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  • My Academic Short Term Goals

    start this assignment off by touching basis on my Academic short term goals also my Academic long term goals. Short term My academic goals as in short term fashion are pretty self sufficient. sufficient to me, means become better in time management . Actually taking the personal time out from your everyday life to take part of something that is a personal reward for your future. I feel that is the greatest joy of being able to go back to school .By pushing through any stressors or distractors to complete a ultimate goal. Also study methods play a major role in the way approach your assignment, practice makes habit. Long term Graduating with my Bacchulatre in Business is hard I know ,but by completing my short…

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  • Dazzlers Of Mcneese Case Study

    McNeese State University Student Organization Constitution Academic Year 2015-2016 (Dazzlers of McNeese) Article 1: Purpose - The name of this organization shall be named “Dazzlers of McNeese,” started by four students and its purpose is to give other young ladies with dance experience, the opportunity to dance again and be more involved with campus life. - This non- coed organization is open to all races. Article 2: Membership - Dazzlers of McNeese shall be comprised 100 % of McNeese State…

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  • Academic Probation Essay

    Hello. How are you? I am writing a letter to ask you to support me regarding my academic probation. I want you to petition for the Committee of Graduate School that let me have one more semester that I can escape from academic probation. First, let me explain the reason why I am under probation and what difficulties I have currently. I had asked temporary rest from study in the middle of Spring 2013, which was my second semester, so I was leaving absent from school for almost 2 years. The…

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  • Senioritis Research Paper

    Senioritis is usually defined as “the ebbing of motivation and effort by school seniors as evidenced by tardiness, absences, and lower grades” (Merriam-Webster). Hence, senioritis can be understood as not taking care of one’s academic performance. Senioritis, with its symptoms, can be a problem to many students. Senioritis is accompanied by a student’s…

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  • Reflection: What I Learned In My Writing Course

    this course. Help was received along the way through office hours and the writers workshop at the Undergraduate Library. I will be taking on new techniques of writing into next semester as I continue on with my academic career. Writing was never a strong suit of mine, but I feel as my writing is starting to become a…

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  • Reflection Of ENG 194, Academic Writing In English

    At this spring semester, there is one of the most essential classes that I have taken at ASU which called ENG 194, Academic Writing in English taught by Professor Zhao. As I said, I am taking WAC at the same time, Introduction to Academic Writing, which is also a class about writing. However, compared with WAC, this ENG class concentrates more on practices, experiences gaining knowledge instead of grammar, vocabulary, and other writing techniques. Even though there is exclusively one class on…

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  • Behavior Intervention Plan

    problem behaviors that are challenging in the classroom and affecting academic progress during his kindergarten year. This writer will document background information, family setting, and behaviors in the classroom setting as well as a plan for behavioral intervention. The student selected for this study is a Hispanic 5-year-old boy born in New York City named “Juan.” His parents were born in Dominican Republic and are currently living in the Washington Heights vicinity, a low social economic…

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  • Essay On Pursuing A Computer Science Degree

    Making it through the summer I had a fall out with my mother and we stopped talking and I did not get back onto my medication, with this load of personal issues I started struggling in my next semester. I had also made the decision to push myself and major in a subject that I enjoy greatly but struggle in. A double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, while possible can be extremely difficult. As my mental stability got worse my attendance plummeted my first semester as a sophomore,…

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  • College Admissions Essay: My Journey To College

    My Journey to College It all started on a Wednesday around 4 o’clock pm, I was dozing in and out of sleep when my phone began to vibrate. I picked it up and realized it was a coach for the Upper Iowa wrestling team. From that day forward I could not wait to get to college and experience the college life. Many colleges wanted me to join their school. I chose Upper Iowa over two other colleges the two main reasons were: First, the way they do their scheduling is very nice, you only have to take 3…

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  • Outliers Julia Blackwell Analysis

    One of the many reasons people become successful in terms of Outliers, is through hard work. Throughout the interview with Julia, I wanted to determine how much hard work she puts into her success. I asked her what has helped her become successful. She replied along the lines of saying passion and drive are the two things that have helped her become successful. Julia told me setting goals and trying really hard to reach those goals really helped as well, even if the goals are unobtainable. I…

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