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  • Analysis Of The Joke By Alain De Botton

    Keanu Johnson Mrs. Frey AP Language and Composition 13 March 2018 That is the Joke. Humor takes the edge of off troubling ideas so that they can be discussed, but a good humorist requires a certain level of technique for their jokes to land. Comedians are special in their use of this skill, as without such abilities the ideas they discuss would be uncouth and even horrific. Humor lies in execution, and the main bastion between a harsh satire and an angry audience member is the wit and delivery of the jester. Author Alain de Botton insists on the social vitality of humorists, and this implies a degree of responsibility for every able comedian to use their skills to their fullest ability. When these humorists have said abilities, that is. The…

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  • Batman The Killing Joke Analysis

    Batman: The Killing Joke has always been a highly controversial superhero comic book of it’s time. When it was made into a full-length animated feature it stirred up feelings in batman fans alike. Reactions to this DC Animated feature ranged from joy to horror of how much it lived up to the comics. This rated R film, the first for DC Animated, is an adaptation of a comic from the 80’s written by Alan Moore, famous for his darker work in comics. The dark themes explored in film are quite explicit…

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  • Comedy And Vulgar References

    Comically Crude The line drawn between comedy and vulgar references have become blurred in today's society. A comedian may make a joke which offends a great body of people all for the purpose of making a few laugh. Famous comedians make a living off of exploiting both groups, and individual peoples, with derogatory comments in order to make large masses of money. In the past, comedians would cross social lines and force society forward using both obscene language and seemingly deranged or lewd…

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  • Satire In How To Keep From Getting Mugged By D. Keith Mano

    the reader in a fun way. There are many different stories that do this by not even talking about it. Authors can do this by saying jokes all throughout a story and they don’t even mention their jokes. This is one of the best ways to make a story because laughter is one of the best feelings. One of the main things an author strives for is to make their readers feel some type of emotion by only reading words on paper. For example, three stories that successfully do this are Independence Day by…

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  • Sigmund Freud's Theory Of Laughter

    Everyone loves a good laugh every now and again….. There are three main humor theories written by Freud, Hobbes, and Bergson covering everything from we laugh as a release mechanism to we laugh out of superiority. Sigmund Freud’s theory over humor serves the purpose to explain why we laugh at the times we do. In Freud’s theory he explains laughter as a release mechanism to let go of tension you may have. In his theory he describes how when a joke is being told tension builds up behind a…

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  • Open Mic Night Observation Analysis

    his thirties, had a joke where the punchline was to “squeeze [Jews] for all they’re worth”. Whether the jokes were received well or not, these comedians felt comfortable enough expressing these jokes, with these opinions, to a general public demonstrates a lack of fear of whether or not they will be judged for these opinions. There are also clear values that are revealed through these jokes as well. One comedian, Atoo, a black man in his thirties, discussed how he loves his son, but dating with…

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  • Punny Business Case Study

    caters to a predominantly African-American crowd. In this paper, I will argue that Raymond Lambert ran a successful comedy club because of his business minded approach. Raymond Lambert, the prodigy of Chris Gardner, opened All Jokes Aside in 1992. His idea for a club was based off the current scene for African-American comedians.…

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  • Analysis: Now I Know Better

    my sister trying to calm her down and told us to call the cops right away. I called the cops but they didn’t believe me and thought it was a joke! “A joke! ARE YOU KIDDING ME, MY SISTER’S DYING AND YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE!!” is what I kept inside and said that it’s not a joke and she’s really hurt. After ten minutes they decided to show up. “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG,” is also what I kept in and just started at my sister. He came to her and asked her if she’s okay and if she’s able to breath. She…

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  • The Importance Of Morality In My Life

    The commodity in my life, is my sense of humor. I'm the type of guy who would make jokes and snarky comments to get a laugh out of my friends. I have wielded this unusual weapon, for years and it helped establish my identity, and improved my life. Without my comedy, I would have no friends, no social life, and I would have never been in a relationship. An example I can give, on how I used my comedy to win a situation is during a training session as a Venture Scout. I took the training session…

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  • High School Graduation Speech Analysis

    His voice, unlike his body language, is full of confidence and focus. His jokes are well timed and expertly delivered. For example, when referring to prominent figures of the present and the past, and how they too experienced embarrassing moments in their lives, the speaker expertly uses his voice add to what he is saying. When delivering the self-deprecating punch line (showing up naked to his fifth grade class) to the joke, he purposely speeds up and looks around nervously, adding a personal…

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