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  • Narrative Essay On Dance College

    “I have a dream to be a ballerina, mom! I would wear a tutu everyday! I look like a princess!” “You can’t be a ballerina, Naomi. They have a long straight legs. Unfortunately, you have inherited your father’s bowlegged, and you are also pigeon-toed.” This is my first time I felt frustration, and something bad feeling toward to my mom. I was a five years old. “Why she doesn’t encourage me? Why she doesn’t want me to challenge my dream before I start the training?” Actually, I just wanted wear a tutu. My family suffered financially. My friends wore nice cloths, but I always wore the cloths that my mom sawed. I thought my clothes were not cute and too simple. I felt bitter about my dad because he spend lot of money for gamble that push our daily life. My only dream was to wear something feeling preppy, but I end up didn’t have chance to learn ballet. Ten years later, when I should decide my future plan for high school. I persuaded my parents to go a dance college. I couldn’t give up my old dream. The students should live in a dormitory, and had a strict school regulations. The dance lesson starts from 8 am to 4:30 pm, then we went back to a dormitory, ate dinner, take a bath, and wash cloths by hand within an hour. We went to a high school at night. We were kind of semi-professional dance performers. When some events offered us to perform, we went everywhere. Each time, the coach selected the members. I didn’t pick any of the event at first. I was so struggled why everyone…

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  • Coach Inc Mission Statement

    Coach Inc. is a top merchant in purses for both female and male. Coach Inc. began in 1941 in the United States. Coach Inc. is an extremely admired business that is recognized for creating and marketing purses in conjunction with other creations at a cost that is considerably lower than other handbag manufacturers. Certainly, although a purse retailing for $128 may seem to be quite expensive, but it is a bargain when compared to a Dolce and Gabbana purse costing upwards of $1,695. Coach Inc. has…

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  • Coaching Reflection

    Introduction The coach’s role is to develop the coachee’s resourcefulness through skillful questioning, challenges, and support; not advising because when advice is given, the coach implies that he or she knows best and that the coachee does not (Rogers, 2012). Coaching requires a listening ear to ensure that the coachee is understood and is making decisions that will ultimately help accomplish the goals. During this final coaching session, my client and I will be working together…

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  • Participation In Youth Sports Essay

    Arguably the most important goal for a coach to achieve is to prevent children dropping out of football whilst maintaining enjoyment and increasing performance levels. Organised youth sport programmes see an average dropout rate of 35% a year (Gould & Petlichkoff, 1988). There’s a variety reasons for increased participation in sport, such as availability of facilities and family support however not every child is lucky enough to benefit from this, making the role of the coach vitally important. …

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  • Observational Reflection On Coaching Methodology And Methods

    Introduction This observational report analyses and reflects upon coaching methodology and styles currently in operation. It identifies and contrasts its various styles of coaching obtained from the observation of the dynamic and multifaceted relationship between coach and athlete whilst performing in their training environment. For the purpose of this analytical report and as a principal influence in my non delineated guideline, I made use of the already existing observational methods (ASUOI)…

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  • Basketball-Personal Narrative

    The squeaking of shoes on the newly cleaned, glossy court floorboards. My heart pounding in my chest ready to burst out at any moment, what looked like hundreds of people; actually only a few, but the fact that I've never done this before had me trembling in my knees. My palms started sweating, and my breathing began to shallow. I have to prove them wrong, but could I? I won’t let them tell me these negative things anymore, not anymore anyways. Before I had the chance to back out; the amplified…

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  • Examples Of Social Reinforcement Field Observation

    Project 2: Social Reinforcement Field Observation Coaching is a difficult job to take on. From having to teach unexperienced athletes a new sport or to dealing with know-it-all parents that just want their child to play every minute. To be a great coach there has to be some careful consideration into how they are going to deal with the children they are given. This coach in particular that was observed had a very outgoing personality. He was extremely talkative with every person that walked…

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  • Character Development In Gym Candy

    If a person is looking for a book about football, this one is for them. If somebody is looking for a book about steroids, this one is for them. If somebody is a strange individual looking for a read that depicts the downfall of someone who has been caught using steroids, goes through depression, and loses everything he worked for, this one is for that individual. Gym Candy was my choice this month because I needed something that would keep me interested, and thrilled. The beginning of the book…

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  • Themes In The Movie Coach Carter

    It’s What Lies in Our Hearts Sportsmanship, leadership, communication and determination are a few valuable characteristics you will see in a successful team. Cockiness, attitude, arrogance and abandonation of the team, are deplorable characteristics seen in many inferior teams. In the movie Coach Carter, cockiness, attitude, arrogance and abandonation are traits the members of the team show but, no matter how hard or long it takes, Ken Carter wants to prove to them that if they are able to…

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  • Sports Medicine And Ethics Analysis

    While reading this article, I felt that I had a great understanding of what was being discussed. Since I am a division 1 college athlete, the article was definitely relatable. The article was titled “Sports Medicine and Ethics.” It went on to discuss the roles of the athletes, coaches, and team-employed physicians. The article discussed football, but many of the same issues apply to virtually every sport. Interning at the orthopedic clinic has provided me with a better understanding of the…

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