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  • Student Development In College Students

    The college years are a time of important growth and change for students because they gain new ideas and experiences that could change what they already know and believe. No doubt, significant changes occur during the college years. Rodgers (1990c), defined student development as “the ways that a student grows, progresses, or increases his or her developmental capabilities as a result of enrollment in an institution of higher education” (p. 27; as cited in Evans, Forney, Guido, Patton, Renn, 2010, p. 6). Student development occurs “when students are faced with new challenges in their lives, a response or way to cope with the situation must emerge” (Sanford, 1966; as cited in Gardner, 2009, p. 15). Many theorists classify development into three categories: social identity, psychosocial and cognitive-structural development. Cognitive-structural theories “examine how people think and make meaning out of their experiences” (Evans, 2011,p. 175). Psychosocial development…

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  • Student Orientation Of New Student Analysis

    Orientation of New Students: ETSU understands the importance and usefulness of orientation as they make sure that new students’ orientation precedes start of classes in the school. This is used to properly welcome new students as they learn more about the school’s academics, values, support programs, and other resources. The students are new to the school and eager to take every information needed to make them successful in the school which includes the dos and don’ts. Tristan Rettke is a…

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  • Should University Students Be Necessary For Students?

    necessity for all society. When student go to University, they will develop their knowledge very well and they will know what’s good and bad for their life. They will also achieve their dreams. Most of the time young student does not have the motivation to go to University because teenager can easily distract by a lot of things like by their lover, movie etc. Therefore, most students believe that University should be optional. However, I believe that University student should be required to…

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  • Student Tracking

    Tracking is segregating students into different classrooms based upon their academic ability (Houghton, V) At first glance this may seem like a good idea and beneficial to the education of all students. Why not put students where they can be challenged at a pace they can handle while allowing gifted students to take the ball and run? After all, doesn’t the law of the land say that everyone deserves a free education. If gifted students are not being challenged, are they really being…

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  • Student Safety

    the other one. That is because among the Chinese student society, the University of Chicago kind of has a notorious name. Although it offers one of the best undergraduate programs in this country, it is the environment that people can go into the campus anytime they like. And those would pose threat to students’ safety. Of course, the fact that it is located in Hyde Park-South Kenwood in Chicago which is the third largest city in the United States could, to some extent, justify the situation…

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  • Student Advising

    In order to support and monitor the University of New Mexico’s advising infrastructure, the Office of University Advisement has implemented a process for sustaining and evaluating the continuous improvement of the efficacy of advising outreach on student retention, advising notes and advising services. The process is designed to provide administrators with feedback on the performance of academic advising units throughout the university. It includes providing academic advising units with annual…

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  • Student Athlete

    What is a Student athlete? In this essay I will be addressing the definitional issues associated with the term student athlete. The importance of this issue is momentous because of how frequently the term is used in the wrong context. Reading my essay will resolve or cease any confusion or misconception of the term “student athlete”. A student athlete is not someone who puts their sport before any classwork. A student athlete is not someone who doesn't take any pride in doing their own work. A…

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  • Student Support

    According to Simpson (2002), student support encompasses all measures that extend beyond the production of study material that provide support to students in the process of learning. Student support provided at universities can be differentiated into two distinct categories; academic support and non-academic support (administrative-institutional element) Simpson (2002) (Morgan, 2012; Prebble et al., 2004) McInnis (2000) suggests a discrepancy between the most important support services…

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  • Student Attrition

    Thought Paper on Student Retention According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the United States ranks seventh among industrialized nations for those between the ages 25-34 with a college degree (Webster & Showers, 2011). The United States has the highest attrition rate of industrialized nations, estimated between 30 to 50 percent. This statistic not only negatively impacts college revenue but “lost investment” in higher education as well. Between 2003 and 2008,…

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  • Student Texting

    to see new technology being utilized as a tool in university classrooms. Whether it’s a laptop used to follow along with lecture slides and take notes, or a phone to quickly fact check and connect with others in the class, during lectures, there is a multitude of technological devices at students’ disposal. Despite the benefits of convenience and easy access to resources, Dietz and Henrich (2014) have demonstrated that technology, specifically phones for texting, have detrimental effects on…

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