John Wayne Gacy

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  • John Wayne Gacy Case

    By the age of twenty-five, John Wayne Gacy and his wife Marlynn had moved to Waterloo, Iowa. Gacy managed three Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) franchises owned by his father-in-law. During their time in Iowa, the couple had two children: Michael was born in March 1967, followed by a daughter named Christine in September 1968. While in Waterloo, John remained heavily involved in the local Junior Chamber of Commerce organization. Until this point in his life, John Wayne Gacy had kept his first two homosexual encounters tightly under wraps, and they remained that way until an interview was conducted from prison in the spring of 1992. During the interview, John confessed that during his stint at the mortuary in Las Vegas he had crawled into the coffin of a deceased teenage male and had caressed the corpse. He also stated that he had conducted experiments on dead bodies and memorized the embalming process in the few months of his employment there. Gacy also recounted consuming a large amount of alcohol with a fellow Springfield Junior Chamber of Commerce member who then performed oral sex on Gacy while he was drunk in 1964. However, on December 3, 1968, a glimpse into John Wayne Gacy's alternative lifestyle was publicly exposed when John was first arrested and accused of sexually…

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  • John Wayne Gacy Research Paper

    Infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy was born on March 17, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois. He was the son of John Stanley Gacy and Marion Elaine Robinson. Gacy and his siblings grew up with a drunken father who would beat his children if he believed they had misbehaved in someway. Gacy's father also physically assaulted his mother, the only person that truly showed affection for Gacy. Gacy's sister Karen, when interviewed on Oprah, said that the siblings learned to“toughen up against the beatings”…

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  • The Clown Killer, John Wayne Gacy

    victims. He shot Vincent then attacked, brutally and stabbed to death his wife also gouged out Maxine Zazzara eyes out as well. The police had no concrete evidence on Ramirez but on August 24th, 1985 Ramirez would kill his last victims. He says that he was mistakenly identified but he was charged with 14 murders and 31 felonies and after 23 years on death row Ramirez died June 7th, 2013 at the age of 53 from complications related to B-cell lymphoma. The Clown Killer, John Wayne Gacy born March…

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  • Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy

    Serial killers, we have all seen them on TV and heard of them, but now we get to go in depth and learn about their life and I am excited. I love watching shows like ncis and stuff like that and I am thinking about becoming a forensic psychologist so this is right up my alley. Now I have put a lot of thought into which killer I am going to choose and I decided to pick john Wayne gacy. He was one of the most psychotic killers of his time and probably the scariest. John was born on March 17, 1942…

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  • The Rational Choice Theory Of John Wayne Gacy

    John Wayne Gacy is one of the most infamous serial killers in American history. During a seven-year span of the 1970s, Gacy murdered 33 men. As is the case with many high profile murderers, to the average person, one would have to be insane to commit such acts, which is what Gacy 's defense claimed. The jury did not buy it though, and Gacy would be executed by lethal injection in 1994. Criminologists study why people commit crime, and assemble theories. Though there is yet to be a perfect…

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  • John Wayne Gacy: Characteristics And Characters Of A Serial Killer

    After hearing the news, Gacy confessed to killing “about 25 or 30” people who he claimed were runaways or male prostitutes. On February 6th 1980, he was tried in Cook County, Illinois and charged with thirty-three murders. Gacy tried to convince a psychologist that he suffered from multiple personality disorder, and his lawyers tried to plead not guilty due to insanity. Neither of those two tactics were accepted, and Gacy was sentenced to twelve life sentences. Gacy spent the rest of his life in…

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  • John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: One Of The Most Serful Serial Killers Of America's Crime?

    Is it possible to commit thirty-three separate murders and get away with it? One of America’s most famous serial killers was very close to doing just that. John Wayne Gacy, Jr. has to be considered one of our nations most notorious and evil serial killers of all time. He murdered and sexually assaulted 33 young men between the years of 1972-1978. Gacy was finally arrested and sentenced to death on March 13, 1980. The most surprising thing of all about Gacy was that people considered him an…

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  • John Wayne Gacy: The Death Of John Wayne Piest

    handcuffed, to demonstrate a magic trick, by a man you thought you trusted and in a blink of an eye his intentions change and you end up with a rope around your throat. This was what John Wayne Gacy did to his many victims. John Wayne Gacy seemed to be a respected business man with many friends in high places, but his life would be an open book after his last murder of a boy by the name of Robert Piest. Wounded by his childhood, Gacy was taught to hide unusual yearning for the opposite sex…

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  • Essay On John Wayne Gacy

    John Wayne Gacy Profiling inputs. John Wayne Gacy was a well-known man in his ages as his friends referred him to being a role model as he had wife and kids. Many people knew John as a successful businessman, who accomplished his own contractor business. Outside of work people knew John as a the dressed up clown that would show up to little kid’s parties and was known for being really good around kids. During John’s childhood he experienced his father to be an abusive alcoholic who would beat…

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  • The Case Of John Wayne Gacy

    in the leaves. The cellphone in your jean pocket rings and you can make out the figure as a man dressed in a clown costume. Being pinned to the ground, you feel the blade of his knife enter your chest as the life leaves your body. This gruesome scene is similar to some of John Wayne Gacy’s victims. What can cause someone to go on a ravenous murder spree? Serial murders are not indigenous, nor are they a new phenomenon. Ted Bundy,…

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