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  • Knock Joke Research Paper

    Knock-Knock Joke Who: Naim Johnson, who’s 18 years old, and goes to Indiana University, was the lucky interviewee. He is a bio major and is trying to work his way to med school. He loves to watch and play soccer, especially with his roommate Gus, who is also interviewed. What: The Knock-Knock joke Naim’s joke was “Knock Knock… Whos there? Cows go… Cows go who? No stupid, cows go moo. Knock Knock jokes are like an old American pastime. All ages can join in on the innocent fun of a knock knock joke. Some jokes go right over some toddler’s heads, but even toddlers can come up with this kind of joke. When: Naim says, he remembers these jokes starting up around the age of 9. He said he had heard them before but didn’t…

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  • The Joke By Alain De Botton Analysis

    Keanu Johnson Mrs. Frey AP Language and Composition 13 March 2018 That is the Joke. Humor takes the edge of off troubling ideas so that they can be discussed, but a good humorist requires a certain level of technique for their jokes to land. Comedians are special in their use of this skill, as without such abilities the ideas they discuss would be uncouth and even horrific. Humor lies in execution, and the main bastion between a harsh satire and an angry audience member is the wit and delivery…

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  • Prejudice Is Not A Joke Essay

    Prejudice Is Not a Joke As a culture we tend to believe that because we have made great progress socially, we are no longer dealing with the struggles of racism and other forms of prejudice. If you were to ask any given person on the street about their views on prejudice towards another based on the color of their skin or their sexuality, people would give you great answers of how it’s reserved for those who are truly evil and hate other cultures, people who speak freely about their…

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  • Definition Essay: The Use Of Humor

    admit it, humor has moved away from its actual purpose. Instead of using jokes purely for the entertainment of ourselves and others, we are using humor to hide and hurt. You see examples of this behavior everywhere, from self-deprecation to the election of our new president. Just how much of what say is “humor” is actually considered humorous? Just what have we morphed it into from what it was in the past? What road is it headed down as we speak? I believe that humor is far more than meets the…

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  • Situational Humor

    family, a school, a community and/or society.” This could imply that a person who uses humor as a way of making a point or putting someone down could have influential or upsetting things going on in their life and they use humor as an escape. Similarly, humor can function as a dictator for whether or not people are or will be getting along with each other. Meaning that if someone uses an off-color joke about a specific minority, some people might assume that the person would not get along with a…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Does Comedy Have Limit?

    comedians who use offensive humor. Some comedians see the uproar of the people to stop making offensive jokes while others see it as a challenge to upset the most people. Now, most comedians don’t want to lose their jobs so they still don’t push the limits too far; that is, unless that's how they keep their job. South Park , Daniel Tosh, or Sarah Silverman are comedians and TV shows that keep on pushing the limits to make comedy have no limits. Comedy shouldn’t have limits because if they can…

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  • Raymond Lambert's Phunny Business

    prodigy of Chris Gardner, opened All Jokes Aside in 1992. His idea for a club was based off the current scene for African-American comedians.…

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  • The Benign Violation Theory

    Humor fails when a line is crossed. The older we get, the more we may realize how we should learn the circumstances in which humor might be used. The timing must always be right or it could place a strain on a situation such as a relationship. The Benign Violation Theory says that, “A joke can fail in one of two ways: it can be too benign, and therefore boring, or it can be too much of a violation, and therefore offensive. To be funny, a joke has to land in that sweet spot between the two…

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  • Cruel Practical Jokes

    Life’s Cruel Practical Jokes I wish I knew my grandfather as people want me to know him. Everyone pictures my grandfather in his prime. People tell me that my grandfather became an accomplished professor and chemist. Time and time again, others said to me that he built his art creations using science. Pictures shoved in my face tell me of the years my grandfather and my grandmother traveled the world. “When I headed off to college, he built my shelves by hand! Everything he did, he did…

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  • Personal Narrative: Now I Know Better

    Again, the nurses are doing there job very well too. The doctor came in and applied the numbing spray in her mouth so he can use his creepy, long utensils on her. It seemed like it hurt her when he touched the pin and tried to take it out because she started to groan in pain. After three to five tries, he gave up and insisted that he need to a surgery because he’s unable to get the pin out. After hearing that I thought to myself that I might lose my sister and that it’s all my fault. Like, why…

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