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  • Analysis Of Matthew Hoffman's You Are Beautiful

    “You are beautiful”. Matthew Hoffman’s piece titled “you are beautiful”. This piece is an biennial panel. Installed at the Elmhurst art museum Illinois. March 2015. “You are beautiful” falls under contemporary art.”You are beautiful” provides people with an opportunity to reflect on our society and the issues that we are going through on a day to day basis.People can relate to this piece.”You are beautiful” is more than just three words.”You are beautiful” is hung at the entrance of the museum and also at the exit of the museum.Hoffman’s piece of positivity became a worldwide movement. Hoffman wanted to create a piece that holds a positive message to share with the world. This piece contains of a solid black background with white lettering…

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  • Five Contexts Of Communication Analysis

    Within the realm of communication there are five contexts of communication which we utilize regularly to effectively relay the messages we intend for others to receive. These five contexts are referred to in Business Communication for Success (2012) as intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, public and mass communication. As each context is examined we will explore examples of each one as they present themselves in everyday life in addition to the appeal of intrapersonal communication and the not…

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  • Symbolism And Symbolism In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

    Symbolism in the works of literature refers to the use of objects, people, animals, and situations that have other meaning than the literal one used in the story. It creates a certain emotion or mood in the story making the reader understand it better. Symbolism is widely applied in the story Everyday Use by Alice Walker. This paper will explore symbolism in the story Everyday Use which includes the house, quilt, yard and characteristics of some characters. One of the prominent symbols in the…

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  • Film Analysis: The Graduate

    to do what their parents told them just because the said so, they wanted to do something that they saw meaning in. This can be seen as Dustin Hoffman constantly tells all the adults that he’s not too sure what his plans are for his future. His willingness to relax and decipher what it is that he truly wants to do shows a subtle social/cultural shift, because when his parents were around his age they most…

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  • Wag The Dog Essay

    unfounded. One of the major strategies used in this film to help promote the war was the overall theme of making the war believable. This theme was used throughout to help string the general public along into believing the war and its events were happening. One example of the extreme reliance on the theme in this film was when they created songs to honor the war and Sargent Schumann. These songs united the general public into specifically believing that the war was happening, and that Sargent…

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  • Scene Analysis: The Graduate

    to pull out his keys. The scene begins with Mrs. Robinson bursting in on Benjamin. The sound of the door is quite loud in the small space, making it much more intrusive than it might normally have been and possibly drawing a metaphor about her entry not just into his room but into his private life. Her voice is totally calm and she shows no reaction whatsoever for having invaded his space. In terms of the composition of the elements in the shot, this scene begins with Dustin…

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  • Structural Elements In The Film 'The Graduate'

    Mike Nichols 1967 film ‘The Graduate’ is a comedy that illustrates a three-act film structure and includes the major structural elements. The film depicts a recent college graduate (Dustin Hoffman), whose feeling of a lack of purpose results in his life becoming dominated by his relationship with Mrs. Robinson and eventually, her daughter Elaine. Act I establishes the key characters; Benjamin, his parents and their friends, including, Mrs. Robinson. It feels as though Benjamin is on a different…

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  • Observation On The Cause And Cure Of Sq Chimneys

    1 INTRODUCTION While humans have been using fire for many thousands of years, we have only recently in our history recognized the benefit of removing smoke from the home. There is little documentation on the history of chimneys and their function in the home. In western civilization there is record of chimneys being destroyed by an earthquake in 1347 (Butler, n.d.). Most homes had a centrally located hearth that was used for heat and cooking, which had a vent directly above it; While this did…

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  • Ship Of Gold In The Deep Blue Sea Essay

    “Ship of Gold In the Deep Blue Sea” by Gary Kinder is a book about the search for the SS Central America; a steamship that carried hundreds of passengers and an estimated $2,000,000 in gold (which is $292,000,000 in modern day value) in 1857 that was trying to reach New York from Panama which later went down in a hurricane. Tommy Thompson later sets out to discover the riches of the lost vessel on a quest that people had thought was near impossible to plan. While Thompson had found the ship and…

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  • Secrets In The Fire Book Report

    How does ‘Secrets in the Fire’ show personal strength and courage? ‘Secrets in the Fire’ written by Henning Mankell and translated by Connie Stuksrud, is a story about a young girl named Sofia who goes through many struggles and shows how she can cope and deal with those situations. The book gives examples of personal strength and courage by having the characters be persistent, having Sofia cope with her struggles, having characters encourage the protagonists, etc. This will focus on the three…

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