,000 Indian and Pakistani people to preserve their culture and celebrate togetherness—I was struck by the way food creates community. As Rebecca reminded us, it’s a “common language that brings people together regardless of where we come from.” As I sat at tables exploring new flavors, I experienced the type of fellowship that only sharing a meal can
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“Don’t settle for anything less than a pair that makes you look and feel amazing.”
When shopping for new denim, Brigid Wahl Lee, Mississippi, women’s sales manager, U.S. wholesale at 7 For All Mankind, offers this dressing room strategy: Try on several different cuts of denim, but also three to four different washes of each cut. “This is the ideal way to find what suits you best,” she says. “Chances are, there will be more than one.”
As for fit, Kate advises that the right pair should “hit at a comfortable spot at or below your natural waist and shouldn’t pinch or gap at the waist.” And don’t overlook the advantages of jeans that have some give to them. “Look for a fabric that has a bit of stretch so it’s forgiving, comfortable and hugs in all the right places,” Kate says. “Do a little squat test to make sure that they aren’t too loose or too tight when you move. And, do a little twirl to see how you love the view from the back!”
Kate’s and Brigid’s best advice? The perfect pair of jeans is not only flattering but makes you feel great too. “Confidence looks good on all ages, shapes and sizes.” Kate

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