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  • Johnny Cash Thesis

    The Man in Black “Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight.” An individual can impact society in a positive or possibly negative manner and Johnny Cash definitely had an impactful life. He was born into a poor, nominal, farming family and had close to nothing during his boyhood. Now, he is know as the father of modern country music. He unquestionably had a rough childhood and his music surely inspired many. Although, he had a great career he, no doubt, made many mistakes. He was certainly a leader, and, in the eyes of many, will always be. J.R. is just a name he went by when he was young. It was short for John R. John R. Cash was born in Kingsland, Arkansas on February 26th, 1932 when the Great…

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  • Johnny R Cash Research Paper

    Johnny R Cash was born on February 26, 1932, in Kingsland, Arkansas. Or mainly known as “The Man In Black”. Johnny Cash was very famous for what he loved to do. Growing up for the Cash’s wasn’t very easy. However, his mother kept their spirits high with her singing. J.R. got his talent from being around his musical family. Many times his mother and sister sung in the cotton fields to pass the time. Being one of seven sibling’s, at the age of three him and his family moved to Dyess, Arkansas.…

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  • Johnny Cash Accomplishments

    “Success is having to worry about everything in the world, except money”-Johnny Cash. Cash is a singer/songwriter and also a guitarist that was very famous from the mid 1900’s to the 2000’s. He also happens to be an actor that has been in many western films and is also an author. Johnny Cash first developed his love for music at the early age of twelve. As a young boy Johnny had the influence of music all around him. From his mom humming a song while making dinner, to listening to someone…

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  • Johnny Cash Poetic Techniques

    Down” Lyric Analysis Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” is a song about God bringing justice to those who have not followed His will. The song displays the judgement of God upon those who are sinners and are offenders of the commandments. Johnny Cash sings this song as a message to those who believe God’s will can be ignored, and by doing so is spreading the message that our actions are seen by God and he will act accordingly. Throughout the song, Cash used many different techniques…

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  • Johnny Cash Research Paper

    Johnny cash Born: Johnny cash was born on February 26 in 1932 in Kingsland. He has six siblings he had five older siblings and one younger sibling. Early year: Johnny cash was not born with that name, he was born whit the name J.R cash. When Cash enlisted in the United States Air Force, he was not permitted to use initials as a first name, so he changed his name to John R. Cash. In May 1935 the cash family moved to Dyess. In Dyess he started to work on a cotton field in the ages of five. On…

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  • Cover Music Analysis

    Various covers of three of the greatest hits. Since the beginning of time people from all aspects of the world have took music as a way of life. To the art form of how music was made to the beats, rhythm, and the way music makes you feel. Some of music’s greatest legends have done many cover songs, such as Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt”, Guns N’ Roses – “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, and Muse’s cover of ‘Feeling Good’. While many may believe the original version of the song itself sounds better…

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  • Walk The Line Analysis

    travelling back in time to review the heart-warming romance, Grease (1978). This will be followed by a review of the blockbuster comedy, Zoolander. However, yesterday, we remembered the loss of music legends Johnny and June Cash (née Carter). To begin the show, we have Dilki De Silva with us to give her critique of Walk the Line (2005), the award-winning biopic of these two legendary singers. Dilki: Thank you, Anne. Do you ever question your biopics? If you don’t, please start now.…

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  • Personal Narrative-Formal Theater Concert Analysis

    2015 was a time filled with adventure and grandeur. I can still vividly remember the frigid, icy night of twenty degrees Fahrenheit when my family and I saw The Cold Hard Cash Show in concert. This was where I was introduced to Johnny Cash’s music by Merle Travis Peterson. I received nearly an overdose of unique and remarkable music that influenced many other genres. Even with Johnny Cash’s death, his music has continued to inspire and ignite generations. The amazing concert was at the Oriental…

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  • How Music Affects A Person's Life

    researchers have began to ponder the idea that a person’s music taste may say a lot about them. Music plays a very large role in a person’s personality. Some may say that music creates the person, and some may say that the person chooses the music. I, however agree with those who say music creates the person. When children are growing up, they are heavily influenced by their surroundings. These surroundings may include the town they live in, their parents economic class, the state they live in,…

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  • Country Pie Interpretation

    Despite some of Dylan’s songs on the album lacking the weightiness that critics and audiences were used to, the calculated arrangement of the tracks established a structure that maintained listener’s interest. The album opens with a duet between Dylan and Johnny Cash on “Girl from The North Country.” The song serves as a prologue, calling back to simpler times of the past in Minnesota, when Dylan was surrounded by small-town, country culture. Dylan and Cash take turns singing “Remember me to one…

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