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  • Inclusion Education In Higher Education

    Introduction/Purpose Inclusion education in higher education is relatively new in the United Kingdom. In the last 10 to 15 years’ the government required universities to make “reasonable adjustments” to accommodate students with special needs (Redpath, Kearney, Nicholl, Mulvenna, Wallace, & Martin, 2013). In Northern Ireland, there has been a 16% increase of students with disabilities enrolled into higher education. Since inclusion education is a new concept, many universities may not have an exact protocol for accommodations. The purpose of this study is to explore the obstacles students with special needs endure while enrolled in higher education and identify possible recommendations for accommodations (Redpath et al., 2013). Method…

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  • Financing Higher Education

    Financing higher education has become one of the biggest concerns for the upcoming generations of college students interested in seeking a higher level of education. Nowadays, students are forced to opt for financial aid and loans to complete their higher education. Indeed, financial aid has become a primary factor when considering whether students should pursue a higher education. Higher education is crucial to the country economic prosperity. The education level is correlated with higher…

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  • The Importance Of Higher Education

    ask ourselves: how can we be better than we were before? The obvious answer is bettering ourselves through educational exploration and individual growth. Although the bar has been raised, this is a concept that can be traced back to the Greeks. Education is the key to our evolutionary progress. Education is what the future needs. If the point…

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  • Higher Education Inequalities

    Higher education is not the same experience for everyone, or is it likely to offer the same rewards for all. Clegg (2010, p. 93) claims that while higher education should be “widening participation and extending opportunities”, that instead, many higher education institutions “systematically reproduce inequalities of both experience and outcome”. This essay will argue that education, and especially higher education in Australia is not meritocratic, and that rather, the interconnected theories of…

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  • Higher Education Reform

    transform in to Collegium. . “This wave of higher education reform is most often linked to the increasing need for efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness, not least brought about by the so-called ‘massification’, i.e. the heavily growing number of students enrolled in universities, said Degn, L., & Sørensen, M. (2015).” These developments have not just impacted the education sector but the country as a whole. Reader can use this piece as an inspiration to evolve, to be inspired that…

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  • Higher Education Success

    Why is higher education the key to success? People agree with the fact that higher education is the key to success; however there are still many people on the opposing side who believe higher education is not always the key to success, though there are people on the opposing side, there are many reasons why higher education is the key. Higher education offers more jobs to choose from, improving an individual’s quality of life; in fact, higher education offers degrees not just leading into a job…

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  • The Pursuit Of A Higher Education

    The pursuit of a higher education is an asset that elicits individual economic mobility within the American society. It provides individuals with refined skills in their respective craft that they are able to apply in the workforce, thereby boosting personal, national and global economic growth. Despite the various manifest benefits that those in pursuit of a higher education may reap, the dramatic 1,120% increase in tuition fees in the past 30 years (Bloomberg Buisness, Jamrisko) has prompted…

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  • Is Higher Education Worth It

    Worth It For Whom Higher education has become one of the hot topics in the United States as of late. There are individuals who assert that a college degree is not required to get a high earning job, because many people who are successful did not graduate from college. There are those who debate higher education is not worth due to its high price, and those who believe higher education is worth it and necessary for the reason that jobs demand a degree. Those who argue that college is…

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  • Higher Education Policy

    Gilbert, C. K., & Heller, D. E. (2013). Access, Equity, and Community Colleges: The Truman Commission and Federal Higher Education Policy from 1947 to 2011. Journal Of Higher Education, 84(3), 417-443. Gilbert & Heller (2013) posits that the Truman Commission and Federal Education Policy has set out policy to ensure equal access to higher education for all students regardless of income or achievement level and provided more federal funding to increase the role of community college availability…

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  • College Education Vs Higher Education

    think about college is money. The only matter that can prove to be more tenacious than acing a college application is deciding if you can pay for your education. Thousands of people claim that college loans are the main reason they are in debt. Also, depending on your major, finding a job after college can seem difficult or almost impossible. The average American makes roughly 32,000 dollars a year and according to The College Board; the average cost to attend college is 21,109 dollars per year.…

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